KoN v KoS – Guadaloupe 2017 – Parminder Biant

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Date Uploaded: 14.10.2019
Speaker: Parminder Biant
Event: Guadaloupe, November 2017
Language: English with French translation.



so we saw in our last presentation it's taken 46 years for sadhus they become Babylon curse Aldo de venir marilyn is revelation 14 verse 8 see apocalypse guitar sweet partisan churches of the United States were called Babylon the sleepless protests on the citizen new introductory Bible arose in April 1844 or not clear enough will dismiss our encounter we know that the United States solicitors Anita Malik the two horn power it increase also at the corner Protestantism and republicanism Laputa Scottish middle Republican is now the the Protestant Hall La Coruna protest doctor has a wedding being taken down I desire a Treehugger see has already capitulated to the Catholic system Letitia a capital e or system católica but the United States maybe it doesn't need a merely when it was put together when it was constructed lost his own Timmy on song construe all the way back in 1776 no conscious conscious at stars or sunset the institutions that were laid Liz blessed associated pussy the governmental institutions no governor Montana were laid so firmly and strongly a tipo di Vic she fell memorial AC for Tamar that even though the papacy commemorate the puppetry had taken down the horn of Protestantism he on V don't like on the Protestants yzma it wasn't able knit about our Missoula to bring down the horn the Xavier silicon of the government to govern them or republicanism who be anti-republican yzma so to say that in another way the formula G furthermore if we were to think about these two horns see a new football say I say Duke oh no the whole of Protestantism and republicanism lakorn of the protests on please me sell to your hippie be candies and she separated she don't reduce or separately a wall of separation yeah me of the separation is the Constitution horizontal Paulo Constitution even though the price in churches fell ma'am Lizzie please put on some Papa renew in 1844 oh geez we snuck out on cat the Constitution that's Cola Constitution still was not done away with la Costa to show it to Shula it was still held intact le Taylor attacked vehicle is eglise protest on some to be and even though the king of the north the papacy Babylon it being a Yankee look why do not baby look no paper seek in the North Babylon lapa Pattillo why do you know but Babylonia was able to bring down this horn su isseo don't the horses that come Deportes it wasn't able to bring down the constitution and no super on milder don't obviously like constitution thereby bringing church and state together porker illegal easily transfer any and once it does that make hotel voucher Sola was he created cash Galesburg don't play created an image if I don't clean image to the base a lot better so the Constitution talk like Constitution as the papacy Carla property began to infiltrate into the American system don't collaborative I feel cleaner system America even into the political system mammal assistant política those institutions were created in such a strong fashion in a disaster to circus or a clear sea for my mom that the papal church has found it very very difficult don't kill legalese but I'll call spread official to break down this wall for hardware system you ha we know no suffering it will accomplish its task complete Lord don't go sort of and the United States will make an image of the beast occur early citizen even for many Marshall a bit it will force every country in the world to follow suit if I don't go foxy a Shakopee diamond I'll ask River here we are back in 1844 Illinois on the new voyages song come on cat so Babylon the papers is already taking down wonder horns don't care baby learn lap Appetit addition obviously IndyCar trying to take down the know the other horn republicanism Eliseo obviously not commonly people can use in the institutions of the United States are holding firm it cannot accomplish its task it is American Asifa my table can develop a puta country of sooner then we get to the year 2000 Kalani 1848 dis result come on Street what happened it cuz it'll pass Alana D the Arab revolution evolution kit then we get to the Year Kaunas olive oil on e 1917 a linear it is not slow G said and what's famous in that year a case key select on satanic bolshevik revolution the revolution a Bolshevik the bolshevik revolution the revolution Bolshevik and a todo vision of Fatima the visions of Fatima elaborate on the Fatima so you begin to say come on say Avril that Russia kolakozhi and the papacy in our property are all doing something in 1917 Cooder phone Keiko shows Oh didn't have some decent and this begins the work it's a lack of mouse lever of Russia becoming the lovely sick he does young the king of the south yeo-hwa do Sudha and who is the papacy a key don't clap a pussy she knows enough king of the north any no I didn't know King of the South it will see Alanna know what what happened back in 1798 can squeeze it up past say on King of the South know what is pseudo kill the king of the north I truly know what you know and now the king of the north make no your what you know wants revenge first of all Russian who does it want to used kiverton it's it easy it virtually they wants to use the United States to do its work for it if actually then is it doesn't me for a comparison setter or begins a decade neutral is Italy's they taking down the Protestant horn if I poke a myself AHA them say like all nerdy Protestantism what does it want to do next it up crackers killed warfare take this horn down dog and dwell up a patella gases that come to Iowa because it needs mass calibers one economic dunno FAFSA Colonia and military strength it in FAFSA a military is that found in the Protestant churches as current Salah it who read on early Greece protests are found in the government of the United States no so lots of Donovan and it doesn't about what's preventing it from getting that economic and military strength McCaskey no pressure doctor no said false economy comida Tara Constitution the Constitution so we can say that talk to prove Oliver look what's happened kaga desk is bus King of the South know what this pseudo is already here it is Allah they have visions from Fatima in soil a vision de fátima and marién structs the Catholic Church a man he and three don't colliculus catalytically need to do war it requires equal bring down if you fall over say Russia Love Lucy but we understand it prophetically to be effective Muhammad all the fulfillment of Daniel 11 verse 40 la complete smart don't couidn't do Daniel or Jessica Hart is a problem Melia problema this is a country masculine ishida per year disco economic military power here in prisons economic a Miguel muffiny earth you know say this is a charity share it lasts it renege Lisa I see you I see in here so it's a church don't classic tune eglise now what does it need the quad CalPERS one economic a military strength doing fast economy community from the United States desert acini and was the United States saying okay gene if it doesn't need America no it will triple no we're not gonna help you know Ted boom pow what else happens in not in the history of 1917 because about that time period consumer still dot what you want that period the talk at the Baltic revolution yeah don't laugh evilly someone CV which is at Fatima yell agrees on the Fatima and a first well who knows the dice no kinesin agley data cut off as 1418 so here's the First World War look this love will not call me a girl mangy I know can I just put ww1 the insult first First World War Anala premier girl mañana where is that Oh Selassie to tailor now I want to ask a question dogs my we'll put it in question my father get agitated planet a GT relax relax okay First World War Mooji on on the hope what's just happened let's give us useless Percy can you the North King of the South no what do you know know what you see I want to ask you the question she don't pussy like this you know what do you think that was about capacity who's your co-op after said gear soak reporter said get up level come out of literal history so today early swarley Tirana who's fighting who in the First World War he combat ki doli upcoming Gilmore Joyner the big the big players League gone factor France France JC Germans because the Germans on one side lose that one in Selma Daugherty he's on the other side who's on the other side it's solid coat a psyche the French la France the United Kingdom Italy alone I can't go times we so you got the Germans with a badonkadonk Otilia Salman in the middle you don't owe me you're against the French in the UK control across a so we stick with that who else is in that war kiddo it all said gear Russia Love Lucy so I will tell you Budhia that the First World War kyocho was not a war between Germany and France Japan : Manila Medina or the UK or anything like that lovely Texas I saw it was a war she didn't get between Germany : Mannie and who a key and Russia Allah you see you go back see what Sony and check the history carefully we were very few I thought this money strong you'll see really it was a war between Germany and Russia kitchen : man you see now back in this history here Novato no densetsu allah papacy la puppetry is gonna use different countries to do its work for it adversities if you feel Hong Kong a people keep that complete some caveats with France a camera of course but time again to the history of the Reformation mio amore was only really startled re former who's doing that work for it case key key can be if it's a tough behind where was the Reformation in the Europe also too lovely for new hope Germany Germany shit on that man mainly in Germany on Martin Luther manly tear the paper church legalese Papa he's gonna use the German government virtually they don't cook around them more and more to do two things for it pour faire du shows up one of them is to try and crush the Reformation loon this issue see because they don't care lucky for now do we know what the second task that he had if we said we can attend oh can you do same melody same a shooter destroy Russia Russia in this history Love Lucy thou settest well it's not the King of the South Sony ponder why do you see them in here the King of the South is dead la know what you see the more looking at the South here you're not so if you go back into that history see what you need else at least well you'll see that there was another nation not a power really are not not nation that was coming to destroy keep you and it clear and it was this power here it's a piece of this history here thirty strong particularly this one Perseus tree now Islam cities love Islam was try to attack Europe Islam I say that I kill your hopper they don't want to attack Europe they don't want to attack Europe you never thought a key Louisville they want to attack the papacy you feel like I kill a puppet and who protected the papers Aquila potassium which army me like a know this history here no SETI swallow I just said Germany had two roles shivakalin man a Dualla to crush the Reformation don't because I love affirm and to protect the papal Church from its Apogee early legalese purple death from Islam the leaf Lama it's in the great controversy it's our Lord our God tells you that story like on concerns with the decree that the papacy is clever don't clap uppity at Alicia there was the United States that for me America's journey to become its army and military its army and economic strength economic strength the general some super finest economy the United States are gonna do that really terrible if it does you need don't confuse so who's it going to enlist as Moluccan in succession in office ever de Medici it's old alloy back here epidermidis is no cell cellular Germany like Mannie so don't the papacy comes back from America to Europe and Olivia the lol cartoon on your hob don't grabs hold Germany don't kill Ravi Allen Mannie and says Mike wore yellow did again with the King of the South a Victor watch the pseudo and Germany obeys Elin man Oh b-but does war may I speak WA falls on its face and files and issue a tumble tumble substance a fast issue the United States is still not gonna listen Melissa testing you know Photoshop ah fu t so what happens a few years later don't kill cosine fu Tarkovsky surpass 1939 Omid never stop nerve 245 I can on Sankar Second World War yeah induce them game on Jenna what's this war between it's a key a key said girl you really know the Arsenal to Sevilla enforcement know between Germany and Russia Allah you see everyone else is just collateral damage so Sunday the mass collective Oh merci this is just a warfare suggesting game between the armies of Rome I'll call is llao llao middle homo and the King of the South in a wider pseudo and what did the armies around do this time it gets Calise I mean the one from that was she they fail again he shouldn't who in frustration no life whose custom the papers he's gonna do what Lucas good reference that was his last great hope in Europe that's it dear son Dhani glorious one you hope it's gonna run back home to about what talking there don't care there huh the United States it doesn't he I just gonna try with the United States yeah but if they have a cliff it doesn't he 1945 only odd is no stuck out on sack as early as that time period by the way Oh see what happens in 1945 surpassed in on Karen sank oh geez no so Karen sank the United Nations is formed yellow clear I saw this was the dismissal zooni so the pipe is he says you know what we'll do la polluted river service car fare we'll get a Catholic president of I met accomplice a crazy don't care to leak that will work won't it Buster saliva machine this bomb did it work it's Casa la mushy no one knows I'm talking about who sorry Patrick is your pal because he was killed who is the President Kennedy President Kennedy we about the president in 2000 in lapa protocol to Neville is it doesn't he President Kennedy was a Catholic don't care look Insadong community Catholic What did he say it gets Khiladi don't ask no don't on deeper what you can do with you what your country can do for you demand a bicycle would be preferable but ask what you can do for your country may demand it's okay we'll put it up for vote ope the church isn't like that he'll eglise Mombasa so that fails don't say we but then they found a man on switches on Kuwait and um way back in this history who I am done searches for a man that they could use and numb kids on PVC and what was his name it Kelly don't so no Reagan said they were grooming Reagan from a long time ago don't go pairing el equipaje clip of Aragon Dupree Muto who is the years roll on don't colloquialism issyk-kul a Reagan was the man Reagan ITIL of if you go to youtube series alias or youtuber and you go on to old documentaries because what garden is no santoku mater old propaganda material material Corrigan you'll see that Ronald Reagan with a live-work Ronald Reagan was a strong voice I turned for photo in the United States cause it doesn't he against whom Kentucky against Russia kilala see because 1945 begins the Cold War that's good oh jeez no suck out one cent like you have quite a come on CG if it's right yeah oh no code whoa okay so this begins the Cold War so like a muscle I guess what and Reagan Reagan is a strong voice against the Russians communism it's never our fault I don't concur don't you come you never see you know how the saying goes if we come on issues that was your enemy don't hang on me is my enemy morning me and even though the United States in the Catholic Church have nothing in common remember Syria Tanzania illegally scuttling no vehicle now see the way they work on different principles mem sealer functioned on these two the oppressive difficult what brought them together was a common enemy so kill easily nice it is at enemy Cunha Russia Lugosi so the Cold War like your father when does the end is Tiffany calm 19 1989 89 Jesus uncle Randolph and we're not going to spend time discuss in 1989 and all the events that happened on the way papa said Utah I didn't care enough in the toolies event monkey system per se but between 89 and 91 me awkward katerina vikulova musa the soviet union you know soviet iike the soviet union you know soviet each is a collection it in collection of European countries don't cut PE or opium in on the eastern side of the continent he so to verdict okay Esther Dakota who are essentially controlled by Russia aka still no control upon a Lucy and became what we call the Soviet bloc it's a circle nap little blocks of Utrecht so in 1989 Osaka coroner two-year period don't you suck at fun I've got weed do you want a song we saw the collapse of the Soviet you said computability cold war was ended like city life and like your father so this war dog said gay between the king of the north and the King of the South hello I do not know what you pseudo that has what been waged here in 1798 come on sailor don't contest that sucker twenties read the papers he wanted to finish this work in la patria who lives in a sector with the United States effect like this it doesn't he it wasn't able to do that and now pay Thomas ordered fair so we try to use Germany in the first world dog Mannie dollop Amidala failed and ice we try to use Germany in the Second World War again manga novo Donna do sombrio Jolla miles mellough issued in room and then began to use the United States sutala commissary solicitation is America and we know a new sovereign that it succeeded Kayla Lucia so we know no sovereign that the United States citizen II has already begun to do the world on DiGiacomo say I found that it was designed to do curated only affair to become the military and economic powerhouse of the papacy it's sort of an you don't like math factor don't go military couldn't make the lappet and it's gonna begin with Russia it's a lava come on see a regularity it's gonna destroy its own constitution okay if I don't get it will support constitutional seconds de la décima table and it will take over the world they are suited Quantrill controlled you want this world world government Babylon so governor memorial Babylon 3 the dragon power I should say should I do to laprise also the dragon so that work has already begun dog cetera DiGiacomo see reached 18 1989 elastica moussaka mercy and we bought 1989 who's Angie consciousness on cats why on earth by the collapse of the Berlin Wall sweet I live from Vermont dongji immutable now it was the prophetic marker it has it they're not your prophet chicken that the time of the end has begun Kamaka don't go look I'm all small you don't lava what marks a time at the end at the end of the world it's okay antique lithographer I laugh every mundo is that the first power seeker laughs coming up resource Daniel 11 verse 40 Daniel Oscar hunter he's gonna get taken down vehicle Mercia before the United States the second power evanka ladders and resources it has a name then the world prion sweet Lomond so Russia don't love lucy which was the first power kill don't lock me up resource he began to be dealt with key for Asia Rebecca after a number of unsuccessful events in these two wars I preserve even more key number booty began to be dealt with in 1989 don't go I come on now come on say a share is a problem don't consciousness knock at window so we've dealt with 19:3 1798 here doctor lady said suck at Wendy's reach long and now we get to the Year 1989 we met none of that even I learned it's like a triangle this is the second or the repeat part of Daniel 11 verse 40 fellatio LeDoux's mph ela repetition the Daniel Boone Scout but the king of the north may know why do you know made a grave mistake a commune granted her in 1989 oh no sohcahtoa knows he had the ability levitical a capacity to totally destroy the king of the south the d'etre or total Molly Okada Sudha but for some reason me pull this okay come come he decided not to do it like this he didn't open affair the pages he did what the pipe is Caesar Papa Joffre it went to the very borders Alitalia vou scholar future of Russia the you see and then we drew a apply see what Jillian it took all the countries ela roughly Tula PE of the Soviet bloc do block Soviet chica released them from the grip of Russia only liberal or dual Amidala who seek freedom Lily Balaam brought them back into a position of freedom look I'm not as you know position deliberately mostly democratic countries Susan wanted a per year democratic and then left Russia to his own devices he is only see Love Lucy for now because it saw Hoskinson Lila Posse they had so damaged Russia in la piscina what you you're no killer Victor because it did imagine I will see that it wouldn't recover curler who sin Alicia Mesoamerica but it was gravely mistaken mr. say to you know go Sri Rama because Bhaskar in this history here don't register oxy during this cold war do you also get wider particular through the influence of Ronald Reagan in particular muscle areas the Ronald Reagan now a strategy was developed in Scotty's year to develop e to crush and bankrupt Russia for a cozy a pool a cozy in circular who sees were on bakuto it was a very cleverly devised plan is it a plum Arab young consume and it was a two-fold plan is it a plot of the phaser the United States citizen he would attack ok attack a economically doing for some economic job and militarily me again more military mo to bring down Russia I felt the hover sailor Lucy did they succeed st.lucie they did we they totally bankrupted the country no PE Italy dollar Brancato that more what the mistake that they made aliyah like you Kumi was when that collapse was final she caught us so Havasu mas at different Lamar 82 turn they didn't totally destroy that nation you know but that we said not to tell moms like when you get a plant c'est comme si was a green plant a weed in over there and you just cut it if wound affected all a coupie and you leave the roots intact if we listen I've seen attacked what will it do just over fair it will grow again and vie de nouveaux pussy she go back into that history see what too late onset is to us we know that there was a program called Star Wars you sovereignty over and program keys are placed at was it was designed say they don't kikusui to develop military equipment poor developer days they keep more military it was far superior than the Russian equipment typically superior I certainly of this the Russian to force Alyssa they don't care Oh blue G to develop similar weapons the developer a deal are most similar but they didn't have the money to do that maple country in the disposal idea was Austrian officer professor Allah why pourquoi do we know that Russia today is one of the richest nations in the world Savannah Georgia let me see Linda Nozzolio history mundo do we know that Vladimir Putin is probably the richest person in the world savvy fucker Vladimir Putin they probably Milan reproduce do mundo what's made them so rich Caskey legal syriza gas gas gas and oil a little bit hon do you think that gas one all has just been discovered recently Pacifica Sailaja state a or D covertly some oh no no they've known about those gas with no reserves for many many decades the producer or destiny it song called earlier was just natural gas and petroleum but in this history meter set is tois after the war okay Jeff what the biggest customer la pluie cochlea asked the European newly the opium were forbidden or it a energy by her perky you were saying by the papacy dollar poverty through cover the United States this it doesn t to buy oil and gas from Russia - did you put honey together dollar mandalas so where did we buy our gas and all from Oh Avenue I still no gas in orbit oil from the Middle East do you were in over yo where there was a rich supply well where there was a rich supply oh yeah they're in Baku and burn a provision mo and to ensure stability of oil prices a porous utila stability Dupree the list the Patrol what did the United States create in that region okay and if it doesn't New York Reid I said Chris Young do we know what a cartel is was obviously crank out there no should do he knows French word they know we were savvy OPEC was created don't say like a Sunday look fake and OPEC is a cartel Hilo Katerina it's a group of countries that come together to control the price of world oil sit on kooky serve during epoch Aquilino pre-order to Gaza to patrol make sure it's not too high and not too low books are still taking a swipe at robber who taught in viim who's behind all of that Mickey idiot Aslam the United States is it doesn't he and this was created to supply it's a later clip who were fooling the world with oil la Ola mundo the patrol particularly Europeans and clearly is over PA so that we wouldn't be forced to buy from Russia a thanking the swapper a foxy that's their deal immediately so Russia wasn't able to generate any income don't kill everything that a pharmacy additionally they love her new in this history Dorset East well do you know that there was a war so we would have a injera on the European borders soon laughs whatever we'll be in Cold War love began father but that there was a war on the other side of Russia may never see in gathered the loot Cathedral of you see what country was that city kelpy Afghanistan Johnny stop do you know why there was a war in Afghanistan have a walkway a veteran girl on Afghanistan because Russia rascal of Lucy wanted to put a pipeline through Afghanistan who led okay okay you know in linear versus the pipeline is not for sale okay I can't cover up the life canister to ship its gas and oil through the back door I found the cosmokissem gas is some patroller Bala boarded area and the Americans Miss America who stopped that Oh Mia Africa Isola how come on they created is okay a group of paper called the Mujahideen and cook the best konami Mujahideen ax who were fundamental Muslims key Sunday missile Marshall D'Amato who didn't want the country to be modernized Hina spectacular piece another mood Annie's because the Russian government that's gonna go down the Mongoose had made a deal with the Afghans government ever feel cool car a vicar don't kill Google on them I've gone in exchange with the pipeline on this show show like I've said this a pipeline did help modernize the country easily so that Adi Modi on the Silla PE and make them cast up so it make them communistic it's the same time he Oh Celia Volvo communists don't I mean omentum and Americans weren't gonna have anything like that happened elicit a Salinas which they paid you to contentious oh Jesus so there was a proxy war don't sit there you know what in again the population proxy means substitute what see popular society of substitute the proxy war in Afghanistan between Russia and the United States does he think of the food spook yourself totally nuts early is it doesn't he love you see but who was fighting me Keith the batter it was the Mujahideen Sicily Mujahideen on the Afghan government you know Google no more I've gone is back in the Afghan government a key move back was back oh go back it was back in them but acting is impatient see sir I kept it very messy it was the Russians say they don't care who stopped and who was behind the Mujahideen akt don't leave me JD no the United States was back in them sit in is it as indicated area who so this proxy war don't forget the cook you'll assume he's gonna plug up the hole fill the gap so I hope you like earlier look who closed the back door I feel me lie bothered they're here the Russians are trying to make to get to economic stability I fuckin ahsoka Nicholas will obtain a pile of window stability if in Austria by time you get to 1989 it comes with a TV on did the sockets find nerve the Russian economy is totally collapsed lolicon ownio goose is it differently so tell mom and they give up it is abundantly and within a two-year period with in 89 and 91 it's you hauling period the disorder fuck around the Soviet Union is destroyed you know soviet chick a bit sweeter and as I say it comes awfully dear foolishly a joke more the passenger they leave the Russians alone it's only say like I see a Ducati stop all the trade embargoes he's on donkey on vitoli zombie aku-aku merci because the Russians promised Oscar layer goes on for me to be good the death hole boom to say we were good now is only okay I'm at Nona's cumbia we won't be the King of the South anymore in the sovereign through your water Sudha will be democracy you serve on token democracy was that true or false excessive care of foo thoughts Sifu it was a lie City time not function and without anybody realizing it's not know really tha they began to make trade deals is oh c'mon say I found the kodkod the khmer khmer su overnight only Dave I'm rich it's so devilish so many people became billionaires start a person so definitely billionaire million a million ten million now so as this work began to happen I like I said to her oh c'mon say the Americans don't care Liz it doesn t know keep a pad sulla because it's just a capital system Pascal citizen system capitalism but then Vladimir Putin came on the scene may I play to terminate or John Cena and things began to change Eli lucious will come on say Ashanti and there was a slow shift back to the original thinking of the King of the South don't know what you see The Alchemist a I'm horny of Suho slaps upon sea-doo Regina and then they realized it's unclear if they don't love arrow there's been increasing tension with Russia's since that time period in the preset period la ilha de tokyo science a clue sac was pardon a vicar little p in verse 40 averse Donna their second heart is the king of the north in acidic earlier why does not come against the King of the South that corner was a pseudo and it's gonna deliver the decisive blow against him and destroy him if I don't care I live very poor nerdy tree on the king of the north no I do you know papacy la popa to its army united states so not mean is it doesn't he let the whole world I can't read no more don't you to believe a qua then in 1989 contains a socket or a nerve that work has been accomplished so I have a it's a complete but it hadn't been Mason apparel cow because they made this mistake of leaving Russia path kids don't physically have the loosey-goosey are there any mistakes in God's Word sq yeah in the local come down upon the Jews who's got to understand the end from the beginning it's cuz she's a component on local Muslim he where he foresaw that was gonna happen elevators are pretty castle a lesser Percy and you could go back into the verses of Daniel 11 if you prevail or turn it on if you are said which you write Smith correctly interpreted earlier Smith interpreted the fascist rooster and you can see 1989 if we pull a vuelta socket one will go to those verses newly on servicing so after 1989 Russia begins we become rich I know our plentiful oculoplastic are most definitely tensions begin to rise again lotta soaked little sukemasa Silva de novo between the United States or Russia ecology doesn t love you see and since a degree 2014 do miracles this struggle seclude between Russia and United States has intensified ok Lucille is it doesn't need citizens if she why do we say 2014 focus on Duda milquetoast what happened in 2014 because they kill persons a milquetoast girlie fact remember happy rule when we think about this history here Kanoa planner opacities welcome you we had the east with a fondant Lester remember that Mussolini and on the board I'll let's rub this out on very fast Islam we saw that there was the aced the glorious land in the South Slavic event uncle Lester the big lorry Euler pseudo Daniel eight nine ten years with NASA this was Israel don't climb the peak of the earth is right I know this was Egypt ello suit city don't leap down and this was what country Alessa tikal P analogy city Syria this was 64 when I did three once was 121 it in my continued and this is following exactly the same plan it's a such the exact time I remember long 11:42 1141 and 1142 Daniel Oscar Hong didn't ask our tree on Daniels gon do King of the South know what this should glory is land the PW Egypt lizard and I showed you is your wisdom on tree this is Europe girl of Wasilla this is wrong but still on what east of Rome sequestered Iran Russia I left see Lucy King of the South is Russia know what you see Lucy from the east the left of Rome the lesser but it symbolized here by Syria Mozilla das at least one example is a palace city so we can understand the component that Syria color city is connected to a Talia Ave the symbol of the King of the South a reckless and wild you what is pseudo which is Russia they don't love Lucy so do you think is a coincidence sponsor vocal studies in coincidence that now there's another war come at now Ilya donkey neutral Guerra in an Islamic country does not pay Lamia between Russia our kolakozhi and United States citizen over what subject mr. Kelsey J an oil pipeline trabajo o patroller the pipeline Christine will follow all yogic Romanticism Oh logic so it's no coincidence so knee pain considers this war in Syria because the girl our theory is between the United States and Russia at college it doesn't need a legacy and it's connected it's a light Anya to the first power avec la première pre sauce it needs to be taken down he a bazooka gratata mercy in this history by pagan Rome don't set this to our heard of it Paula I'm payin because Western in verse 40 Pascal Musa - Jonah well secure heart so here at the beginning in 1989 co-come are smart is no stock of high enough it was Afghanistan the cook you'll assume life game now it's Syria Ahmet nasi la serie everything shocked joseph has been carefully prophesied in the scriptures it is when you smoke of it is it is a creature now if you see our church currently teaches soccer no sigelei not Wrigley's or Senya on the subject of the war in Syria so Allah says Allah girl or silly this proxy war between Russia and the United States said girl the pox cure so Allah says it doesn't he they will teach you it won't results in this is a distraction because it's in distraction from the Gospel message that we need to get to the world to prepare it for the end do you massage ever she did come to a Denis o model to all of permit the Supra party now I'm asking you met inertia proposed a question let's be reasonable that's why your listener do you think possible this story cassette if draw with all these pieces of information avec to sedate Isis that formation will just coincidental soldiers curved me come serozha I've taken you through this history so if we say free traverses extra from the First World War the Second World War la guerre mondiale a disagreement yeah we were already in the third world war some digital said quasi Medina third world war was em Gilman Jean is between the king of the north I told her why do you know the king of the south you know why do you sue them and as it was it comes to laughter account in 1989 knockout corner the King of the South so what is sued Russia who Lugosi has gone into the Lions with whom a token Daniel Sawicki Islam of a cliff Lama and United States it is it doesn't he according to an alliance eight or nine yards with whom may have a key Islam a reckless Lama the Mujahideen the Mujahideen unfortunately mana was mom the Mujahideen Mujahideen didn't thank the Americans for all the help that they offered them no but one man silly citizen he pour a ladle kill of our affair they thank them for all the training that they gave them our ocean is so immense it for why not trained monkeys on what to do and when the Americans left it can lead us in a song or party the Mujahideen remains limos agents on St and they transformed themselves it's a so close for me into war uncle it a terrorist so digital Auto categories and we call them a newly Zeppelin al-qaeda ok down this is where Al Qaeda came from it see the lack of a new al Qaeda that the story is more complex than that lightly sorry book who through complex crystal see because there's a whole other story that happened in Egypt asking ya beaucoup de suck it surprises on you sheeple same time period don't I remember Yoda but I've run you through a thread of history measure was there a fear three my field a list well to show you before motley the interaction nightly accion between these two superpowers I'll totally disappear priests awesome the papacy lapa potty in the kingdom and the King of the South you know what you sued and how the paper he's gonna use an army to do its work for it it okay isola pop whatever today now maple fair and how Islam is involved in this story either Kalfas only slum meat applicator I'll set this to our we're already at the beginning of this story some Coco must not SAT strong because we're still in verse 40 asking the Sun could be a thicker heart but I want us to understand miss young like a second partner that we're in the closing work of this verse good new summer Kasim I love founder services because we in the time period asking some de la period to talk with Syria is being mentioned ooh la serie a Masonic and Daniel chapter 8 verse 9 is being fulfilled it Daniel witness it all kinda accompli so we're going to develop our story a little bit now cuz I know develop a or no twister enforcement know that we're gonna come back over new to this history I said this to Allah he speaks about Russia people do love lucy' and Islam it does Islam but we want to insert some extra information before we do that we have wonderful and assemble us sit here these are formats no additional so I want to come back no convo over new to 1989 1989 is a time at the end don't gotta find absolute on that farm and we want to try and understand and as I say the come from some history insert ends two of that comes after 1989 if you're not but we're gonna basis upon mean is there no budget alas parallel history bahá'u'lláh which is the history that we spoke about here this 46 years clearly spoken 707 famous Rolanda come on season and we're gonna do that in this unfair so now based upon two principles Oh nobody's also do can see per that God chose the end from the beginning yeah more colorful that look a much more the end of Adventism la falda Ledesma by the beginning of Adventism look at what is this is the beginning of Adventism it's a geological this is the end of Adventism lastly laFonda we've got 1798 you said sometime this week we've got 1989 coroner from 1798 1989 so before I've wrong we start looking at this history here I'm not gonna come on saw a Gandhi I said to swell up and we start looking at some of these external events that are happening again more our God is even more astounding Kesey pass we want to look at some internal events in the church you would regard it Ranma I can Kissel assemblies so that we can understand unspoken Paula no audio what's happening in the world but what's happening in our own church no second Kentucky surpassed only moon Miguel Moniz even monkeys don't know quickly so how we gonna find out what happens to our church in this history come over the Kubasaki say pass it on not least give us passes only glisten on set East wha we're gonna say the end of our gorilla found by the beginning of a comment regarding a lava over garden Luca Massimo so that was 46 don't cryptocurrencies and this is 46 allow this account see I put it in quotation marks you know me I forgive me because he's not literal that's curse only pad really clear I'm not literally 46 years Oscar San Goku's on path the first one little counts is an e46 Lucifer currencies is a symbol because Sambo number they try to understand it that whiteness that no I see the locum Condorcet wrestle so you're gonna go back to this history no got to nail down these two are and as we construct this history I local news a local school city strong we're going to construct this history you come on small new saloon conspirators to out the laughter so this here is the time at the end la second et cetera twenties with Silla tumbler from I know so this is the time of the end is no kotoba never see again more until I found so in the next presentation don't know dr. Seuss so we're going to develop this history here is a lot develop research is to allow to understand this history a founder component is not a life form so I'm going to spend some time looking at middle-right history so nobody to tell ya it's not ameliorate and as we do that it or disconfirm on solo we're also gonna begin to incorporate to incorporate the know a couple in the history of Christ let f lee Bailey stop the Krista which we were speaking about in our evening presentations don't look back Lord Allah present as soon as well which is the history that we've had here on this board okay dr. Saku Saku vc co-host a blue lady Sarah we saw the Lourdes a and this history here of Christ a least well you look at a blue the Krista because we saw at the beginning of this history was also the time at the end Celia very gangmo I told you laughter so we're gonna see the time at the end in the history of Jesus is that long well don't let don't laugh and only Santa Jesu the time at the end here no don't laugh and he said sometimes is read when the United States is created and France comes to its end currently the cassini stammering so critical of course Aviva Safa to build a model of what's gonna happen here at the end of the world okay I'm Adele upon so give us a passe ici Oh Dante laughs oh that's great Pio our Heavenly Father little person s as we say that we are in the third world war i lock in ovarian caner on that resume Amidala we should be fearful w advocate if we have wasted so much time if we Pascal new pair don't undertone in foolishness don't easy to see looking for things oh god don't put the shoes wasting our money on foolishness they pass on occasion don t be treason and spilling our lives away a maternity ovo please help us sister played new in the remaining moments of probationary time darling amor de Coubertin kalisto to redeem the time poor hushed alert on to gather up the fragments who has some little fragment do we might do a word a fuckin new person fair enough which you want us to do could you sweat confession not only that we might be saved no sir no Pocono presides over that we might become your loyal and faithful children we poke a new person the veneer autism father why you Fidel if Jesus name we pray notices you know seven clear me you