Daniel 11:40 – Part 01 – Guadaloupe 2017 – Parminder Biant

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Date Uploaded: 14.10.2019
Speaker: Parminder Biant
Event: Guadaloupe, November 2017
Language: English with French translation.



00:11 [Music] 00:17 [Music] 00:18 [Applause] 00:21 [Music] 00:32 [Music] 00:44 let's go to Daniel 11 verse 40 I know 00:47 Daniel Oh Thunder vaisesika hunter 01:02 Danielle also their seeker hotter you 01:08 totally fell the what decision I could 01:11 call Villa what you know cetera control 01:13 V comma Tobin you have a Christian you 01:15 in the cavalry if you could interfere in 01:18 ultra God only ple submergify personal 01:23 will try and understand this verse is I 01:26 know in Syria the components that they 01:28 are saying to see what it can teach us 01:35 for so kilonewton senior we've all heard 01:39 of Uriah Smith sometimes if I literally 01:42 asked me so attorney I don't know how 01:44 many of us have read his book which is 01:46 Daniel in the revelation combien not 01:48 renew our vows on leave Daniel 01:50 apocalypse in his book Don soon leave 02:00 her when he comments on this verse not 02:02 see Frank I'm out there so severe said 02:04 Oh 02:05 has everybody read his work at school 02:07 can't cuz I did listen of has anybody 02:12 not ready it's good I can little of 02:14 value few people can cope your son 02:18 smiling so if you are familiar with his 02:23 work family I make some nerve you're 02:26 gonna see he comes to a conclusion 02:28 Bakula would join conclusion in verse 40 02:31 of their thick out and simply put in a 02:36 sample more he's gonna see three people 02:39 in this verse don't so they survived 02:41 worked were Pearson now don't know how 02:43 weak this verse is structured in the 02:44 French exactly chance if I come over say 02:46 yes we often say see the same way yeah 02:50 okay so I'm going to list out the three 02:52 that he sees don't cuz you're anything 02:55 what is wrong at the time of the end but 02:58 don't laugh ow 02:59 the king of the south yeah what did you 03:01 do she'll push it him like include me to 03:05 people like I do then it says the king 03:08 of the north are suited you know why do 03:10 you know the third person will come 03:13 against him the same person is the 03:17 second one does lemon person colorism 03:20 so your eyes miss will teach you in URI 03:23 ask mr. Fuji that in this verse there 03:25 are three people if I would your copy of 03:28 thunder so everything the king of the 03:30 north so why do you know the king of the 03:31 south yeah why did you sue them and him 03:35 he can see that wood were you so what 03:40 he's gonna do 03:41 so give that fair he's gonna take you 03:43 through the verses backward you Frank 03:45 I'm here on another year and he's gonna 03:48 tell you who this him is even with your 03:50 kids so so personally nominee now if you 03:54 went back from verse 40 it's evil to a 03:57 part of your second you'll see verse 39 04:00 who've invested hotner fell breed in the 04:04 English will read the first three words 04:05 it says thus shall he and see as yellow 04:11 so it says he in verse 39 verse it hot 04:15 enough on you do know that he in 39 said 04:21 well son Allah is the same person as to 04:23 him in verse 40 Ilham Emperor Sankar lui 04:27 over City our hometown so we will say 04:30 that is that how it would read in French 04:31 it's custom psychology often say yeah 04:34 yeah you'd read these pronouns don't 04:37 call in a porno verse 38 verse iike 04:41 heart but in his perfect country may 04:47 what is but in his his astray many I 04:53 supply snow now so this his in verse 30 04:57 I may look or knows sassá sassá poverty 05:02 transmitter doesn't work well in French 05:04 no 05:05 I know it's the same person verse 37 05:10 don't steal mmm person don't worse a 05:12 concept neither shall he regard in nor 05:15 apotheca same person dr. Solomon person 05:20 so we started in verse 14 we went 05:22 backwards doctors have a comma-separated 05:23 really cannot in some common area the 05:26 him don't learn me the hey ela the his 05:32 oppressor and i verse 37 the hey they 05:36 are sweet LLL never say concept and then 05:38 we get to verse 36 05:39 Audrey traverse it consist the king no 05:42 wow 05:43 so this King in verse 36 long so while 05:46 I'm also another second system is the 05:48 same person as verse 37 38 39 Salam MPs 05:52 uncover said concept country talk now do 05:55 you agree with that that comic so long 05:58 even if you don't know anything about 05:59 what this what these symbols mean you 06:03 can just read it straight that that's 06:04 how it would structure mmm philosophy 06:07 pass okay what we don't see assemble on 06:09 your knees or eject them off anybody 06:13 read it differently essentially so loud 06:15 you feel em oh no no that's how I read 06:20 it must become sexually and that's how 06:23 you rise Smith raised a it so curious 06:25 Miss Lucy so he started in verse 36 06:28 dokie come also via sequences and he 06:32 said the king 06:33 did you love wa-l King on the story yeah 06:39 she said the king 06:47 eg lava in verse 37 universe a concept 06:50 says he will I am I'll say the same in 06:57 this one full country Georgia in the 07:00 English to pronoun slightly different 07:04 then you get to verse 41 suit on Aviva 07:07 we're second and at the time of the end 07:09 the King of the north 07:11 oh don't laugh and oh wow so the king of 07:14 the south no I just pseudo is gonna push 07:16 it him 07:17 busca Conn told me the verse 30 says him 07:21 verse a cohort on GDL you are you 07:28 hopefully that's how you read your Bible 07:33 this is exactly how you rise Smith reads 07:36 it that's exactly what I said first 07:38 until you ask me lately but he's gonna 07:40 make one small change and the reason is 07:45 gonna make this small change 07:46 it's all I can leave I feel so small is 07:48 because he's gonna go back into secular 07:52 history that's Cavalia Donley's 07:55 classical era and he's gonna look at 07:57 this history if I got this far and say 08:00 the events that happened oh my god does 08:02 offend Marcus asam forgery as you read 08:04 secular history books 08:06 come listen did you foresee could year 08:09 and he's gonna try and make the Bible 08:11 that fella soft will I be able to fit 08:14 the things that happen in history said 08:16 that directly should be so some person 08:18 on his tour he's going to show you if 08:20 ever mottely at the time at the end goat 08:23 until I found a 1798 Yolanda laughs a 08:26 see he said socket 20 Street and this is 08:29 correct 08:30 it's the system but he's gonna show you 08:34 the three parties we've ever more 08:36 clearly property the King of the South 08:39 know what you sued the king of the north 08:43 why do you know and him me and him 08:50 sorry is this person here silly why dude 08:54 they're self-conscious now if you go to 09:01 verse 36 she was a lot of a Citroen 09:03 system and it says the king he did no 09:06 one now in the English only this word 09:10 here the NOLA no canola is called the 09:15 definite article elastic Tiffany said 09:18 the same in the French so when if I said 09:21 the dog the king no and there were ten 09:27 dogs in here a Kia dish 09:30 if I said the dog Cesar de Lucia you 09:32 know which one I'm speaking about who 09:34 said you can't you feel more so because 09:36 I'm speaking about specific one suppose 09:38 your particular weight says the King Los 09:42 Dinos a dealer wha in verse 36 it 09:45 consists so you must know that this King 09:49 sir wha has to have been spoken of 09:51 before 09:52 onaji famous you deserve wha okay I'll 09:55 add in the chapter donorship it 09:57 contextually it has to be that way 09:59 the point of view contextual side what 10:01 that comes out so everybody agree with 10:03 that it's good to know the dark Arabic 10:05 solo you're reading through chaps 10:07 through the chapter reverse while all 10:08 the way through it's real easy to loose 10:11 a bit about your DiBiase stalking and 10:14 you if you read it you'll see talking 10:15 about Kings is simply lovely for you so 10:17 that famous under wah you can't get to 10:19 verse 36 prepare a review over ii see 10:22 and then it would say the king it on 10:25 sweetie aloha without you realizing song 10:29 they must be talking about one of the 10:31 king's Salewa Salado a monsoon Davao in 10:35 the verses that happened before 10:37 don't leave your circuses on Paseo okay 10:40 does everybody agree with that it's good 10:42 to monotonic on of Excel does anybody 10:44 know understand if Jackie no papa so 10:47 verses 1 to 35 not concerned it's 10:52 talking about Kings about the Wow in the 10:56 plural 10:57 then in verse 36 on sweetie vacancies 11:01 and says the king in emotion love WA and 11:06 then 37 pre over second set 39 a cotton 11:10 earth it says him only powder Allah or 11:15 hey Louie which is talking about this 11:18 King so new pal don't deserve what we 11:20 have second in verse 40 over second and 11:23 says him on ugv which must be kid wat 11:27 arum the king love wha verse 36 ma su 11:32 novia second season that's how this 11:34 chapter ii structures its molecular 11:36 structure and you're right Smith 11:38 understands this oh yes miss Coco solo 11:41 and we're required to understand 11:42 as well I knew I got more money the 11:45 coupon so long but it's gonna go into 11:47 secular history invalid honest was sick 11:50 yeah and he's gonna see the newspapers 11:52 what was written in that time period 11:54 invalid I'll do is I'll take point to 11:56 include you I said very undertone and 11:58 he's gonna make it to be three people in 12:02 this history one two three 12:04 if I feel myself cuz that is 1200 person 12:07 for him to do that 12:09 poor kid for so long he needs to change 12:11 something he for killed Sean Joshua the 12:17 reason he's gonna need to change 12:18 something it's all I can because in 12:21 verses 1 to 35 it's good delivery of 12:24 sick and that concern well I said it 12:26 talks about Kings conscience a Duke o 12:28 salafi must endure wha what you gonna 12:30 say is that throughout this chapter 12:34 there are only two kings brought to view 12:37 yes something more do wacky some clear 12:39 something so let's go to verse 5 I know 12:42 Matt Novell SESAC overseas and Daniel 12:51 awesome you know what is it so hot we 12:53 saw a ladder suppressor the general 12:57 professor curly Domino ha is a 12:59 domination seven condominium 13:02 so this is the first verse Susilo 13:04 Pronovias and it begins talking about 13:06 kings and what's the name of this king 13:10 it can they don't know what just you 13:12 notice oh wow so it's the king of the 13:16 south you know why do pseudo inverse Phi 13:19 versus Anka talks about the king of the 13:22 south oh no three how do you I just 13:24 stood there when I said this is the 13:26 first time it speaks about Kings call me 13:29 a pound of our if you go from 13:31 verses 1 to verse 4 a corner over 13:34 deliver see and I card you have kings in 13:37 those verses that we don't deal was it a 13:40 serious a but those kings are identified 13:42 me you see why some peyote she go to 13:46 verse 2 over C do it says they should be 13:50 kings of Persia 13:52 that's kinda quad repair so because in 13:54 verse 1 it talks about one of the kings 13:56 of the meats la Don vivillon about 13:59 Dundee what do you weigh up the Amanda 14:01 then in verse 2 it talks about the kings 14:03 of Persia I prophesied about the other 14:06 pairs and in verse 3 talks about a 14:08 mighty king over said corn about than 14:10 what we saw 14:11 do we know who this mighty king is in 14:12 verse 3 who knew the kill says G so what 14:15 do what so what we saw this mighty king 14:18 that comes after me the Persia know what 14:20 we stock if you are Claire Aleksandr go 14:23 Alexander the Great so so hopefully we 14:27 all know that we Shabazz constitu so 14:30 it's the same person that's brought to 14:32 view in Daniel chapter 8 seal MMPR 14:34 sunken Uzi up quiz until Shelby told me 14:36 Daniel 14:37 so this is me the Persia and Greece so 14:40 close I should let me talk Percy do like 14:42 this and there verse 5 your versus I 14:45 looks about the King of the South LA in 14:47 the famous don't do what you pseudo 14:49 doesn't tell you any more information 14:50 you don't you don't practice therefore 14:52 my son then we read verse 6 unsuited is 14:55 Oliver CC sound about the first half a 14:58 la première partie you buddhic el 15:01 khazzani else and en la fille do what a 15:04 pseudo 15:05 giant Ravi I know what you know so it 15:08 took Sapir about the King of the South 15:09 LA or new pal don't you I just sue them 15:12 in the king of the north is you why do 15:13 you know to come to some kind of 15:15 agreement key some credence on utkatasan 15:19 años so in verse 6 verses we have the 15:23 King of the South that one don't clear 15:24 what a suitor and the king of the north 15:26 you know what do you know and if you go 15:28 through the rest of the chapter Shafi 15:31 there's many interesting histories here 15:33 yeah 15:36 but what you'll see repeatedly mr. Coe 15:38 was a live rather fussing rippity when 15:40 dealing with Kings 15:41 secure Las Campanas see why they're the 15:43 only things that are dealt with on 15:45 Parker don't wanna talk about the king 15:47 of the south on you pal jawad you Sudan 15:49 the King to the north it know what you 15:51 know so when you get to verse 36 was 15:54 that even don't cover second season and 15:56 it reads the king 15:59 don't live long what must he be talking 16:02 about don't acquire a solid well till 16:05 film assume must be talking about either 16:08 the king of the south 16:09 so do I feel more since we're gy o Judah 16:12 where he must be talking about the King 16:13 to the north 16:14 why do you know they're the only two 16:17 kings that are spoke spoken of that's 16:19 because the Solis elder why do leafy 16:21 mustard on sure Peter does that make 16:23 sense 16:24 it's just the largest source oh yeah 16:27 okay let's go back to verse 14 I know I 16:32 make nowhere see you at all so we're 16:35 gonna look at a little battle little war 16:37 that we got there and put it battalion 16:41 14141 for it Oh Sato la Bocuse 11 16:45 controller what a suit yo syllable of 16:48 the top celeb rope or a complete life is 16:50 yummy - boom so it says here you say DC 16:54 there's going to be many people in your 16:57 harbour could have F so now they're 16:58 gonna stand up and fight against the 17:00 king of the south come back love what 17:04 you see again I'm not making any 17:05 application so even though if you don't 17:09 understand what these prophecies mean 17:10 remember Superman component I see if you 17:12 guys are super efficient we can all read 17:14 it what it's saying just leaves occur in 17:17 the city so verse 14 the vesica toes 17:19 lots of paper will come a fight against 17:21 the King of the South who could a person 17:24 verse 15 reverse occurs you know what 17:28 you know yah yah yah and Quantrill I 17:31 really preferred anybody should know 17:33 resistant Nisan bak delete in your oaken 17:36 prison support existing so now it talks 17:39 about a fight between the king of the 17:42 north and the King of the South 17:43 no lower bound in battle John you 17:45 artfully why'd you sued you know what 17:46 you know in who wins a key again a king 17:51 of the north can we say that silly why'd 17:53 you knock yeah it's the first time we've 17:56 ever read these verses is still upon me 17:58 our movies also via say and you 18:00 don't understand what the history is 18:01 teaching it different component parts 18:03 are constantly strong you can all see 18:05 clearly that it says the king of the 18:06 north will win my love will prove it 18:08 coming for the first song clear cuz you 18:10 know why do you not get 18:11 says in fact the king of the south 18:13 amphetamine said you know what is pseudo 18:15 in English it says the arms of the South 18:17 the army of the South Enochian sigil 18:21 Ibrahim a don't consider they shall not 18:24 be able to withstand in a pity party's 18:26 history and that's read verse 16 only 18:29 magnolia versus says mr. Ricca vehicle 18:32 called me for a circle foudre it doesn't 18:34 any resistor ha 18:36 it's a Chandler on a big lorry you keep 18:38 a summer so how did we see now it says 18:41 Matt nanos idea no one's gonna be able 18:44 to stand up against this person that's 18:45 an astronomers orders to neo contra said 18:48 person so as you read through the rest 18:51 of this chapter it's civil easier last 18:53 we disappear you'll see the ask this 18:56 battle compressor back tire the King of 18:58 the South the widest pseudo isn't really 19:01 discussed anymore or not or non-public 19:04 or basically finished 19:06 Ilia listening now let's just hold on 19:10 here 19:11 I love Ally to Nuala and let's go back 19:14 to Daniel chapter 8 I don't like not on 19:16 Daniel written and we're going to read 19:22 verse 9 nearly all of our sinister 19:25 Daniel veto the nail witness is the 19:29 Landis often political key device come 19:32 in McCarthy under suitable SD value 19:34 pre-boot DP so you'll see in this verse 19:38 even where you don't see the same talks 19:41 about a little hole Alif emotions in 19:44 political and this little hole is going 19:47 to wax to hold the south toward the east 19:49 and toward the pleasant land it's a 19:51 pretty gone of psychology of the 19:53 understood lest illa people DP so don't 19:56 if we're all familiar since the personal 19:58 Santos family with the history of at 20:00 Lystra of this verse the servants say 20:03 this little horn that petite karna is a 20:07 symbol of role citizen Balderrama 20:10 specifically pagan Rome in this verse in 20:12 the first 20:15 particular don't service se la se la 20:17 ventana it says that this whole is the 20:20 secona is going to go to the South the 20:23 east and the pleasant land 20:25 Danka Olivia sudo nest in a google DP 20:28 now I'm just going to give you the 20:30 history of these verse shuffled unjustly 20:32 starters of yourself 20:34 so pagan Rome now I'm paying is gonna 20:37 come and destroy three territories 20:40 budget real don't what you eat well I 20:42 guess the easiest one to know is the 20:44 pleasant land compartment see only big 20:49 look at you or we might call the 20:51 glorious land 20:52 I know people deeper yellow in your pull 20:54 up little big this is Israel see Israel 20:57 so pagan Rome la I'm payin I'm gonna 21:00 come and take the glorious land don't 21:03 very nearly upon don't kill a pig love 21:05 you in around 43 BC Donnelly's and the 21:10 count 1 I was a secret sovereign it also 21:14 speaks about the east you know famous 21:17 young or CEO don't the list this East is 21:20 Syria a less glasses city 21:24 so the fact that speaks about Syria in 21:27 the Bible la fête clearly famous Andalus 21:29 Italy Darla be blue and we're living in 21:31 a time period when there's a war in 21:32 Syria in vivo dollar period we are in 21:35 jail shouldn't surprise you develop a 21:38 new support so pagan roads gonna come 21:40 and subdue Syria don't kill my Envy over 21:44 nearly sumit philosophy and Syria that 21:46 happens in around 45 BC yes if I say 21:51 we're to their Lord Council and then the 21:55 last one it's gonna take is the south 21:57 you know they literally track it up once 22:00 in a pseudo the South the pseudo is 22:03 Egypt silly gypte and this is the most 22:06 one of the most famous battles in 22:07 history you see lights as you do unity 22:10 but only a celeb Don his 12 this is the 22:13 Battle of Actium 22:14 celibate reduction in 31 BC don't unlock 22:17 my song on darlin Katya we know this is 22:21 is everybody's heard of this it's Rhonda 22:24 power leaders a glutton because we've 22:27 all heard of Cleopatra that's good news 22:29 I want to start on Tripoli the clue that 22:30 everybody heard Cleopatra she's not out 22:33 of the party that you but yes 22:35 what rice was Cleopatra 22:38 to kill her Vinay kilpatt Egypt most 22:43 people say that she's the Egyptian 22:46 Lombardy person this gate is obscene 22:48 that she's the queen of Egypt and she 22:51 she's not an Egyptian mainly by 16 she's 22:54 a Greek le Greg then if we know that 22:58 it's canoe serves yourself after 23:01 Alexander the Great okay let's on 23:03 blogger took control of the den known 23:05 world 23:05 Hercule pre-con Collier do mundo and he 23:09 died it kiss his kingdom was divided 23:13 into how many parts so why your maitre d 23:15 was not goin party for parts catotti 23:18 which erase four generals don't 23:20 contradict engineer who those generals 23:23 began to fight with each other 23:24 it's evoke emotion back and you ended up 23:28 having to it something is infinite 23:31 behold 23:32 laughing leap arrested and those two 23:34 general started two dynasties or two 23:36 households 23:37 yes edition hijo I don't concuss to tree 23:40 or do the nest yeah the one in the north 23:42 you know don't you know was the Seleucid 23:45 Empire City you're not be a solicitor 23:47 and the one in the south he said no fear 23:50 her don't let enesta to see who's the 23:52 tell em again pointy or not peel or to 23:54 Lima if you have the salute kids and the 23:57 Ptolemies so was that really silly to me 24:00 the Ptolemies were based in Egypt 24:02 I told me to base on Egypt oh it's a 24:04 Grecian family city in a family Greg and 24:07 the solute kids were based in where 24:09 ELISA lucidity bazoo Syria or Siri these 24:16 two powers see the presence of a Greece 24:21 these two powers the resource who are 24:24 Greece nice I symbolized as fighting 24:29 against each other in Daniel 11 so 24:31 somebody's e-commerce 24:33 combat totally dude on Daniel and then 24:36 in verse 9 of chapter 8 the overseer 24:40 never disappear it shows you Solano not 24:44 how pagan Rome is in a take over the 24:47 kill face all a champion of upon your 24:49 controller are you familiar 24:51 let's go 24:51 with Daniel aight avec daniel hopefully 24:56 rue familiar with daniel to some family 24:59 a big daniel got Daniel to hear on the 25:02 projector don't click on as everyone 25:05 Daniel do 25:06 we've got me the Persia don't kill me do 25:09 better then grease like and then pagan 25:11 Rome now in this picture just imagine it 25:15 looks really clean car so songs i mobbed 25:18 Yahoo P how you get from Greece to pagan 25:21 Rome okay face on Sunday like 11 p.m. 25:24 now this power here so circus Oslo is 25:31 it's it's a not that easy to see the 25:35 graphics on this it's super facilitative 25:37 well as your graphs we go let's go to 25:39 will go to this one instead I hope you 25:42 to dongle easier to see we prefer see 25:46 you've got the sheet that we spoke about 25:49 now don't know learn you're doing 25:51 apparently long and you've got the goat 25:52 that we spoke about it or sealer Boog 25:54 Donovan awesome we didn't speak about 25:56 the goal I'm sorry 25:59 if you read Daniel 821 see if we Lisa 26:02 Daniel read canto yeah we Daniel 821 26:06 I'll go over Lehrer Daniel Advantium in 26:13 a good when you see the word regression 26:14 I can't come come course is use in 26:16 apamea one says it's a grease yes okay 26:21 just making sure 26:21 so it says that this goat is grease 26:24 don't so don't fill a dress and we 26:27 already read in verse 20 that this shape 26:29 or Ram is made of Persia UK see know why 26:35 you me do paths and then they are sweet 26:37 and speak about this horn in you pal 26:39 going to set cone in this horn said car 26:42 shown here came on Tracy comes after 26:45 Greece yeah apply like this this whole 26:48 sitcom is a symbol of role sit assembled 26:52 so in Daniel 8 Daniel it and just goes 26:55 from grace in progress to round to Allah 27:01 but in verse nine mil verse enough he 27:04 tells you how it does that in news a 27:06 speaker muscle a selfie because grace 27:09 muscular grass by the time it gets to 27:11 the end school she's got Scylla if I 27:14 suffer is divided into how many parts 27:17 led Visio Colombian party two parts der 27:21 party the North the North and the South 27:23 in a Sudha bring Daniel 9 middle Daniel 27:27 chapter 8 verse 9 it's like he speaks 27:30 about the east and the south on you 27:32 Paulo the last it's a pseudo Syria and 27:35 Egypt Syria Syria leisure saluted and 27:38 the Telemachus the lumpy like they said 27:41 you see they all appear totally Mejia so 27:44 for Rome don't couple home to take 27:46 control of Greece it needs to do wall 27:51 elaborate like Excalibur to interfere it 27:54 needs to destroy the Seleucid Empire if 27:56 so can do twist don't cannot be a 27:57 solution and it needs to destroy the 27:59 Telemachus again I don't feel totally 28:01 money cures that make sense 28:03 that's good salah i just sauce okay so 28:07 when we come to Daniel 11 no score now 28:10 Levi Daniel answer first one speaks 28:14 about the rise to meet diverse it 28:16 unguarded are you slim adverse to 28:19 university 28:21 talks about the Persian kings new pal do 28:23 repairs and then verse 300 Street 28:26 reverse it wanna read verse three new 28:28 University Wow Daniel O'Neill silver 28:31 crystal wop kid Irish origin condominium 28:35 if your has a killer doll this is her 28:37 Alana juicy Turkey and Alexander the 28:40 Great he said agree in Lhasa aggressor 28:43 verse for never seek at ellis kell 28:46 Saleha so I am sorry Sara is Rajeev is 28:50 ironic advantage L Eno sauropod Rose 28:53 Mia's apostolate Aneesa NOLA domination 28:56 avec la Kelly lo Haga V&E; Cassandra I'm 28:59 Sarah Arashi 29:00 a dune a adult Casula so it says that 29:03 when he stands out in this idyllic lost 29:05 kiselev his kingdoms going to be divided 29:07 into four parts some why I'm so hard on 29:10 DVD or cat or petunia these are the four 29:12 generals 29:13 la especially catch enable them from 29:15 verse 40 verse 5 no person to be sick at 29:19 that sang it's gonna skip over a lot 29:21 history 29:22 if you don't capacity as you want to 29:24 destroy and you've gone from four 29:26 generals to to you not leave don't 29:28 conquer ambassador catching and I'll I 29:31 do 29:31 another symbol changes at the King of 29:33 the South and the king of the north you 29:34 know someone last song shots on power do 29:37 you what you should do what you know so 29:39 the King of the South 29:40 you know what you see the whole family 29:42 is this the can familiar sorry Tina 29:45 remember to name to make truly truly 29:50 mind this is the Ptolemies let's see 29:53 laughs a simple Ptolemy in the King of 29:55 the South when King the know you know 29:58 what you see this is Luke attempt I look 30:04 at family so as we go through the 30:09 chapter leadership you you're gonna see 30:13 the struggle that goes on between them 30:14 le voila Lucic er dude now we're not 30:19 going to go through the verses but as 30:22 you go to Daniel 11 30:26 you're gonna see this transition who's 30:29 all of us a transition the goes from 30:31 Greece to pagan Rome 30:34 now when pagan Rome is going to destroy 30:37 Greece Carlo humpin budget we like this 30:39 it's gonna have to do it a drone affair 30:42 huh in two steps under far so where do 30:45 we see those two steps over your new 30:47 seduce it up Daniel 11 verse 9 30:51 don't dunya is the first step in a 30:54 primary top Syria silly then the second 31:01 step pre Luddism is Egypt the South 31:05 Silesia pursued the east and the south 31:08 sued a list which is the king of the 31:11 north and the King of the South 31:12 jeweler what did she do why do you know 31:14 and in between them yatra it's gonna 31:17 also take down in your Elsie the 31:20 glorious land 31:21 nopd over you so it does it in these 31:24 three steps 31:26 do or was it up but Greece is formed or 31:29 composed of two parts north and south 31:31 milagres a for me the do party sudhi not 31:35 so as we consider this dr. new consider 31:39 also la we're gonna see who's on over 31:41 that when pagan Rome Caramba you know is 31:45 gonna take down obviously this part of 31:49 the nation so butted a nun assume it's 31:51 going to take the title if I don't go 31:54 parlor chica of the king that it's taken 31:57 over no do you work a lot of F C so 32:01 pagan Rome gonna take the title of wall 32:02 look at school my la la won't pay end up 32:05 on legit order jelly look wow king of 32:09 the north so why do you know when it 32:11 destroys the king of the south 32:13 tell her what you see King of the South 32:15 was its enemy no I just should sit this 32:18 one enemy and he doesn't take that title 32:20 and the King of the South comes out of 32:24 history he loved us good or what you see 32:26 spotlight on this as well and then you 32:28 go all the way through Daniel 12 Daniel 32:31 11 gone through all of these verses to 32:37 say that these two kings 32:39 see do well King of the South King to 32:41 the north well why did you do what do 32:43 you know 32:43 this was grace see like this then pagan 32:47 Rome is gonna come and pagan Rome is 32:50 going to take over 1 billion Nevada on 32:54 local coil this title I ever ponder 32:57 tickle when it's going to destroy Egypt 32:59 sweet relationship Egypt 33:02 hey Patrick Leo pad is Greece like this 33:06 in Bible prophecy 33:08 so you think about Daniel to don't come 33:11 across it I don't know and you think 33:13 about Cleopatra you can see a clear path 33:16 Cleopatra Cleopatra la hopefully that 33:22 can make some sense especially ah I just 33:24 saw so as you go through the chapter 33:27 lock of ruler buckle dealership you're 33:30 going to get from pagan Rome 33:31 Brasilia don't 11 billion to papal Rome 33:34 on sweet viola harden Taipei and paper 33:37 Rome is going to take what title it 33:39 titla home Papa little porno try to look 33:43 at the king of the north 33:44 no I do not so let's just do that I love 33:47 pheasant solo grease likewise pagan road 33:51 hump a billion and papal Rome Greece 34:02 like this is the king of the south why 34:06 do pseudo and the king of the north 34:08 you know when pagan Rome comes home pay 34:13 is going to destroy the king of the 34:14 south it's going to take the title of 34:17 king of the north 34:18 how do i do you know and then the papacy 34:22 your suit leopard it will take the title 34:24 of the king of the north again what you 34:27 what you know we're not going to go 34:29 through the Bible verses but if we were 34:34 to check missing new fella very few what 34:36 comes before grace let's give you a 34:38 voila grace me the Persia me to appear 34:40 before me the Persia Babylon baby 34:43 learning where is Babylon come from 34:46 douvier my balloon 34:47 what's title does he have can't eat 34:49 Italian the people or the nation silly 34:53 Jean assume comes from the north few up 34:56 over knows you know think most of us are 34:58 familiar with dr. Newsome Familia Victor 35:02 Babylon but we learn now is the king of 35:04 the north 35:05 Sileo why do you know the maiden 35:06 Persians in the middle pears are also 35:09 tied to the king of the north 35:10 Oh see that you know so this title of 35:13 the king of the north don't search it 35:14 led you why do you know revs all the way 35:16 through PACU are to learn all this for 35:19 who is the king of the north secure why 35:22 do you know her in real life Darla V a 35:25 real Jesus 35:34 let's go to Psalms 48 verse 2 song that 35:41 can trigger alc do some commands Rita 35:46 the way of cedar magnification applies 35:52 malasada to litter 35:54 LM OC on slowly coated you know la Villa 35:57 do you want one so Mount Zion museum is 36:01 on the north you know and it's the city 36:04 it's la villa of the Great King to call 36:07 Wow 36:08 who's the Great King so cute look aa 36:10 will just say God where do you think 36:13 it's Jesus or the father 36:14 I love cool ideas ooh Julia Bell so God 36:18 is the king of the north 36:19 don't do it you know why do you know 36:20 because Zion as calcium is on the sides 36:24 of the North educated you know which is 36:27 the city circular wheel of God will do 36:30 let's go to Isaiah 14 verse 13 I don't 36:34 know 14 just fourteen thirteen cat 36:43 Australia is a cat of the wealthy trader 36:47 Kathy DeSoto care schemata recession 36:50 everyone not one of the cities eat well 36:52 did you see my cirrhosis older model our 36:54 congregation soul eco did you know when 36:56 he says for thou it is a car - who is 37:00 this doubt Sakhi so - who's this person 37:03 sickest person the king of the north 37:07 nope 37:11 October skunk Papa see Satan Satoh the 37:16 Satan and said in his heart just like I 37:19 did or some girl he wants to go into 37:21 heaven if you're a little you know he 37:23 wants to exalt his throne above the 37:24 stars of God exalted is it to say and he 37:29 wants to sit upon the Mount of the 37:31 congregation the cities attract the jury 37:34 versus waha solar model our congregation 37:37 what is the Mount of the congregation 37:38 sequela model our congregation its mouth 37:41 Sailor Moon Zion silly Museum and where 37:46 is that a also a sort of Sheila in the 37:48 sides of the North Dakota did you know 37:50 the same as sounds 48 verse 2 silliman 37:53 shows canoe vino de Leon up some 37:55 controversy to say he wants to say his 37:57 throne if you as well some corner where 38:00 God says la you just as well because God 38:03 sits in the sides of the North that's 38:05 good just icy or you could add you know 38:08 so this title of king of the north here 38:10 don't curse at it lad you why do you 38:13 know he's Satan's counterfeit say like 38:15 officeholders that all of the kingdom of 38:18 god do i young did you that's why it's 38:20 there it's called the king of the north 38:21 it was so like it's up in lord you know 38:23 let's go to Revelation 13 verse 2 I know 38:27 that book a little sequester and as 38:29 you're turning there and local news 38:30 channel we went from pagan Rome to papal 38:34 rome pagan Rome the home page in 38:39 Revelation 12 he symbolizes the dragon 38:43 assemble easy and the papacy in a 38:48 property in Revelation 13 apocalypse 38:50 players he symbolized as example is ooh 38:53 come the Beast coming Labette you've got 39:00 the dragon because I really like on 39:02 chapter 12 39:03 oh sure Pete reduce the Beast lebesgue 39:05 chapter 13 but repeat prayers 39:08 pagan Rome Paralympian papal Rome Don 39:12 Peppino who read 13 verse 2 of alien 39:15 apocalypse press do elevate conservatism 39:19 blah blah I'll open a CPT calmly Pyrrha 39:22 knows it's a girl come 39:24 la goldynhan Inland Revenue do not 39:26 improve our it's not one sausage in 39:29 continuity says the dragon in the 39:31 tickler dragon gave him three things you 39:34 had an equation power seat and authority 39:37 it's also corner but nobody Allah peace 39:41 also says in continuity this seat don't 39:44 search what do we think this seat is 39:46 capacitive ok see calluses not a normal 39:50 chair sony partner says no matter it's a 39:53 symbol of war seat assembled aqua 39:59 there's no symbol of power because power 40:01 is Sonic separate know how is military 40:04 strength no Priscilla foster military 40:07 but what is this seat sequester special 40:11 Authority no authority is something 40:13 different no authority Sakiko shows that 40:16 you fit on this seat so see Asia is a 40:27 throne set at Honam to judge and this 40:32 role it's a it's a corner is where a 40:35 king since Salah who was she 40:40 so pagan Roman gave its title I don't 40:45 need some cheek on his kingship song why 40:48 or two to pagan Rome through the papal 40:50 Rome 40:51 and what was the title of this King 40:54 Kelly - don't let each other so ha 40:56 what did they say on this crown Oh a - 40:59 Teresa 41:00 Saku horn he says the king of the north 41:02 in this ad Casilla why do you know pagan 41:04 Rome who was the king of the north 41:07 doctor why do not having this crown as I 41:09 said cool owner gave it to him in London 41:12 iake the papacy I love pepper T so the 41:16 papers he took the title of the king of 41:18 the north 41:19 don't clap uppity Aprilia teeth heard 41:21 you why do you know and this donkey sir 41:27 he's Daniel 11 Daniel 41:34 so by the time you get to the end of the 41:36 chapter 41:37 yomo not even have found all good 41:39 Decepticons 41:40 what history are we talking about doc 41:43 Ellis to our upon from about verse 32 31 41:46 a party of liver said Katya we're in the 41:49 history of the papacy but sometimes I 41:51 start on developer booty so verse 36 / 41:56 2nd season says the king 41:58 you said you don't love one what King 42:00 does that have to be if it says looking 42:02 definite article she knew the a 42:04 low-quality definite the kilowatt of 42:07 Salafi monsoon has to be one of these 42:09 Kings how do I learn to sit Wow 42:12 the king of the north of the king of the 42:13 south it's funny what you don't know 42:15 how'd you know but what do we already 42:19 know this happened make it conducive 42:20 Juan de jakke suppressing the King of 42:23 the South whoa know what you see 42:27 Pacifica destroyed elated III when Karl 42:31 remember Cleopatra I look at the Battle 42:35 of Labatt act here I'm sure in 31 BC 42:41 King of the South was done away with 42:44 why do you a pseudo Theon its of t 42:47 symbolized by Egypt Italy symbol is it 42:51 on polish and so this King don't serve 42:53 wha a verse that he say well why do you 42:56 insist the King love Wow must be which 42:59 King but then don't kill ha it has to be 43:03 the king of the north so do i said don't 43:04 kill who I didn't know and Uriah Smith 43:07 knows this oh yes mr. vessel ah so what 43:10 he does from Circular fair he goes he 43:13 led you to an expert very next bill 43:16 theologian Valentino's experian Hebrew 43:20 on the roof and he's gonna take up his 43:24 commentary Eve up on dogs don't come out 43:26 there and he's gonna get this phrase the 43:28 king if a concept cars look Wow and he's 43:31 gonna say India if we could change the 43:34 word there is a operational articular - 43:39 I uh you ain't you ain't ya 43:46 if we could do this sit on Priscilla 43:50 then what would it mean a lesson if it 43:53 means this hey savage a curse upon or 43:57 ello is this king here sir wallah and 44:01 this king a king is sir wah Oh wah I 44:04 said a king she showed the Elwha can't 44:07 be the one that came before a famous 44:09 understood week even nuevo has to be a 44:12 brand-new King said what a new Volvo can 44:15 we say that 44:16 you might think it's something small but 44:18 it's something big 44:19 a pathetic echo shows the me know me but 44:22 you too this is the danger see the 44:24 ontology of trying to interpret the 44:26 scripture this is it that template illa 44:28 bima in the wrong way didn't move this 44:30 vessel so he's gonna change this to a 44:33 king if I saw specially if I do want and 44:38 then when you get to verse 40 it can't 44:40 easily reverse account it's not working 44:43 so Nippon I love wow it's aching we've 44:46 said of your anger the king of verse 36 44:51 No while the one monsoon obviously 44:55 consists of your era and if it's a brand 44:57 new king see don't sit on Nouveau wha 44:59 it can't be the King of the South sudden 45:01 appear at Lourdes Trudeau and he can't 45:03 be the king in the north 45:04 neither why do you know it must be so do 45:07 I take on him 45:09 we once more word / Timo changes 45:17 everything 45:17 a to shaji do we know who these King is 45:21 here in verse 36 the ear I Smith makes 45:24 him do so for know the Callaway Saji la 45:29 curious mr. Lupo's Bushra now you don't 45:34 know toothless agua in this congregation 45:35 don't sell congregation Turkish Turkey 45:44 paulien Bonaparte indeed Napoleon 45:48 Bonaparte 45:49 so this King here so voila it's brand 45:54 new king 45:55 so Nouveau wha Napoleon the King of 45:57 France Napoleon or waterfall so he's 46:00 gonna say the verse 36 is speaking of 46:02 France then 37 38 39 a suggested concept 46:08 country Cotner then he's gonna say this 46:11 evaluate yourself at the time of the end 46:13 in 1798 Oh tada laughs and France is 46:19 gonna have a fight with whom but I've 46:21 well I don't go in the Gherkin key King 46:24 the south is Egypt know what you suit 46:26 silly sheep is that did that actually 46:28 happen 46:28 it's cuz Selassie yes then after 46:32 that battle in a place like that I then 46:34 France is gonna go up north 46:36 don't clap for sea level you know of the 46:38 Mediterranean coast they're like oh it's 46:42 gonna have an interaction with what 46:43 power and oh I don't you know charge 46:45 sorry carry sauce my brother just said 46:48 Nutella turkey should have a battle with 46:53 turkey la loi again I'm a klutz your key 46:56 because turkey that's kolache of keys 46:58 yattaman Empire see you tomorrow was 47:01 part of the pre-party the Syrian Empire 47:04 don't obvious the cilia or near Syria 47:07 awkward LA City we know that Syria and 47:11 Turkey border each other don't we 47:13 so on day four come in this part even if 47:18 you don't know geography the recent news 47:20 teaches us that remember one kanessa 47:22 Palacio fear Allah Jesus so he was doing 47:26 this 47:27 Kokila Fasulo because he knows that 47:29 skill say at the king of the north 47:31 no I do know he's based in Syria he busy 47:34 or City and so he's gonna take the 47:37 literal history look upon this quality 47:39 lie low and say that the king of the 47:40 north if I don't go wide you know he's 47:43 turkey a la Turkey and the King of the 47:49 South is Egypt look why do silly 47:52 and this him Sevilla is prawns seal of 47:57 course now the old looks really good 48:03 Olivia until you start going to the rest 48:05 of the verses she's just a fool 48:07 continual arrestee versa 48:09 from 41 onwards a party of the 48:11 characterize you know and his model 48:13 begins to break down is some Adel 48:14 Kumar's don't Cassie free tea I spent a 48:17 lot of time looking at this with you is 48:20 your possible coup d'etat this because I 48:23 want to I wanted us to understand the 48:25 danger of miss reading scripture because 48:28 your company don't you 48:30 Magglio holistic retail and I think it's 48:33 an interesting story 48:34 it's your process it you know is to our 48:36 until resort to go into the mind of 48:38 Uriah Smith and see how he works things 48:40 out Daniel don't la posta Julius 48:43 mystifying to welcome or la fille shoes 48:46 now as a church taunted Lisa we should 48:49 have known better 48:50 eww a software new we've had many 48:53 theologians rise up after Uriah Smith 48:56 beaucoup de toulouse Janke says 48:58 somewhere Olivia clearly asked miss they 49:00 should have corrected that mistake 49:02 icky all they do colleges that you know 49:04 but they didn't may in no no perfect so 49:08 we're gonna have a look at how we should 49:10 be understanding verse forty Alemannia 49:14 when you ponderous account now 49:18 the beginning should be this logic that 49:20 we've just addressed DoCoMo sky dog 49:23 secular she can remotely it's looking 49:26 not I king sailor waa waa 49:29 if it's the King don't see it says she 49:32 look donor hua has to be the king of the 49:35 north so la da fermo soon do what you 49:38 know so this him so Allah is the king 49:41 Selah WA or the king of the north who 49:44 know what do you know 49:46 so we should already understand that 49:48 it's under complaint I'm going to show 49:51 you that the Bible interprets itself me 49:53 I'm grateful more tequila be placenta 49:54 pet behind them now when we looked at 50:00 Isaiah 46 verse 10 remember this pattern 50:04 Haruko nowadays 50:06 consistently super Nevada Zima we're 50:10 gonna say the verse 40 use alla rokunova 50:12 secure ah it's going to follow the same 50:14 pattern that we boil mmm Shima 50:19 so let's look at verse 40 I love what 50:22 y'all don't know they're sick under 50:23 Daniel there's a nice break in the verse 50:26 yeah you know anti-drug Oliver say at 50:30 least in the English it has a colon oh 50:32 yeah yeah a poor young healer so I'm 50:37 going to put the reflection line here 50:40 some silver metal a you know to 50:43 hopefully know and we're gonna do it 50:45 this way and was a lot of comes along we 50:55 had time she knows I've won at all and 50:58 you know more willing its Sifu lovely 51:02 I'd ask for the answers I'd asked you 51:06 for the answer 51:09 so it says at the time at the end led or 51:12 John bless our so here's the time at the 51:14 end the related on telephone the King of 51:20 the South know what is pseudo he's gonna 51:24 push her at him concordantly I see 51:33 that first part of the verse why you 51:34 love for me our party diverse a then in 51:37 the English there's a : oh sweet yeah 51:39 Frank I'm 12 your gorilla in the French 51:41 it might be semicolon a new sample of 51:45 your good then it says implicitly 51:48 and the king of the north you know what 51:51 you know so here's the king of the north 51:53 oh yeah dupois oh no glare a new Yahoo 51:57 ever you don t know why do you know 52:01 shall come against him so dresser ah 52:04 young Hawkins this is my symbol have 52:07 come against don't say semen sample then 52:13 the last part of the verse in the Dania 52:15 LaDonna party devious a says like a 52:18 whirlwind with chariots and with 52:20 horsemen and with many ships avec de 52:22 show you the cavalry buku the Navy on 52:24 July 20 the countries and shall overflow 52:27 and pass over a la caja de l'épée yearly 52:30 submerge should I pass comment so this 52:32 is the end of the verse nobody let's do 52:36 the into all the details here so I just 52:41 want to see this structure like this 52:42 well do I see as soon as we see this 52:47 they convey your solo we know suffering 52:50 that this crassula is a repeat and 52:53 enlargement of this repetition allows 52:56 you smother so hopefully we can say that 53:00 repeat and enlarge of this repetition a 53:04 large this monitor sound so let's see 53:06 how this structure works can everybody 53:18 see that it's canoe for yourself once 53:22 you see the structure of the verse come 53:24 over you let's talk children where say 53:25 the Bible will interpret itself lebih 53:28 versatility amen 53:29 so the first part of the verse says war 53:33 la première partie de vere says equal 53:35 the king of the south the widest Sudha 53:37 is going to come against him 53:39 well venir con 20 but who is him C 53:42 kill'uh we came to the north you know 53:47 then it says the king of the north 53:49 aw sweetie news is ela watching no he's 53:52 gonna come back venir against him 53:54 control ue and who's him 53:56 it's the kiss only South King of the 54:00 South know what you sue them if you 54:04 follow William others rules see what 54:05 souvenir actor William me laugh you can 54:07 see how easy it is to interpret the 54:10 Bible who's a live well I can plainly 54:12 facility up until a baby because all the 54:14 work is done for us that's good to know 54:17 there's no need to make any mistakes you 54:20 know 54:20 okay no can I enter these as soon as you 54:25 understand the structure like this 54:26 they're careful company Intel Cassell 54:29 see now begins to make sense 54:31 a third of us are come on staff well do 54:33 sauce so it says repeat imaging 54:36 repetition and enlarges any larger small 54:39 so we're going to lead this bit on its 54:42 own for a moment they'll only see some 54:44 said Battier 54:47 it says at the time at the end 54:51 O'Donnell I found what happens it's a 54:54 Bastille the king of the south why does 54:57 sudo he's gonna come against the king of 54:59 the north vac or Tyler what do you know 55:01 and then he's gonna repeat your sweet 55:04 evil hippity so let's repeat your creepy 55:06 tomb at oh the time at the end 55:10 don't all have found then what's gonna 55:12 happen your vital step I see you're king 55:15 of the now king of the north 55:17 no I didn't know he's gonna come again 55:19 it's Jack kumoi the king of the south 55:21 no I just pseudo and when it does it 55:24 this time it can't you look free I said 55:27 mum I said one more now then there's 55:28 gonna be some additional information 55:29 your ha do you know these are for my 55:33 soup limit range is this okay so the the 55:40 verse itself is structured in a very 55:42 unique way 55:43 look labelled Sonya memory do you know 55:46 how many things are happening at the 55:49 time of the end 55:49 come be honest you're supposed to come 55:52 here - or surpass attendre found two 55:54 things yeah this just kisi pass this is 55:57 happening at the time at the end and 55:58 this is happening at the time of the end 55:59 that's the best don't laugh at you look 56:01 Lorraine my gun more hopefully we can 56:03 say that it's just as well now let's put 56:06 some history into this make now a plus 56:08 or diseased well time at the end or 56:11 toddler fell is when sitcom 1798 your 56:18 prophecy will show us that information 56:20 let's prophecy in 1798 the King of the 56:26 South so what is gonna come against the 56:29 king of the north 56:29 why do you know now when we looked at 56:36 Daniel chapter 8 verse 9 56:37 connealy so Daniella witness and we 56:40 looked at down here 11 you know 56:42 sweetness I forgot that Danny 56:43 and we looked at the Grecian Empire in 56:46 the Zevenbergen on pure character when 56:48 there's the southern part of the Grecian 56:49 Empire become destroyed I can monocular 56:53 party syndrome pure go to the Twitter oh 56:56 yeah Kalani 31 BC Battle of Actium 57:02 libido my not country I was released it 57:05 was the last part of Greece less it 57:08 didn't party and then pagan road was 57:10 gonna rain supremely sweet Lahoma by n 57:13 value new super mom so we understand 57:15 that no so long so let's do a little 57:18 timeline I don't presume and listening 57:22 in the tone here's 31 but see local too 57:25 young this is the King of the South 57:29 pseudo it's gonna be destroyed if I 57:32 don't edit we this is Grace remember 57:36 grace and now it matter no pagan Rome is 57:40 gonna rule lumpy and Vizzini from 31 57:44 they're not continue how many years does 57:46 pagan Rome rule for a party of the 57:49 support the champion the body will tell 57:53 us Lobby vanilla zero let's go to Daniel 57:56 11 verse 24 57:57 I know door Daniel own servant kata 58:00 Daniel also a servant cut in Alcala 58:04 chongqing madonna lily producer life 58:06 events in Ferguson of a prophecy 58:09 perineal appear disappear in Ripon 58:11 attaullah Putin dopiaza nourishes we 58:14 improve our assist at agem control 58:17 Laplace fault 58:18 assalaamu Otto he says even for a time 58:22 he learns a depart on time GE MP is te 58:27 MP days how long is a time come beyond 58:32 the don't you return the time is one 58:36 year at sixty a toss in any one year 58:43 year is I 58:49 and one year.you nanny is 360 days it 58:53 was all she G say it was some stress on 58:56 you 58:59 360 days croissant us what songs you is 59:03 360 years those are some funny so if you 59:07 go from 31 BC accion pound alarm what 59:11 country are and go 360 years also some 59:14 tiny what year does it take you to learn 59:16 new country I kill a new take you to the 59:21 Year 330 so news I mean I don't want 59:24 photo ID I press release them when you 59:28 get to 330 ad in las curvas Alton you 59:31 said that was not hot pagan Rome moves 59:34 from where cd+ see from the city of Rome 59:39 la la la la la parte de la ville de home 59:43 to Turkey Pouliot your kill establishes 59:46 what city its Allah Cola it abuse I said 59:49 really can really Konstantinovich in 59:52 Oakland after the Emperor Constantine I 59:55 pray I'll uncle's doctor and then Allah 59:59 when it leaves pagan Rome when it leaves 60:02 the city of Rome who will sit in the 60:06 city of Rome it I see so I love a little 60:09 dawn papacy it's gonna take another 200 60:16 years it's a love of God this was only 60:18 for the papacy to fully establish itself 60:21 for color pepper Dupree so don't sit up 60:23 killing them and then you get to the air 60:25 538 and the papacy will roll for three 60:32 and a half times but it wasn't me 60:36 1260 years 1260 years 60:40 what are in me so we've seen how this 60:44 history goes from pagan Rome to paper 60:49 open Elohim Pathan the King of the South 60:53 here 60:53 Lourdes you'd love it disappears from 60:56 history in this barrel is strong for 60:59 thousands of years 61:01 the media tiny until you get to the very 61:08 end here she's just doing this out 61:10 anymore I got far now when does it pop 61:15 up again come test kill hogs yeah we did 61:19 this yesterday 61:20 laughing laughing yeah revelation 11 I 61:25 love you darker lips awesome what power 61:29 is that the killer but a piece of sassy 61:34 to France remember happily we say she 61:39 died laughs awesome and which verse 61:42 would we go to Yahoo let's go to 61:48 revelation 11 I know the apocalypse in 61:51 zone 61:52 verse site and why don't we are seeing 61:54 Rita it's here on this board we see a 61:58 suit a blue Jordan Sudama 62:03 and Egypt Saddam a Egypt so when this 62:09 egypt come back on the scene a cat a 62:12 scholarship kavya tells olesen 1798 62:20 times is it 1798 egypt comes back on the 62:25 scene and what is the title of Egypt 62:28 it can they don't let it go and only Jim 62:30 car I love of young Saudis that's not a 62:32 23 the king of the south 62:34 no why did you sue them you can see that 62:35 it's covered the reversal of the King of 62:38 the South here is who know what you sued 62:40 lisicki France 62:41 seal of course when did France become 62:45 the king of the south a concept I tell 62:48 the vanilla why was he always the King 62:51 of the South Esk I love it usually tell 62:53 you what you see because France was here 62:56 in this history was la france 62:58 intelligence at least well obviously 63:00 before men have wronged France was in 63:03 this history long before 538 a little 63:06 universe and small country dullest well 63:08 of course when do we normally talk about 63:10 France coming into prophetic history a 63:13 I can mama Paulo noodle of concern on 63:15 the point of view a daily stock of a 63:17 chica Clovis Clovis avec Clovis 63:24 his title was the first son of the 63:26 papacy so tits Attila por la lumière 63:29 fizzle upper booty is called the first 63:31 son in the applia Prometheus France a 63:35 school of course was the first power in 63:37 Europe to support them 63:38 until now coming up resource LPN our 63:41 support team he converts its sickle FG 63:44 around for 9602 Delana class supports 63:48 the papacy in 508 taken away the daily 63:54 yellow to yellow and he carries on 63:58 supporting the papacy through this 64:00 history 64:00 Eli continued a suit on your property to 64:03 satisfy the France was not the King of 64:05 the South in this history don't go don't 64:07 sexy strong politically why'd you see 64:11 them how do we know it wasn't 64:13 camasta for looking a little bow how do 64:16 you know it wasn't the king of the south 64:17 come on ozawa nucular faucet if I know 64:20 what you should do ready in revelation 64:21 11 as cannula voodoo doll a poker if you 64:24 see it 64:24 I don't know if you noticed it when we 64:26 read that it protects a fool of a pan 64:28 veloute con love on you we ready in 64:36 verse 13 you love when you deliver see 64:39 trans oh Allah member alehrer got 64:43 complement to tear and is M de la ville 64:45 tomba is set meal on fee of trade on the 64:47 problem on the tear in other sweet if 64:50 Allah he do not go out of Judah said 64:51 France la France is this is this nation 65:01 that's been described here in verse 13 65:03 it said national TV film ocean wave 65:06 citrus and what is it describe it as a 65:09 come on a tell tell come a teller 65:12 decreto 65:13 is described as war and the decree come 65:16 qua over secretly did elite a decreed 65:24 kumquat 65:27 Tenga tells part of the city dis mi 65:31 parte de la vela so here is called the 65:34 10th Solano dealers ISM when he says the 65:38 tenth part of the city canoodle edition 65:40 partir de la vela what city is this the 65:43 caravel Pelham Babylon the Babylon OH 65:47 so let's come here for noisy his pagan 65:51 Rome so come by you know 65:54 pagan Rome don't pee now occupies what 65:57 territory in the world ok 65:59 El Torito mainly class Apollo Europe 66:05 Silla Harper and it's got ten horns on 66:09 its head 66:10 yellow the console settings what are 66:12 those ten horns 66:13 Kelso city corner the ten kingdoms of 66:19 Europe 66:20 Lydia wider hog and what's one of them a 66:22 cities for France this is pagan road no 66:28 glazes you'd love on paying what's the 66:30 title of pagan Rome can you don't little 66:32 of home tell you know you had Babylon 66:35 medo-persia Greece then pagan Rome yeah 66:38 baby learned me to personally see but 66:40 the companion what title did it have 66:42 teeth 66:43 I tell you which king Caleb Wow okay 66:49 look Wow no king of the north 66:52 no why do you know king of the north so 66:55 therefore France so close in this 66:57 history set East WA was what King it 67:01 take care of one part the king of the 67:04 north 67:04 first they patted you wide you know 67:06 France is called the first son of the 67:09 Lagasse a plane lithography so the 67:12 papacy the lap apple tea so back here in 67:15 this history see know what or no don't 67:17 search this far this is pagan Rome 67:19 lasted till our home playin the beast 67:21 with ten horns 67:22 I bet average cheek on one of those 67:24 horns is France in the City Council of 67:27 course when pagan Rome switches and dice 67:29 it can I want by you know she mocked and 67:33 he switches to paper rope Oh 67:34 [Applause] 67:36 who's gonna be the first son Jesus I 67:38 don't clip Lamia FISA France love course 67:42 and what's a title for the papacy here 67:44 it can little a property which King 67:47 Calabar king of the north why do you 67:50 know so France so fast is the first son 67:53 of the king of the north in Laconia 67:55 feasor do you want you know I guess you 67:57 could call France the prince of the 67:59 north it is the son of the king of 68:01 Jordan obviously ill ill ill ill ill ill 68:06 ill the fisa bridge certainly not the 68:08 king of the south meaning in nepali oh 68:11 what a pseudo we can see that Villa 68:14 voila so how does he turn from the king 68:16 of the north - the king of the south I 68:17 know come on share do you I do you 68:21 another what you see though what we need 68:24 you was he here when he was part of the 68:26 king of the North Cal only Java chill 68:29 country for a party do you what cattle 68:33 cattle Iike pagan illiterate I am then 68:40 Austria is going to be converted by 68:42 basic inverter Clovis 196 cats nakatsu I 68:47 said I didn't become a monk young 68:50 Catholic católica is Catholicism 68:54 paganism as Kazan care to listen since 68:56 you began yzma yes not sure do that 69:03 pastor let me draw this for you okay see 69:06 my food is seen in so long 69:09 what's that she cries out on 69:19 fish 69:23 oh come on Zeke wanna see patio chair 69:30 this is the miter this is the miter that 69:34 the pope ways see like charcoal a cooler 69:37 pepper 69:39 lamby lamby ocular popipo 69:43 yes this is his hat 69:46 but my brother me more fair so he said 69:48 it's not a normal hat you can certainly 69:50 pass a shampoo normal because if you 69:53 turn it over on its side 69:54 that's good see all the obvious what's a 69:57 symbol of a war 69:58 Kelly Kelly don't assemble no symbol of 70:02 a fish person 70:04 why would the pipe were a symbol of a 70:05 fish on his head Jill example a person 70:09 associated because this fish that's 70:11 cursive person is a God sit at you what 70:14 god is this the kilcher sorry Tina 70:16 I thought I might not die gone 70:23 and Dagon is what caused it that 70:26 Gosselaar Judah fish God 70:30 dude person the god of the sea the Lamia 70:35 which is the god of death because what 70:39 happens every night 70:40 let's go see Sebastian watch the Sun God 70:42 pour boiler v dude you he goes over the 70:46 horizon if I've ever lilies on and he 70:51 dies or berries in the sea it's so who's 70:55 the most powerful God son go to Dagon 71:00 don't see the freezer do do do that go 71:04 Tiger dad gone if you see the early 71:06 uniform of these Catholics looks evil 71:09 way and you knew from the circuit you'll 71:11 see how it's patterned after the priests 71:13 of Dagon if you were you come on you 71:15 need a fascination only trees the dog so 71:19 enclose this václav Issa who is a pagan 71:22 kid on fire becomes Catholic really kind 71:25 of a new catcher Luca is there much 71:27 difference 71:30 no no but we'll say this man is an 71:34 odious Allah when he's a pagan cultivate 71:37 a pea is he worshipping God 71:39 let's kill adored you yes yes might not 71:45 be a true God please worshipping God but 71:47 I love like Jimmy letter read you I'll 71:49 say a God serve a deer aren't you we 71:52 agree with that 71:53 when he becomes Catholic is he 71:55 worshiping a god because it doesn't 71:57 capture do you get Skyler a daughter 71:59 aren't you 71:59 yes we so France don't love course we're 72:03 hips God all through this history as it 72:08 transitions I love you that shows you 72:11 from paganism to papal isms again these 72:14 were puppies now but when he gets here 72:16 tre Villa what's happened in France just 72:19 before 1790s if I say our philosophy 72:22 stuff auntie said Socrates Rita the 72:26 French Revolution and evil is so far 72:29 says and what changes in France it gets 72:31 clear xiangxi off comes 72:35 communism socialism communism coming 72:40 atheism the first changes its religion 72:47 wc2 no religion oh look you know so 72:52 we'll think about that let's pray 72:58 our Heavenly Father as we see history I 73:02 love good new very honest well I think 73:04 about the details it can help us to 73:08 understand that you try to teach your 73:11 people today the things that are 73:15 happening right now you should see some 73:17 kind of superstitious I know help us to 73:20 have clarity I knew I liked lefty we all 73:22 can pray in the name of Jesus lunch is 73:25 on me 73:34 you