New Manifestation of Satanic Power – Guadaloupe 2017 – Parminder Biant

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Date Uploaded: 14.10.2019
Speaker: Parminder Biant
Event: Guadaloupe, November 2017
Language: English with French translation.



00:11 [Music] 00:17 [Music] 00:18 [Applause] 00:21 [Music] 00:32 [Music] 00:44 the last presentation we will discuss in 00:47 Daniel 11 verse 40 the presentation is 00:49 inaudible Daniel rest account and I 00:53 showed you how the Bible interprets 00:54 itself and how this verse should be 00:55 understood if the Malay community 00:57 without effort behind America most 00:58 diverse it will complete this 01:03 understanding the consume the time at 01:06 the end you don't know for two things 01:08 are happening due to a few surprise ok 01:11 the South is coming against the king in 01:12 the north 01:13 you know what you should come forward 01:15 you know the king of the north is coming 01:16 against the king of the south you know 01:18 what you see them without using and 01:21 applying William miller's rules 01:22 correctly if you only pay like the 01:24 William meaning of collect them all 01:26 you cannot come to that conclusion I 01:28 could focus your we're halfway through 01:33 trying to understand how to make an 01:37 application of this verse then always 01:39 said component come on fill in the 01:40 application shoulders silver see after 01:42 having established its structure I pray 01:45 about it a bit obsessed with you I want 01:47 to make one point here you see when you 01:52 read through Daniel 11 Kukui they don't 01:55 have a linear you remember how we broke 01:58 down the verses 02:01 maybe we said in a generic sense we 02:04 buchenwald occurred on our sources the 02:06 verses 1 to 35 reverse it owner constant 02:10 we're talking about Kings 02:11 you ballad in verse 36 references says 02:16 the king you know and he got changed to 02:20 aching your professors 1 and then he 02:24 allowed verse 40 to be misunderstood or 02:27 misread top university caramel complete 02:31 and then when we looked further into 02:34 verse verses 1 to verse 3 obviously we 02:42 thought that it was transitioning from 02:44 middle Persia to Greece economy to Paris 02:49 and then in verse 4 will be off you jerk 02:51 it showed you how Greece 02:53 started off with a singular King and 02:55 then went to two empires 02:57 don't become more aggressive Alchemist 02:59 Arabic or one or two families we do from 03:04 you king of the north King of the South 03:06 what you do and then from verse five 03:08 onward yeah opportunity Buffy French the 03:11 symbology of the king of the south king 03:12 of the north is applied throughout this 03:16 chapter applique don't you school and I 03:19 found induce a people now we were 03:21 talking about Uriah Smith's book don't 03:23 bother you live for joy yes miss Daniel 03:25 and revelation now highlighted one verse 03:30 Amir Amir obviously verse 40 your 03:33 graphic account that he had problems 03:36 with his ridiculous adversity because of 03:39 the way he was gonna approach local 03:41 marina bullshit 03:41 he's understanding of the Bible and 03:43 literal history they had been compared 03:49 similar but we all know we knew several 03:51 tools that other why highly priced his 03:55 book in Louisville and the reason for 04:01 that you know even is many fold a but 04:07 one thing that she wanted to do 04:09 skillfully fair because all things are 04:13 written for our admonition upon whom the 04:14 ends of the world have come to recently 04:17 people knew the killer from the monetary 04:19 base the people the person read that 04:22 statement don't fit fit as you about his 04:26 book being cause helping hand of its own 04:29 evil l am NOT a doctor to do and really 04:31 in some kind of general way sign it's 04:35 just generally a very good book but if 04:41 you take his book Daniel revelation 04:44 Daniel a poke at it and you say the 04:47 points that he addresses in great detail 04:49 if we report so the kid is a hysteric 04:53 buku detail there are three I think it's 04:58 three maybe four points that are 05:00 important for us to understand for what 05:02 cat point the Apostle Paul knew the 05:04 control 05:04 today Georgie our church will quickly no 05:09 longer believes some of the doctrines 05:15 prophetic doctrines there our church 05:19 used to believe at the very beginning 05:24 and two of those issues or subjects do 05:28 do this reject your I Smith spends a lot 05:31 of time explaining and detailing a 05:35 passive akuto i did is picky and if 05:38 other white hasn't made those comments 05:40 about his work they were perfectly 05:43 commodious whenever his book would have 05:45 just been one amongst many so and we 05:51 wouldn't have had access today it was 05:53 access because it wouldn't remain in him 05:56 it wouldn't remain in print but remember 05:59 if the economy and one of those subjects 06:03 you know the future is brought to view 06:05 on this both both charts you may only do 06:10 a shot 06:11 I know you can't read it because this is 06:12 low resolution wrote low resolution 06:15 projector with anybody excuse of it 06:18 composing taki on basket Alicia but you 06:20 can read five away that solid and if you 06:25 were to see what it says on the chart is 06:27 usually shaft says the taking away of 06:29 the daily you perpetuate it when you 06:33 write Smith those within addresses this 06:35 issue 06:38 he gives the comprehensive and correct 06:40 explanation of what that passage or what 06:43 that doctrine is dealing with you don't 06:44 know in fact if we get on the secure by 06:47 first video now there's another 06:49 important doctrine is on this chart 06:52 important is Shana shaft I say this one 06:55 but it's on both charts Gigi salami she 06:57 surely do shaft I'll show you on this 07:00 chart cuz it's clearer Israel more 07:02 casual sets up with qle pre-clear you 07:05 can see this information here we've got 07:07 it a form as we see it's showing here 07:10 chemo here CDC and if you read it 07:13 no similarly he says Islam DeMarco 07:18 or the Muhammadans amid this is a story 07:22 of Revelation chapter 9 you've grabbed 07:25 the book Apes a patron of it was a 07:28 component about of both of these charts 07:30 your faith et cetera computed on if the 07:32 party does he do and you write Smith 07:35 correctly explains the history with a 07:38 pretty correct amounts to our of the 07:42 history that Islam played a Flemish win 07:45 in Revelation chapter 9 don't Applegate 07:48 who live that those two issues booboo 07:51 Sousa was so important you do fuel 07:54 bottle the Ellen White saw that didn't 07:57 work I don't to identify his book as the 08:00 helping hand to the Bible you don't 08:02 achieve cometo in my money don't did you 08:05 call a be blue as I say becomes really 08:07 this is not some generic recommendation 08:11 to read the book that statement was 08:16 written for us at the end of the world 08:20 do you want have a clear understanding 08:22 of what the issue of the daily simile 08:24 I've wanted me across your fiduciary 08:26 cafeteria and what the role of Islam is 08:28 at the end of the world the first place 08:32 you should go to is wrong did we do the 08:35 early you rise miss book Daniel 08:37 revelation we've understood this for 08:42 many years Johnny that's why in this 08:45 movement the effect could also move more 08:47 that's one of the books that we promote 08:49 heavily so when I make a critique about 08:58 verse 40 you know cloth cozy feeling 09:00 fatigue sort of ethic count and people 09:05 see that he's made a mistake in this one 09:07 verse we may have a misunderstanding of 09:13 the importance of this book we may we 09:17 may misunderstand the importance of this 09:19 book on evil but I want us to I want to 09:23 remind us about the issue of the daily 09:25 in Islam Museum 09:26 happily show no police usually stamp the 09:29 perpetrator but more than Islam and the 09:31 daily slam in a perpetual the other 09:34 great service that he's done for us 09:39 without his work source we cover we 09:42 would have not come to the conclusion 09:43 that we've come to today when it comes 09:48 to a correct understanding of endtime 09:50 prophecy if you haven't read his 09:56 material before yes I really don't cover 09:59 you what I'm saying won't make much 10:02 sense to you have a key a few powers 10:05 because you know castles when it came to 10:07 Daniel 11 you know schooner him dog show 10:09 Daniel from verse one about to reverse 10:12 it through to the two T the end of the 10:14 chapter just California people 10:16 particularly up to the verse 35 you 10:21 right Smith goes in great detail to 10:27 explain all the historical history 10:34 the events that you go through beginning 10:36 from verse one all the way through this 10:38 chapter up to about verse 35 live even 10:40 more human diversity Jews could be a 10:42 second sake he explains unique all the 10:46 battles to clear battle all the 10:48 historical dates to creative to hitch 10:52 brethren he'll follow this message 10:54 we've gotta strip services have gone 10:57 back into his work into his work of a 11:01 and checked his historical understanding 11:04 of these verses and he's correct on 11:10 nearly every single piece of information 11:12 we collect your chasm or two theta for 11:15 my so he'll done except one small piece 11:17 in Bridget party but we're not gonna 11:21 discuss that in this meeting 11:24 so he's understanding of these verses 11:27 from 1 to 35 has been used to guide and 11:33 direct the understanding of endtime 11:35 prophecy with you gzip or 11:38 from the prophecy so despite the fact 11:41 that he's made a mistake on verse 40 11:43 look multi-effects either in the house 11:45 or graphic novels an important mistake 11:49 the service that he's given to us 11:53 besides being the daily betrayal the 11:57 role of radical Islam it's also 12:01 seriously the role of Russia at the end 12:06 of the world 12:08 he doesn't identify Russia in these 12:11 verses but he's accurate record that 12:18 he's accurate record doctor accused of 12:22 these historical battles the cemetery 12:25 storage between the king and north and 12:27 the King of the South who I do not know 12:29 you should has helped us go back into 12:31 those histories 12:33 and take those histories and bring them 12:36 into endtime prophecy the prophecy a 12:40 little so one is to understand you're 12:42 American you can corner the necessity of 12:44 using Erasmus work to help us cover us 12:48 peaceful nudity at the end of our last 12:53 presentation 12:54 okay no question we went through the 13:01 history of pagan Roman paper Road 13:03 familiar on his problem per unit per 13:06 pallet and we were tracking the King of 13:08 the South 13:10 what do you do so that the King of the 13:12 South here was graced know what you 13:15 should do that grace and then we see at 13:17 the end the King of the South is France 13:19 you should enough force but France mean 13:23 of course as it comes into history 13:25 through pagan Roman paper roll and 13:27 oculus trouble companion and a home Papa 13:29 is not me the king of the south me 13:32 partly what you should part the king of 13:34 the north if we parted you what do you 13:36 know it's identified as been the tenth 13:41 part of the city whose Kelly don't you 13:42 see comet on in ladies en parte de la 13:45 vela 13:45 first son of the papacy know a little 13:47 pony 13:48 Philip Appetit so if you come to 13:50 revelation 11 13:51 similarly no apocalypse although he 14:01 speaks about France Republicans we wanna 14:05 read verse 7 movin denier 14:08 on the vs. set call its own affiliate 14:11 ammonia's Lubezki mandela beautiful 14:13 again Laverne ha Alicia ha 14:15 so it says that when these two witnesses 14:19 have finished their testimony the de las 14:21 casas do team or affiliate ammonia's a 14:24 base would rise up out of the bottom 14:26 space in bed give a mortadella BMO I 14:29 would make war against them in value 14:31 Faragher and would kill them yell very 14:33 true now in the verse 14:36 Bolivar field it says when they have 14:37 finished love children actually past 14:40 tense 14:41 don't feel badly otherwise gonna comment 14:43 on this didn't remotely over see when 14:46 she comments on it you know skill fee 14:48 look about the other issue she's gonna 14:50 care if I to us and clap you there is 14:53 not past tense its present tense 14:57 she's gonna tell us look at when you do 15:00 it shouldn't say finished only but do 15:02 not kill zone fini 15:04 is she say finishing north is also a 15:06 part of India so this is from the great 15:08 controversy you doing sir syllable de la 15:11 casa did you check page 260 a buzzard 15:15 assault assault Evita 15:18 do you know rate from 15:31 when you were 2 6 8 paragraph 3 2 6 8 15:36 paragraph 3 she's going to quote this 15:46 verse to deliver food when they have 15:48 finished before terminate then she's 15:51 gonna put in parenthesis yeah 15:53 environmental finishing their testimony 15:57 from the Polyphemus 15:59 it says the period la period when the 16:01 two witnesses not really do team work 16:04 but a prophesy clothed in sackcloth the 16:07 very poor fitted over to the search 16:09 ended in 1798 16:13 so she's marking 1798 as the finish but 16:19 she says when they were finishing indeed 16:21 of his it is shown on the finial so when 16:24 they were finishing something's gonna 16:25 happen give it a solid polish finish 16:27 whiskey see Percy as they were 16:29 approaching the end of their work the 16:33 cushioned Aloha Hawaii war was gonna be 16:36 made upon them eager giver it faithful 16:40 and the power that's gonna make war 16:42 against them Laval your fella here is 16:45 described as the best hope you don't 16:47 think I'm in bed that comes out of the 16:49 bottomless page he on Fitzer hundred 16:52 lebanon then she says this ok Andy Silla 16:56 she's gonna define what a bottomless pit 16:58 means and vertical apitla Bemis in many 17:03 nations of Europe 17:05 don't boo who do nacional de pedro hook 17:07 the powers that ruled in the church the 17:10 priests orthodontic reason and the 17:13 government did all agree on the mo had 17:15 been controlled by Satan with the Holy 17:18 Prophet on through the papacy a career a 17:21 property so I want to say this dogs 17:23 videos you know through these centuries 17:25 here I come here to physically see the 17:28 countries in Europe the hood who'd they 17:32 been controlled by we could hula party 17:34 Satan prophet all and Satan is 17:37 controlling them 17:39 through what power I can be a key 17:41 resource the paper say a couple do 17:44 because they're Papists from the 17:47 repurposed before this I've also now in 17:50 the same continent don't know Satan 17:55 threatened had been controlling these 17:57 nations and countries all along 17:59 celestial recipe three what power I 18:02 killed resource paganism so the nations 18:07 are controlled by paganism and the 18:09 nations are controlled by papal ISM look 18:11 we pop again then she says this yeah 18:16 just that we have a clear view paganism 18:21 and papal ISM she says this they were 18:25 controlled by Satan with the quarterly 18:28 box at all through the medium of the 18:30 papacy come on the properties so the so 18:34 Satan is controlling these nations all 18:36 the for you very poorly finisher first 18:38 to paganism then papal ISM in this 18:43 history here 18:44 no such policy they're making war 18:46 against the two witnesses reformed a 18:48 player called holy duty more God's 18:50 religion these people from purple and at 18:54 the end and iPhone farts laughs horse is 18:57 gonna do what my first well it's gonna 18:59 carry on my continued making war my fair 19:03 and idea against whom called wiki the 19:05 two witnesses good tomorrow 19:07 so if you're making war against the two 19:08 witnesses like yeah hopefully do team or 19:10 who must you be controlled by Satan 19:15 so France Google of course is controlled 19:19 by this agency here it called holy box 19:23 it does also see the papacy yeah but 19:26 would do 19:26 Satan fertile and at the very end 19:29 yeah and I thought whose control me 19:32 France just equal to enough force Satan 19:34 it's the same thing all the way through 19:36 look Phil mm swirl girl but she's gonna 19:37 say this means you solo but here is 19:40 brought to view privity a new 19:43 manifestation of satanic power you new 19:45 veil manifested resource a tonic so when 19:48 France comes up here at the end 19:51 ah here is sheriff oh is it the same 19:53 frost that was here until a Memphis 19:56 kitty the beginning woody be no no it's 20:02 not the same frog it's what I remember 20:03 of course because he says a new 20:05 manifestation so you've got France here 20:09 with a real eye for CC and France here 20:12 the beginning is associated with what 20:13 power it look like for that you see 20:15 that's what sherry killed resource paper 20:18 say the papacy is there a book which 20:22 King kilowatt can you know 20:27 so here when France is gonna be not good 20:32 at all 20:32 still controlled by Satan holy box at 20:36 all but now it's a new manifestation 20:37 satanic power is gonna change that for 20:42 astrology and what it farts change as 20:45 you change the astrology from what the 20:50 quad from paganism the paganism to pay 20:53 to listen to just go atheism or theism 20:58 and atheism 21:00 letís is gonna make war referring again 21:02 against the two witnesses can't really 21:05 do two more so you're gonna see this 21:08 power will be very well favorite 21:09 resource it's called the base that comes 21:13 from a bottomless pit 21:14 only a plea don't lie Abed he saw the 21:16 Filipinos I wanna say this longevity of 21:18 so no botanist polluted laboum a 21:30 you look me right 21:43 EKOS dog-sitter jolla a new 21:46 manifestation 21:47 you know novela manifestation this is 21:51 the biblical definition of what 21:53 bottomless pit means don't be big 22:01 discovery of a pedal edema satanic power 22:03 don't increase also damage so when you 22:08 see the bottomless pit the cloth cover 22:10 year only pedal edema you know it's a 22:12 new manifestation with a vixen 22:14 Louisville a manifestation it had been 22:17 Rome's policy aside a bunk la la 22:21 politique the hormone under the 22:23 profession of believing the Bible 22:26 prophecy reveals available to keep it 22:30 hidden from the people do like a 22:32 skeleton your Casa de popular that's why 22:35 the to witnessed a simple secular duty 22:38 more were clothed in sackcloth on 22:40 poverty they don't over to do search or 22:43 hidden gushy 22:45 but another power local fish sauce the 22:48 bass from the bottomless pit was to rise 22:52 up the velvet and make war against the 22:57 Bible failure of control he blew the 22:59 great city look like home villa in who 23:02 the witnesses are killed Donna Caledonia 23:05 hood decal don't let Amon with the 23:07 archway is spiritually called Egypt 23:10 spiritual uplifted she says this of all 23:14 the nations in the Bible the two pillars 23:16 from current inaudible 23:17 Egypt nuclear it was the boldest fell 23:21 through the Fatima in denying the 23:24 existence of God 23:25 Daniela give thought to do and resisted 23:27 his Commandments the common law says no 23:31 king in Oklahoma ever ventured the 23:35 eventually into this kind rebellion 23:39 don't strip the whole video then did the 23:41 king of AJ surely Roger shipped then she 23:44 says this look at this though 23:46 this is atheism look see that is 23:49 speaking about Pharaoh no comparable for 23:52 home when Pharaoh says this no cloth we 23:54 found is that 23:55 who is God that I should hear his voice 23:57 he will be 24:01 I don't know God when colubrid you and I 24:04 won't let his people go usually perform 24:06 properly exodus chapter 5 exerts up it 24:09 was so much verse to verse to do and 24:11 she's gonna say this is the definition 24:13 of atheism and the nation that 24:17 represented Egypt not about Egypt would 24:21 say the same thing but the other men 24:23 shoes and this nation is it national 24:26 East Francia of course then she talks 24:30 about Sodom look at an apology doing the 24:32 Sudan and so them is about breaking the 24:34 laws of God she did what did you 24:39 particularly in two subjects do you know 24:42 the two subjects that they attacked 24:46 about the law of God 24:47 this is just so we can keep calm and 24:49 what did you because I didn't say you 24:51 can steal now or lie bully motya not 24:59 sure of a fancy century but of course 25:03 the Sabbath 25:05 Phyllis Abba and marriage Sheila Myers 25:07 the two institutions nuclear do the 25:10 future the Goddard established two 25:12 durably to do what well to protect 25:15 societies what is elasticity and they're 25:19 the two things that France attacked 25:23 specifically they went from a seven-day 25:26 week to a 10-day window and I said that 25:31 marriage no longer an institution with 25:34 the pre-nursery to show ordained by God 25:37 it was now attained by the state a 25:40 little so the only point I wanted to 25:44 pick up from all of this workers will 25:47 upon order to say now is a function of 25:50 course is a new manifestation of power 25:53 manifestation the crystals and it's now 25:55 being described as a gypped 25:57 animatronic recommit on Egypt in Egypt 26:00 is the south country did you see that 26:03 so you see how the King of the South 26:04 here 26:06 what you see DC has not been around for 26:10 nearly 2,000 years it's not been in 26:14 existence for nearly 2,000 years in a 26:16 plate theology software through the 26:18 middle suddenly comes back on the same 26:21 when it comes back on the same you know 26:24 if you have your Sunderman lesson it's 26:25 not literal Egypt it's symbolic ages so 26:31 to make one more comment on current 26:33 commentator then we spoke about Uriah 26:35 Smith so joyous miss we said he had the 26:38 correct understanding of the daily go 26:42 back to the cafeteria he had the correct 26:43 understanding of the role of Islam also 26:46 corrected you hold the leaf lamb and he 26:48 also had a correct understanding correct 26:51 from verses 1 to 35 you confirm in 26:55 Daniel 11 do Daniel oh and if you see 26:58 what the common thread through all of 27:00 that is avoidable como terracotta solo 27:03 it's war required literal literal 27:16 God's people recruited a Jew in that 27:19 generation they did not have the clarity 27:23 in the vibra cluster on the distinction 27:26 between literal and symbolic literally 27:30 with herbology if you go to listen to 27:33 modern speakers today if they will teach 27:38 you that this issue of literal and 27:40 symbolic is relatively easy to 27:41 understand is really 20 if I feel a 27:46 conformal and I don't believe that it is 27:48 usually prospectus silica they will tell 27:51 you what we do things like this this 27:53 whiff comes it up this is the cross you 27:58 feel like what they say before the cross 28:01 it's electron affinity huh after the 28:04 cross 28:04 yeah volatile and network if I would 28:06 each and then if you've heard things 28:08 like this before this was comparable 28:12 imprinted it may be correct 28:14 of course it's appeared were correct but 28:16 it's not a comprehensive statement 28:20 it's not comprehensive super complain 28:25 yeah because there are many 28:28 circumstances we things are understood 28:32 symbolically here and usually here keep 28:35 away from Christmas embodiment of our 28:39 church not Wrigley's some day Adventist 28:42 Church review that much in the history 28:44 nor'easter when you rise miss another 28:46 man we're doing this work love didn't 28:51 have clarity on this subject in 28:52 everybody so when he goes to Daniel 11 28:59 he's gonna explain it all literally in 29:02 Tehran and he's gonna give us the truth 29:04 even ability on a plate apply to all 29:09 ready for us to make a proper 29:10 application at the end of the world 29:12 so fill in the application of correct 29:14 that I found him then he's gonna give us 29:15 the correct understanding of the daily 29:18 collector you have a trailer then he's 29:20 gonna give us correct understanding of 29:21 radical Islam at the end of the 29:24 collected relief La Mirada California 29:25 all based upon the literal understanding 29:29 of historical events but he doesn't 29:35 understand how things should be 29:38 understood symbolically at the end come 29:40 on so he makes this one small mistake 29:44 you know a pretty girl which has big 29:47 implications your developer just rule 29:48 but it has big implications to us at the 29:51 end of the world just one corner like on 29:53 the moon and if you don't understand the 29:55 complexities of this book if you 29:57 wouldn't completely product complexity 29:58 this will you you end up making grave 30:00 mistakes you either throw the whole book 30:04 away to leave the Kuti to your peril 30:08 mm-hmm to destruction oh you take the 30:16 whole book is being correct to delivery 30:20 collector do you make a mistake in 30:21 fretting over in verse 40 don't Donald 30:24 and if you do that shoe fits a lot you 30:27 cannot correctly identify and we but you 30:29 don't if you collect them all the time 30:31 of the end at the end of the world 30:32 don't do nothing so you have to 30:36 understand this complex book would be 30:38 conformed to leave complex to understand 30:41 what other white means is God's helping 30:43 hand welcome screen in the white video 30:44 lost kg conceal I'm not a doctor to do 30:47 we cannot do without the book when 30:49 prepare fearful evil but we have to 30:51 understand understand the book in its 30:53 correct context an evil context to quite 30:57 so here we come to France if you knew 30:59 very what appalls 31:00 this was literal Egypt 31:04 no.13 Egypt literally but even then it's 31:07 still Greece 31:09 so can you say kugali revoir when it 31:12 says Egypt Egypt the south 31:16 way back in this history don't 50:23 31:21 has to be understood symbolically even 31:23 then said what it will confess Abuelita 31:26 when you come nearly 2,000 years later 31:28 you know school they do 31:30 middle pita you come to France very very 31:33 life force and now France is the king of 31:35 the south I mean honor for Silla what do 31:36 you do geographically France it's got 31:38 nothing to do with Egypt because it 31:42 takes the characteristics of Aging very 31:44 characteristic good Egypt that I've just 31:46 explained so it's really freaky 31:47 so here we have France if you don't have 31:50 force we've already labored and 31:57 understood that the king of the north is 31:59 Babylon the magical quick you know what 32:01 you know a Bible under the very 32:02 beginning we made a Persia 32:05 maybe Perth Greece like this pagan Rome 32:08 paper over unipampa burner so here we 32:11 are the papacy cinnapup with you - yes 32:22 so there's a struggle between France and 32:25 the papacy no here in the loot or 32:27 talking about booty in 1798 1798 is the 32:32 time at the end 32:33 fill it wonderful we've tackled the 32:35 first part of the verse the première 32:39 partie de Bercy now there's a repeat 32:41 Malou in the british room and the 32:42 enlargement of this history is 12 and 32:46 god you do very carefully structured 32:49 this verse a verse which is merciful 32:54 but if you don't understand the 32:55 distinction between literal and symbolic 32:59 in somebody and carefully fall I will 33:02 omit this rules then you can either get 33:07 tripped up we really prefer cinema which 33:10 was described already 33:11 Security's arbitrary you always think 33:13 there's three people in the verse all 33:14 this to make a filmography so let's try 33:19 to understand look if you look on phone 33:20 oh now we know in several that in 1798 33:24 when they came to the south north 33:27 couldn't what you see came against the 33:28 king of the north if a nuclear what you 33:30 know it gave him a world in blissful now 33:33 it's a real wound or a pretend world in 33:37 very tablet this year we'll go to 33:39 Revelation 13 verse 3 apocalypse 33:43 verse it WA it revealing the hitted 33:48 complicity Armour miss abyss film of 33:50 Telfer guilty 33:51 it took later it did not let me last you 33:53 there elevates so it says one of the 33:56 heads university was wounded today I 33:59 deeply feel more now remember we're in 34:02 the history so they looking someone is 34:04 to are here you see what comes after 34:07 1798 what kingdom because killer why my 34:12 own United States what comes off the 34:16 United States gave up creditors unique 34:22 united nation that's what we need 34:24 United Nations is number seven United 34:29 States is number six this is the history 34:33 of number five search so he says in 34:38 verse three don't go to graphic walk one 34:40 of the heads that which had camp it s 34:46 history here swallow head number five 34:50 feel that pebble search receives war and 34:53 I was require a world in Brazil a wound 34:56 to death in bitter harm or there's some 34:59 people don't prefer think that this 35:01 world wasn't to death to depend bravery 35:05 of Machpelah but it was myth silica what 35:08 is the wound that the papacy receives 35:10 gorilla Bless You Philippa pootie ah who 35:12 she remember pseudonym ooh what's her 35:15 name 35:16 Knievel no Jezebel Jezebel what's her 35:22 title careful t 35:23 babylon babylon was hey job careful come 35:27 on she's a le a prostitute in 43 35:34 remember to remove 35:36 Jezebel Jezebel babylon babylon 35:39 prostitute 43 now your prostitute 35:44 configuration constituent how do you 35:46 make your money 35:46 come on in Fred dollars or you spend 35:50 time with party Viktorovich men have a 35:53 different revelation 17 35:56 the defense says the Kings lyoha 35:58 committed a fornication fornication now 36:03 what if the Kings Civil War said we 36:06 don't want to see you anymore 36:08 the non-polluted wha net loss what would 36:10 happen to her 36:11 giftable giftable spicy she won't get 36:13 any money and I could also start getting 36:16 his food and I know it's real she died 36:18 removal she lose her job and by personal 36:21 cover her title so people kings of the 36:24 earth know what litter fraudster who 36:27 says what in 1798 we're not going to 36:32 commit fornication with you anymore from 36:35 the catastrophic to our core dies away 36:37 look anymore let's go to revelation 17 I 36:41 know me no more poker in 56 what does a 36:46 bottomless pit main cast with the only 36:48 fitna be a new manifestation of satanic 36:54 power new vein manifestation the priests 36:56 orphanage who is the first son of the 36:58 papacy know me Philip a bootie friend 37:03 France laughs horse right here see for 37:07 fast they become the first and of the 37:11 papacy what did it have to do Jeff could 37:13 do a fella for the vanilla know me 37:14 Philip Appetit 37:16 what was its religion did it with our 37:18 little pagan pagan even then he had to 37:22 change the meeting to me come and join 37:24 the new hypo papperman 37:27 and now you may know it supports people 37:31 the paper say clap up with you 37:33 first nation to do that no coming on the 37:34 rocks we love come over here release his 37:38 prance you feeling the moon of course 37:40 France he's got two horns now - I do 37:43 corner it doesn't work in 1798 remember 37:46 and for 20 weeks of Naboo what other 37:49 power has got two horns joyfully 37:51 personal economy the United States is 37:54 unique remember first if this were 37:57 number one the 4th Avenue the United 38:01 States is work number two 38:04 the France and the United States both 38:09 share the same symbology you all mmm 38:12 family because they're both gonna do the 38:14 same work it will fail a memorable when 38:17 the papacy North Korea puppetry was 38:19 rising to power doing who helped her he 38:24 maybe France when the pipe to see it 38:32 finished its work not good a puppet 38:34 theater meaningful nerve who brought her 38:36 down he it'll be France both thought 38:42 puts her on the trial Googler for mutual 38:45 at home and France takes her offered the 38:47 trial enough of the old video : 38:49 yes and now we receive the deadly wound 38:54 innovation octane is this world a bit 38:58 film of 10 then be healed but it could 39:00 give him we all believe that that way to 39:04 Ferrari SpA and when the world is hails 39:06 of cool a bit so ideally what we expect 39:08 him Sunday law DUPLO do demos are way 39:13 live ba before we wait revelation 17:8 39:18 up okay to decide this issue about 39:22 Sunday loss turn off the future do not 39:24 worry demos in this history here 55 C 39:28 let's think about the papacy first was 39:33 there a Sunday law in the PI pieces on 39:36 this problem Appetit 39:38 yes there was we do you know where it 39:42 was discussed and grow into law can we 39:45 motivate the middle alwah which country 39:47 don't help II the gas 39:52 province of course in 530i 39:57 on fertile treat the PIPC the property 40:00 it doesn't make a brand new Sunday no I 40:03 prefer will took nouvelle what you do 40:05 Mo's great reinforce is an existing 40:08 Sunday law now this Sunday that 40:13 reinforces the fluidity most 40:17 was already in force if you desire a 40:19 plus in this history don't fetch it for 40:21 now 40:21 do we know who made that because that 40:25 was more famous good Philip who knew 40:30 Constantine or Cortado seven years 40:33 before this died young fertile I was at 40:35 that in 321 40:36 oh I'll make the Sunday no demos because 40:41 he's gonna change his religion versus 40:44 our usual from paganism repair diesel to 40:47 PayPal ISM so Constantine local topo 40:52 change the symbol with paths 40:56 I declare course because France has the 40:58 same word but Koufos I feel mmm ooh 41:00 there's one Sunday law 41:02 the second Sunday law on the testimony 41:06 of two I think is establish a stable you 41:09 you know we probably when the pipe is 41:12 say not gonna pop booty states on the 41:15 strong suit a situation called rolling 41:17 and hey supremely the fellowship creme 41:21 what will it do get back here 41:23 it's gonna make a Sunday law Elberfeld 41:26 you know do the most who helped it to 41:28 make a Sunday law in this history model 41:31 for thirty twelve France in of course 41:33 where was France with telephones in 41:36 Europe Beaulieu hope here was called the 41:38 old world in revelation 17 bikini 41:44 produces going to read verse I deliver 41:47 seaweed la vodka trav you don't 41:50 application disagree with elaborate 41:51 review it a liberal and do a 41:54 multi-billionaire Paris show it is a bit 41:56 only tested on anonymity 41:58 there are foolish from the Mandarin if 42:00 what we say to the home of an elaborate 42:02 bass ket but can leap a scalar he atop 42:05 the base that I'll sorest labelled coat 42:09 review was alive and it LV is dead your 42:14 remote if you're dead 42:16 give it more where are you working with 42:18 it you're in this history here the dirty 42:21 story see 42:29 you're dead through that more you 42:32 receive the world that or through in 42:34 bliss real then it said you do claim and 42:39 shall ascend in Makaha out of the 42:46 bottomless pit and do a multi Dolabella 42:48 if you're dead give it more and you 42:51 ascend that made you rise out what do we 42:57 call that 42:57 come on up into law resurrection so this 43:01 base is going to be resurrected félicité 43:05 into newness of life you would be who 43:08 would say that phrase when it rises to 43:12 new life mythology was it coming out of 43:16 and throw the quote a bottomless pit 43:19 filled with libido which means celebrity 43:22 that this base to the bit is what and 43:25 equal new manifestation that the problem 43:33 is the problem secure the base was fraud 43:35 so the base was the papacy here 43:37 Loretta tiller perpetuity and the based 43:40 is the papacy here in a versatility is 43:43 he so happy if it's the pipe is here in 43:49 the papers he here how can it be a new 43:51 manifestation of material a Priscilla 43:53 come on separate human manifestation 43:55 what's new about it just you knew in 43:58 this history no thirty twelve who is 44:01 supporting a theological T the European 44:06 Kings the what appeal the old world here 44:12 easy the same church with a memory when 44:16 he resurrected it's gonna need some 44:18 support and help or support needed and 44:22 it's gonna be a new manifestation 44:23 manifestation of help in the dead the 44:29 Europeans helped in this history Philip 44:32 thank you no I did not eat well he will 44:34 help in this history yes you varied 44:35 innovative twelve 44:37 the United States this is the United 44:42 States remember dutifully mm II when it 44:46 closed is still difficult to be 44:48 fulfilled not like this Constantine Toto 44:52 changed his religion in as Joseph 44:55 religion when he changed his religion is 44:57 our usual he was pagan Royal City 45:00 Oklahoma young he became the army of 45:03 Rome he helped the papacy clinics were 45:07 publicly faithful nerville so you know 45:10 Luther knew that the United States is 45:13 going to change its religion visual from 45:17 Protestantism put the autism to walk a 45:21 quad the papal ISM but believe me not 45:27 only is it going to do that within my 45:29 refers to know what if France helped get 45:31 Kurt an Air Force do people who did it 45:33 helped to put the papacy in a meta 45:36 property upon it thrives your front 45:38 corner so what is the USA also then it 45:40 is it's gonna help the papacy it didn't 45:45 clip up with you or to the throne 45:50 and what else do we know about the 45:53 United States the end it will take her 46:02 off the throne so we know looking 46:07 forward that the United States is gonna 46:10 change its religion it's gonna put the 46:15 papers upon the throne in volute like a 46:17 petition or so important and it'll take 46:19 the papacy off the general so we have to 46:23 think about the older of these things do 46:28 you think a group or the United States 46:31 is gonna say virtue by the way we're 46:35 Catholic now known from college course 46:38 is not going to do that or even 46:39 rockefeller 46:40 we know that it won't do that nor 46:43 Buffalo because at the end of the world 46:45 there's a three-fold Union 46:47 from the moon in your opinion 46:48 spiritualist Catholics and Protestants 46:53 report after Protestant America I merely 46:55 put your thoughts when they say the 46:57 Protestants are going to change their 46:59 religion is not a form of social ecology 47:01 what we say hakuna volume is that 47:04 Protestant America secure would reach 47:09 across the gulf of it mm nah you do 47:14 sweetie goof that girls group is the 47:17 Atlantic Ocean 47:20 gonna reach his hand over to where is 47:25 captain Tyrone 47:28 you've got home it's gonna shake hands 47:30 with the Pope pop songs I'll in Samoa 47:34 can across the Gulf into spiritualism 47:40 so what is to say you've caused my canoe 47:43 were you that this change of religion 47:45 they were expecting is not that 47:48 Americans a sudden you're going to 47:50 become Catholic 47:53 is that they're gonna recognize you walk 47:56 on it the authority of the Pope looked 47:59 over to Japan do we know what happened 48:02 in September 2015 in the United States 48:15 the first time la première fois the Pope 48:19 had ever been allowed to address 48:20 Congress and a faculty pop I do too 48:23 easily through Congress only a few 48:26 decades ago that would never have been 48:28 allowed as long as I'm it apparently the 48:31 defendant knew parable America has 48:33 changed to eliminate associate it's only 48:35 crossed hands in order Tom Palermo with 48:38 the papacy of equal opportunity and if 48:41 you're not sure if you may pass through 48:43 spiritualism is alive and well 48:47 everywhere in the churches the speeches 48:52 - Tiffani's even our own member lenita 48:56 so we've address 1798 49:02 King of the South France comes against 49:04 the papacy the king of the north 49:06 what do you know the property and we're 49:09 saying that France shares the same 49:14 characteristics certain characteristics 49:17 as home cookie the United States so we 49:22 want to keep that in the back of our 49:24 minds or garbage to know if you so let's 49:28 think about the rest of the verse now 49:34 mcnaught we're gonna have the king of 49:36 the north 49:37 what do you know come against the king 49:39 of the south you have no control over 49:40 what you do his revelation 13 verse 3 49:44 revelation 17 verse 8 I forgave to 49:47 disagree with this isn't the papers he 49:50 begins to rise up begin to take control 49:54 of the world let's take a pause 50:01 remember when we spoke funny about pagan 50:06 Rome 50:07 Daniel chapter 8 verse 9 50:10 Daniel read rough enough how many 50:12 territories did pagan Rome take down the 50:15 ten twelve companion at the three the 50:18 East the glorious land the big glowing 50:22 you in the south you see them how many 50:24 come here 50:25 three qua will familiar with that and 50:28 some familiar big Philip who entered 50:30 value 7 in summary go benefits on this 50:33 chart this is Vanessa how we hold on 50:35 this head community to contradict it 10 50:39 you know this same power tsunami and 50:42 resource but now there's only seven the 50:45 manorial that's it 50:46 and the little horn in opposite corner 50:48 what happened to trade them khillski 50:50 superficial it one day stray here what 50:54 is he they were cropped up by the roots 50:58 you know who instructed that work it he 51:02 asked we talk about you 51:04 papacy flip up with you so for Peyton 51:07 row you were booked in a hump onion to 51:09 come to power our hero who work here he 51:13 has to take down how many territories do 51:15 upon commentary twelve three twelve one 51:19 two three and then it rule supremely for 51:27 time Bordeaux the papacy lava Putin has 51:31 to take down how many territories will 51:33 be coming on the 312 312 do we have the 51:37 names vandals who like Oscar gowns good 51:50 one two three 51:54 the third one is taken in 538 51:59 now the papacy will supremely once you 52:06 get the third one dr. Luke was iam once 52:09 you get the third one enough to dilute 52:11 quad him it becomes the king of the 52:13 earth the king of the earth so what now 52:18 we're expecting at the end of the world 52:21 the papacy is gonna do what la property 52:24 before quo then the rule the earth gonna 52:28 be the king of the earth in waha news 52:30 for the hard littell adventism so that 52:32 voltage has been raised up to give the 52:36 warning to the world the DC bang perfect 52:40 even more is about to happen 52:42 it sort of pornography well not good the 52:46 papacy the property will roll supremely 52:49 the personal supreme having taken down 52:52 the third entity in a multitude it will 52:55 initiate a Sunday law so as we go 53:00 through our history local news a normal 53:02 kiss well we know one thing 53:06 wrong when it rises I'm not good in 53:09 silver tea supreme power and a peace or 53:13 supremum 53:14 to do something and do a photo shoot 53:16 whoa whoa take down three territories to 53:19 outfit all the quarterly twelve Syria 53:22 should be glorious life big reveal an 53:25 Egypt Elizabeth the whole life the 53:29 Bandit of your life after god's own Don 53:31 Julio cool good at the end of the world 53:34 you moon you need to take down three 53:37 territory for 2012 53:39 and this is why we need to understand 53:41 very carefully the component I thought 53:43 is more Daniel 11 verse 40 and your 53:46 graphic don't because doctor in verse 31 53:50 Augusta Jones is the king of the north 53:52 know what you know is in a takedown 53:56 destroy did career the King of the South 53:59 what you shooter then in verse 41 54:04 University after doing that a buffalo 54:07 gonna go where your value to the 54:11 glorious land we ignore you and then 54:13 what's it going to do a progressive a 54:15 fair it's gonna go after Israeli verse 54:18 42 even gone to Egypt Egypt or the south 54:27 country once he takes down those three 54:30 territories you know pretty potent it 54:32 well what do you think it's gonna do 54:35 just humor fail we're right here 54:39 you see it's gonna make a Sunday Lord I 54:42 fill in what you do more it's gonna roll 54:43 supremely the new and who's he going to 54:47 come after in this history equal to 54:50 commit no the church we believe God's 54:53 people we prefer to do so here's the 54:57 papacy over Phillip uppity and here you 55:02 see it over all supremely at the Sunday 55:07 law and what you do more and it's gonna 55:09 take down 55:11 three territories first well it up 55:13 important it well come here mo when it 55:16 takes a third one you know scary 55:18 quadrant UT this is the Sunday law that 55:21 you and I understand the most 55:24 the way predicting the new cathedral the 55:26 way the lady is about to happen the new 55:27 quake you might really porn on TV 55:29 if I were to ask you if you would like 55:31 it's true when is that gonna happen 55:33 I can move more solar especially most 55:35 Adventists probably wouldn't even know 55:37 about but we're required to know you 55:41 knew before said well how could we track 55:43 that event come on people newsreel 55:44 assertive anymore 55:45 because we know what's going to thermal 55:47 it has to take down these two first yeah 55:50 you do come in they stay first they do 55:53 it for me at home come your mom and they 55:54 stay first you do with you they still 55:57 you do not the King of the South what 56:01 the glorious land will be lawyer so when 56:05 we say these events happening the Las 56:07 Vegas is even more we know that the 56:10 world Egypt loser is gonna be taken down 56:15 a treat with you idiot music what's a 56:22 symbol or the characteristic that Egypt 56:25 has Carol assemble in the characteristic 56:27 okay possible Egypt ready here 56:30 no bc IC ism 56:40 I see ISM lucrative says there's no God 56:44 in your father juice is that correct 56:46 correct 56:48 I see them says there's no God is that 56:53 correct someplace I'd yes some because I 56:59 know what is I see ISM three qualities 57:08 okay so you don't believe in God there 57:10 is no God dude opieop a teacher where do 57:14 we take this characteristic of atheism 57:16 from with the new facility we ready 57:19 earlier idiot who was speaking truth to 57:25 power Pharaoh who found what is farewell 57:30 gift you found is he a man that could 57:34 feel alone he's not a man easy what is 57:41 he say he is it Wikileak well he's a God 57:44 if you don't do it doesn't excite that 57:46 you defer he says he's the god is it a 57:48 villager there are no other gods you 57:50 keep adding told you so 57:52 I see is a criticism is war frequent 57:55 says there's no God in your body except 57:59 name of the autumn world on my own gods 58:02 assuming proper dude that's the 58:05 definition of atheism so I see is a 58:09 lucrative easement says I am God what 58:13 other religion says I am God kal-el 58:16 Kalyanji is this video to human 58:18 composure spiritualism spiritism 58:23 today we call a union upload the New Age 58:25 movement the movement new era in our 58:28 white style called a leap onto the new 58:30 Angela play pantheism please what is 58:34 pantheism if equality potteries pantie 58:36 means many many reasons Dooku of it God 58:43 is well 58:45 in everything car is in you because you 58:51 are excluded God did you so I see ISM 58:55 new criticism and spiritualism repeat is 58:58 the same thing Phil mm sure 59:00 so when it's got Egypt here in a pretty 59:02 easy to see Daniel 11 verse 42 then they 59:06 all go free come do we didn't even read 59:08 the verse yet corn University the way 59:10 speaks about Egypt how am I saying 59:14 Egypt is a symbol of the world as if you 59:17 love someone more because what's the 59:19 religion of the United Nations Jordan 59:21 that's what we need everybody to do 59:25 their own thing we accept all the 59:29 religions religion will accept no 59:32 religions everyone can make up their own 59:35 religion just a matter of public you 59:37 support collision that spiritualism 59:39 spiritism that's atheism feel at ease 59:42 that's the religion of the United 59:43 Nations which is the Kings owners and 59:47 governors of the world this is the world 59:51 should remove Egypt is the glorious 59:55 slide people are you we will redefine 59:57 what the door is like was in this story 60:01 me the person lets you go back to your 60:03 own country / makutano copy the glorious 60:09 slide the people in 1798 goes people go 60:13 away 60:15 they leave Babylon go to the United 60:19 States which is the most glorious land 60:21 on this planet yet funny that's what 60:24 Ellen White says not me in or deeper 60:26 more so United States creditors we need 60:28 is the glorious land for a big no you 60:31 say 88 nuclear ship is the world to the 60:34 moon the glorious land is the United 60:39 States so there needs to be one more 60:42 power 60:43 looking good resource that comes up 60:45 gives oh before the United States 60:47 I voted that you need the paper say 60:50 laputan has to address one power Laputa 60:53 to a Sookie pigeon pea sauce before 60:54 addresses do you know his type before it 60:56 dresses the world 60:57 for the moment Danny chapter 8 verse 9 61:02 then the interpreter read your filler 61:04 which history we in know can you throw 61:07 from new this one or this one 61:09 still not you so long Daniel 8 verse 9 61:15 the industry not sure good pass you 61:21 spike enroll in a home buyer this is 61:23 straight 61:24 30:12 back to back here but the lab at I 61:27 document what is it saying the verse if 61:32 you did you don't have your feet this 61:33 little horns gonna do what so could it 61:35 come back well first I see guys till now 61:40 come here on the chromium or under Carol 61:42 well let's read the verse now one of 61:55 them came forth little home which said 61:56 which was exceeding great toward the 61:58 South the death of inputed conch is a 62:01 golden middle toward the east toward the 62:05 pleasant land 62:06 you know people EP which one does it do 62:08 first killer killer direction for me 62:12 historically if I thought is too big 62:15 it's not Egypt historically you know be 62:18 stoic mostly partners it is the East 62:22 Syria Murphy then it does number two 62:25 economy will do the glorious land then 62:31 it does Egypt 62:33 lose the South the East no the glorious 62:39 land the people over yourself 62:41 it'll student in that order don't hit 62:43 don't hit on look at the order here we 62:46 have been obviously the last one at the 62:49 end of the world is little music well 62:50 the South you do 62:53 middle one is to do music well the 62:57 glorious line to be glued this is call 62:59 the king of the south known Opilio what 63:01 you see in Daniel 11 no Daniel in Daniel 63:06 lights a little bit 63:07 it's the east so we want to think we 63:13 want to think think about the east in 63:16 the Roman no honey the low heel 63:18 now when the Bible talks about 63:21 directions 63:22 love cannot be bounded sure you have to 63:24 think about the context a little context 63:27 so at the end of the world 63:30 remove this power food crystals which is 63:36 the papacy Juno property where is it 63:39 located with Kelly look an easy well yes 63:46 so this is a rock during the play his 63:50 role comes down to the north coast of 63:59 Africa you know nothing you know in 64:02 Spain into the Atlantic 64:04 yeah even a span a natural teacher what 64:10 south of Rome Canada through the hormone 64:16 Egypt Elizabeth was a Stavro 64:21 Lujan I left the hormone what nation is 64:25 a staff round circular message I don't 64:27 know he owned the home 64:34 Russia Lucy then respect about Russia to 64:38 the apology we said that Russia very 64:42 clever she is a power or a component of 64:44 endtime prophecy free procedure a 64:46 prophecy so here this symbol of the East 64:51 symbol DeLorean is speaking about Russia 64:55 new policy 65:01 tomorrow demo we're gonna carry out our 65:05 study you'll continue to contribute and 65:07 we're going to look at verse talks in a 65:08 bit more detail origami leave Africa 65:10 home 2003 did tell you to reinforce this 65:13 idea that this power here is Russia 65:20 so person is useful on Russia so in 65:23 summary we've discussed Daniel 11 verse 65:27 40 will explain the role of the book 65:32 dannion and the revelation by Iran okay 65:37 Julia Smith we've seen three important 65:40 contributions that he makes really the 65:45 history of Daniel 11 you probably know 65:47 the story about the daily news cross 65:49 your new material in the history of 65:51 Islam probably from without his helping 65:55 hand 65:55 in summary don't we wouldn't have clear 65:58 understanding of what's going on at the 65:59 end of the world just kept that book of 66:04 life for us to pull me including the 66:09 issue of Daniel verse Daniel 11 verse 14 66:13 I think we see the problem do Daniel 66:15 we've identified when we noticed that 66:19 the the Rome has to take down three 66:22 territories before it can rule supremely 66:24 to whom do i hundred twenty twelve i 66:27 wanted to work a review well we've 66:29 identified that the history of France 66:31 you know we could be probably life force 66:32 is pre figure in the history of the 66:34 United States is 12 is it that you need 66:37 we know that the papacy has to take down 66:43 three territories Russia the United 66:48 States in the world 66:49 no the work has already begun 66:53 Carmel is a chromosphere and unless you 66:56 see how history is repeating I'm working 66:58 where you come all these phospholipid 66:59 you still be waiting for the Sunday law 67:03 and already be upon us from and then 67:07 it'd be too late if you're not well 67:09 let's pray 67:10 Heavenly Father Praful if we were asking 67:14 pray for your blessing no creo 67:17 portability show if you guide and direct 67:19 your people 67:20 how could you please disable prep as we 67:23 say history repeating 67:24 I'm not gonna be a locally sourced a 67:25 lipid before our eyes the Volusia we 67:28 want to ask for a blessing limited 67:31 mobility show upon us show me an upon 67:34 your church your holy leave so that we 67:37 might make the correct decision 67:39 I fucking for sure opponent this is your 67:41 correct the we might understand the time 67:42 at the end of a canoe Christian confirm 67:45 the table for and prepare you prepare 67:49 for the close of probation that's about 67:51 to come upon your church poor Allah from 67:53 Netanyahu polytheism we pray these 67:56 things in the name of Jesus it should 67:58 only know this is I mean I mean 68:08 you