The Kingdom of Glory – Guadaloupe 2017 – Parminder Biant

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Date Uploaded: 14.10.2019
Speaker: Parminder Biant
Event: Guadaloupe, November 2017
Language: English with French translation.



[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] in our last presentation don't know close down here please don't test you we were discussing a relationship descriptive level SEO between Lady Sarah and Ephesus hello DC further we looked in some detail regarding certainly Tanya at the history Registrar of the seven churches big Lisa of Revelation chapter 2 and 3 do it well we spent some time discussing ethicists with everyone crib Utah a descriptive defense now we'll discuss fight IRA soho district Adachi sadhus the sounder and later seer you know what you think so if we took the history of these seven churches so no Cornelius thought they said egg Lisa from Ephesus professor tinnitus ear sky Lord you see we know that this is the first monkey facility and the seventh and last Church let's refresh our eyes about the experience of the seventh and last Church I love how fishes saloon I mean wash you'll experience a la fórmula de la Dona Wrigley's who read verse 17 Neely's only we have said she said if essa Sawicki are a kiloton circular squid you see Jesus Oh Vicki vac - we don't know hey I'm on ship the lemon Kashi it's a regional ranking you know it's only tell you a new verno a click ok no no connection no Sally kilo Xhosa so I know him no no read the wrong verse I think I will be verse 17 revelation 3 verse 17 excuse my step you can use quality Satyam Oscar judiciously CGI Colombian Ginebra 2000 Yankee nice if I could see Manuel a meteor blow he called that gurgling so the condition is threefold now could destroy our class says that they poor miserable so a poor blind and naked Hoover hug in hope of tau tau VIP and you go blind and naked a poor blind and naked okay probably me we discussed this subject of being naked is that for justice you said that when you when was mankind naked a contest can humanity tell you after an atom after Adam and Eve sinned I pray I die every fishy they lost the garments of light you don't do love like mondo Lumiere very once they hit sin and they lost the garments of light it can't eat something she really loved that model you know they hid because of their shame it's okay sure cause the little altar goes down them and they were forgiven it's really about to me but what happened in that forgiveness because if I say love the shirt that'll require the death of an animal Salah exist in a modern any manner and they were required to be covered by the skin of the animal you know hated the monte della Buddha second email and what were they given once they had been forgiven it gets gonna hide the nail of isn't about Denis what gifted did they receive back again jail donkeys are hosted on over that they'd lost his a Virginia the got is common is also affect mom but something's given to them a gift that they'd already lost me on your hard on their donkeys are very sharp Algeria what was that like a symbol off that's a new music Esteban de Gras the glory of God Allah granted you so what was given back to them don't get killed I tell her do nail the glory of God and what is God's glory it gets good luck Roger it's his character he sorts supposes his feelings his attitude the way he behaves similar attitude life s ugly school Proctor so this glory that was given back to man don't say black Haiti huh Tony Romo was different to the one that he had before he fell under circular we proceed ok Allah what was the difference can you say don't say did feel awesome he's now hidden I need to make know Kashia so we saw this that was real that he was Adam nanu yeah Adam before seen on the fishing then he's naked Oh sweetie I knew then the animal dies Hospital a new aluminum oh then he's given a garment on sweet on you don't affect more and the glory is hidden me like you are Akashi but we know some time in the future capacity this glory said you are is gonna shine again do we know any people or any stories where these glory has been seen before it's called connect a person who this is from who said love is real power Moses we know that when he stood in the presence of God chakras are larger than the glory shone out from his face like Jesus so he - anyone else can do it hm Steven Steven Steven a China anyone else can can do it this is the obvious one Jesus a surreal if he does ba Mei is his glory Kosaku ah shiny like this only through his life I believe does that first sound you want to tell ya no no when does that happen Curtis Casilla say the Mount of Transfiguration Solem attended a Transfiguration anywhere else who else when he cleanses the temple two times until appreciate a du Hoc Whistler table do you see Ellen White's comment on this history no y-you look a motel - then what you see happens name in castle especially twice d'oeuvre once when he cleans the temple in foil off skillet or if you know tom no and once when he is transfigured he or she calculated configuring so you see these two glories nobody to do so we know you serve warm that this glory that's been seen here that's hidden here just said rocky a cashier that gives me he's a story of walk say don't least on Oprah what was the story that we picked up see candies talking to several please Gideon's army remember me mr. lammeter shitty souvenir we see that the light was hidden curriculum unit Akashi and then in Austria once this vessel had been broken elevator casino the light could be seen practical Geum what was he symbolizing Salah somebody's this vessel survivor symbolizing our human bodies Celeste sample is not recovering now and it's light it's a chimera for symbolizing the glory of God somebody's like rounded you it's there Salah but he can't be seen may end up a time in the future no no future it's gonna be seen said well so how do you remember that who submits Allah good you remember yesterday we were souvenir Kiara that we placed where this glory would be seen merciful educate who said glossary and which mercy did we go to shoulder a canvas and several people more clear so now which book can Eva we can look at Daniel remember that Mussolini and we went to work chapter Mukesh epistle chapter 11 chapter also remember that Mussolini remember chapter 11 begins in the time period of the medo-persians happy boys come on Sally Pope the middle pair so and then it goes all the way to the end of the world yeah she's got a friend Romano why would it begin there pourquoi come on Julie see because it's connected to what history that's just on the other can use draw the captivity that we read about yesterday satanic like captivated on the level you yeah remember most of the Bible coupla voula profound the lobby stories but that Kundun say on disease Kelso Doc's a doozy strong captivity on the captivity la liberté the liberation captivity Babylonian captivity it's as you said like captivity to Babylon the second story in a December Easter aha the story of what city Kelley strong of Christ testament the nouveau testimo I won't comment about these two stories it gets carrion come because it is Easter it's the besieging see laissez les of jerusalem jerusalem by babylon babylon babylon the old testament is pagan rome in the new testament pagan rome is just the same thing as Babylon firstly speaking lobule unseal I mentioned I end up for the so you know you suffer don't that there's a remnant aside he knows history yeah rescue Soviet our leaders Islam this is the major theme of the Bible if you let them be so neat I'm crazy people don't eat them so when we can think about it that way kind of avoid official they said fast so we can begin to understand what's going to happen at the end of the world so welcome ponder sir give a spicy I laugh random order so we ready to Daniel II only don't Daniel knows it took us all the way to the salon Denise California sharpie those they were so studying in the afternoons coming to take this alright today Sunday no Richard Castle just color case you don't watch it too much but then when you get 12 verse 1 the connoisseur vivo I done yet deuce huh you serve um keep out the man calculator and we're Michael stands up it coming cancel its marking the clock probation so lemarchal I found do Tonto guys so we saw that here the love of Allah close the probation now Fanta Thunder guys this is a new 12:1 says she don't do Danny induce the wear see what happens off to Daniel 12:1 okay sir pass up red onion juice ah what period do we call this period the Nommo new seven last play you sit down the airpipe play what else do we call me Missy come on Lenny Moonwalker so Jacobs time of trouble - a cola so I've got Jacobs time of trouble wonderful - a cup and then you come in your suite down to the second a drink well now if you vile of December you know we're familiar with this structure there's some family have accepted to if you go to the verse before she was only done if they are said Chrissy doll speaks about a new power don't covet do a more seal we spoke about Mount Zion earlier Yusuf Ali regime Osceola to tell her let's pull up that verse reporting on don't go through some spooky 8 verse 12 to 2 Alana Devon you dollop some controversy juror some controversy do many seek personal as small as water to clatter aluminum Sony coated in olivine dagawa so read Psalm 48 verse 2 known as I've only lips um come onto to have to do it talks about Mount Zion a new palette DiMaggio will read Isaiah 14 verse 13 in his evolution sorry Curtis plays ah if you read the two verses back-to-back you'll see that they connected it civilized Lisa do they sell a suit of Eric's a connector is they cut off has got to digital cursor motor Allison she never diamond collar the suit is it well did you so much analysis or a model I can delegate Ursula coated you know who is he speaking about when he says you have said in your heart to keep a little Palin Hong Kong II did you say I don't care he Satan sis actor where the Satan want to go over to Dallas at all into heaven or say he was to get his throne if I wasn't owner and he wants to say about the stars of God if I said I would the city c22 what the stars of God kiss so don't Kelly Kelly's it well did you these little planets little stars it's only a planet evaluate wanna know know what are the stars don't assault lizard wanna injure the angels Sonny's not he's created beings she said for clear he wants to rule them if they don't care early court fully when he does that I can't you face Allah he sits upon the Mount of the congregation it's why don't you and Allah congregation what is the congregation require a communication Church silly Gliese is the Mount of the congregation the mortal a congregation I read Psalms 48 should need lip some country says Mount Zion it is it's emotion so what is the Mount of the congregation can they talk the maunder that congregation Mount Zion see no mercy on Mount Zion Massino is a symbol of God's church Jerusalem was not named it says on the sides of the north on who decently coated you know in both verses nicely do so this is where Salah the throne would be Turner cancer ha the throne is way coño in there da which compass direction don't kill direction in the north don't know your throat is in the North Sea the 22 no you must be the king of there to draw egg don't Clearwater no no what do you know who is the king of the north it's the killer what you know God si Jude God is the king of the north do you know why do you know but Satan Misato wants to take that title if it was a cheetah he wants to be the king of the north what you know and rule it called the Mount of the congregation in July configures the here on earth don't you see so tear when he has the Satanic empires socialist is appeal or SATA nietzsche make we're against god's people who live where you live give all mount oh man Zion Omo see you what is he calling satanic kingdoms come on it up this is who I am satanic the kingdoms of Hawaii under the North Levi's young Zeno or the king of the north who be under what you know Babylon medo-persia Greece Rome let me learn me to Paris they all the king of the north to so lastly why do you know because their kingdoms off that's consists only of our young Satan sis only why you miss at all God's people live where in the Jew in Mount Zion so the more senior which is on their kisaku sides of the north you could did you know because they're the true representatives of the king of the north ask us or really tablet please I've told you why do you know so hopefully we can see that connection just connect so so when we get to Daniel 11 we know several that this mount the several cursory some Mount Zion : awesome this holy mountain sector motor Santa is a symbol of whom it assemble Turkey God's church Tony Gliese the Virgin so let's read Daniel 11 and on this one onion verse 45 there seconds thank you Daniel also Johnson yell dresser relatable not a simple polymer Fidelis ad not including news to the file generosity personally Oporto Visoko so before we make comment on that I want to feel like a motel so let's say let's read Isaiah 11:9 reason is ie nurse is ie author the less inertia on the Philippa thermal unit it will a pass you took my side note Angela tells or accompli telekinesis listen your calmness approval at Mia read isaiah 50:6 is a year no second sis verse 6 this is is that it's a consist of a thesis in a fifth electron she kisses you on yellow senior policy really put a million on the senior pets the servitor kickin gamma sub up on a pallet profanity comedians Mona knows whose is talking about the key policy law he says the sons of the stranger it did a fifth on it cause really physically cautioning these God's people Esther Sonya but did you know no because they're strangers to cause a but what do they do McCafferty now they join themselves is so it's a saranya to God he says run hyuk-joo to serve Him I found an assembly to be and to love him it pulling me and they want to be his servant even across the servitor and what is the marker that will identify them as being his servants it's a lil immaculately don't he shaking sauces editor huh they keep the Sabbath a skill gal della Sera and they take home to the Covenant it imagined don't get sewn anos so you know this is at the end of the world looser vickersontour surpass a laugh and it talks an endtime prophecy but a Sunday Laurie she sits in a prophecy the father told me only Verdun a large city mosh so when we're doing this socata for Salah they're gonna join themselves to God if also it was wrong with what I do how will they do this become my home for so long verse 7 the vs. said amen surely seminary so mass at Newton is Alejandra is why you don't mind miss of the Curia no of con consumer a love sacrifice so intercepted somos Nutella come amiss also happily miss on the clear coat to the Pope so it says that even then you know the member the strangest is it country will I bring to my holy mountain the ominous summit and Santa what is the holy mount a sequela Mouton Sant Mount Zion see mosey on it must be talking about his church ok drop out it don't disown it Lisa these people we brought into the God's church super sentai come near don't exist at you we are familiar with Revelation 18 verse 2 there's some sister I mean you have a couple can you please we do loud cry the cochlear that says Ryuji come out of her my people sock did you mean you attend more but if you're coming out of her me see what's up today ways to her Sakina babylon know you coming out of Babylon where must you come to don't go see softly the Babylon who you devil verse 7 diversity said to the holy mountain Alamos and Santa do we know savy vu when Revelation 18 verse 4 is given can't approach any district attorney did he Daniel 12:1 Daniel do sir when do we give that loud cry who are doing a new circle credo no no Sookie if where do we give the loud cry I don't know new locally because if we don't know just you know several power we're never gonna be able to do it you know suppose your member sudeerneer so we're gonna be constant to the fire because we found our job that's good news for us to lose that one issue a I know what you're doing that when we give the loud cry to the world you don't really serve like a monotone oligarchy or more good okay okay worried especially my cutie so this is the loud cry silicon clear will give this here so the Gentiles so clear surety they start entering into the church well come on start click on it please good the holy mountain geez it up till I'm all tense and there's many many passages that deal with the holy mountain ya beaucoup de la mort I'm sad but we're looking at Daniel no no no God or Daniel chapter 11 verse 45 which we just read Danielle - Danielle Oscar on sank Inferno Dahlia we saw the servos that the king of the north you know why do you know the papacy a property is gonna try to plant but it's a plot to the Tabernacles of his palace suitable not just some planner this is his throne in his church system consists on eglise between the Seas I call email between the people he's gonna set this in the glorious holy mountain if I met Donna Martin Gloria's son so this holy mountain goes people doctor said to Gloria Swanson has become glorious said no Tanya Santa never knew clearly user so this happens before Daniel 12:1 it's all a surprise Daniel see we said that there's the glory here in guala so we're marking the glory before the close of probation no Santa Koenig well have aa found it on the glass but this is the glory that people can see we see like Dracula shoppers voix not the glory that's hit here in no person Gloria Kushina CHP even though the glory can't be seen here mm see that wanna protect Oh Lula is it there s cannula yes what was this death marking can't can't accept more what's he wearing her skin powder the government this is an animal skin no Sheila Bodden and Amalia so this death was war Dhokla moxie to craw the death of the animal the motherland Amanda which was prefiguring particular to death of Christ I'm all decreased now we read Romans chapter 6 is that vulnerable Matthew sir Romans chapter 6 for mercy so he speaks about what new Baldo crown represent baptism so baptism don't clear bottom we wait who's ever knew is a symbol of death to assemble dilemma when you die komui a baptism the better him what happens after that let's get surprised up when you're buried in the water was that dr. Adnan do you rise felicity in newness of life don't see new Voter Daria you're supposed to be living a new life was that supposedly new Virginia and it said energy that you have been freed was very liberally from what the crown from sin into fishing so as soon as you that was a novella fantasy about him this history don't satisfy like all our glory caching you're freed from sin was that liberal education either no ma'am see the glory is not visible like you are NEPA he's the lesson that Jesus wanted to teach us if Solano's unconscious it renews our singing because when he is baptized as koloski lately but you see and he's standing on the bright as they banks of the Jordan in Leyte Oh Bravo to shoot our and the ladyship a little kiddies are comin question John so the new question is John and they ask who he is my take on it man don't kill it eh what does he tell them says the Lamb of God is already here amongst you to kill a new to judicial upon before and they will look around and can they see him you know to knock out a me as people relative raha no no why pourquoi because he's glory master second hua is hidden it's a kashi and only John can identify it so we covered all of that is that vocals after so now so when we think about this church oh no God no I Suzuki God's church these are the experiences God's church go through the soil is a flexp also don't kill the pig is a Jew Tavia see what God allowed you see Salah silly little weenie a deer hunter boom Association Lady Sarah no this is the group of people that are naked Cooper did the person can use this is Adam see a dog constantly shoot after he sings a person preciate when he was forgiven what you liked about the name when he had the glory of God Allah like brother Zhu this is a picture of the glory of God when it's visible to everybody so what condition are Adventists in don't don't kill condition that what is the Torah who a light is saying here don't cloud you see there here Aniela in a lost condition and they knew dozen countries she'll come to you and do they the scenes know that Escalade you Silla say no they don't closed a posture leave it you they think they reach across calories and they think they have eyesight boscorelli kulia and they have nothing may offer to now yeah how can that be kamal celebrity late how would you convince somebody come on Cove and give can we come on Uncle grandpa son that they're in this condition Kelly does that condition when they believe that something totally opposite contender qua look woozy they believe that they're good and Bhaskar Libya when they rule by I love coffin appear suddenly any movies how do you convince someone of that come on come Venkman can pierce oh no my constants are cold ideally papazilla let me read something to you from thoughts for the mount of blessings I know horse revelry Akiko shows at you they are the mother it was okay on on on office a thought from the Mount of blessing page seven page six number six I know she would you a lot better off I see it's a beginning of the chapter sector to over Sookie lapis Gaza otherwise going to quote from Matthew chapter five verses two and three and then waiver Oct a part of the mature thank mercy do aqua Avenue dia tree a Avila bush in lasagna AG who really proof on his picanha ymd sweetened so this is what we call the Beatitudes Matthew chapter five is this canal that will only be attitude matter sack Sermon on the the Selma to the mountain we know that more time seven he says blessed are the poor in spirit you only put one SP would be nearly put on this play because the kingdom of heaven is days careful my young did surely hahaha this is how he begins see the sucker mosque so we asked the question yesterday you seven like Astros yeah is it good to be poor in spirit esker sitting brunches that proved on SP the answer is another pose a no no it's not good to be poor in spirit Sony Pablo that foolproof on SP because if you're poor in spirit Estes if we said Pavan SP you're miserable that means they have you lost to you in undone condition that doesn't know you're in the condition of later see you so the load you see butts may if you recognize how can I see that you're in this condition that condition then I know you can be blessed to prevent bringing because there's an opportunity for you to be saved Oscar McKnight an opportunity Papa wait for Sophie can we say that as careful of where you so you know the Vasavi that if this is the beginning of the beatitude to silicone the firm of the mound in the summer so lamontagne in a study that unit you on what to give to lay decisions to our circuit for the new load you see but when we read through the Beatitudes las canadas only beatitude are we're often misunderstanding much of what's being taught Newark or nor and malice will also create a arseny because we already take a surface reading of the words Kurnool is or and I so faster so Cooper Tsukiji and why mean by that is so cliche video Paula if we only see the moral application in these words in these verses you canoe enough I don't tell a precursor more kind of severe same but if you were to study Mississippi 180g thoughts from the Mount of blessing nelifa over secured the Sermon on the Mount the Selma so lamilton you see so much prophetic information because they live work or toddler format some profit chica but you need to you need to dig deep to find it before don't cause they preferred a morality not a surface reading it's a little pop-up in nature or the surface so let's read a little bit of what she says I'll only saw and pre-soak LG say peril Houghton T so so vital awfully Tony coming doctrine it carnival and tell us any Moines Annette ma oppose a as a week is over see the sacrificial in Dorada in Navarre and reactive flat lager Yankee Anna MAHT Leo Mazzone a porta in Layana the Sinuhe vomit here and Chris Austin is in Syria Dada yeah we debated I know it's not the I have to continue the subclasses a man come apartment in Florida so the LA multiverse apparel tests on coming three quito savant a life will she come diesel Dickey I was like open to continue yeah incentive monies auditor some kill sort of cousins Lynette key Minnesota deulim a kiss upon damiana yeah I'll plant in commercial and fini local food and we eat on disc in they could display not fair aqua wellness also said awesome emotion Assessor and humanity the toolies ash when I go back to the beginning the paragraph is you know what the no Akuma OD beauty paragraph the first thing we want to understand the premiere Suzuki new condo is when Jesus speaks to these people the Colossus is super super it's something strange in you'd say Keiko shows the it cost a de nouveaux the stranger new doctrine that he has said doctrine it cause he knew very now hold upon their ears toga don't consumer law so there is something new CKK shows at the new I love on confessor different say so they parakeeto belong so rage in dinner milk achiever attorney he says that such teaching Italian cinema is contrary a cochlear to everything that they've heard a two circuits have additional children on the priests and rabbis they created Olivia I wants to really think about that is unbreakable really she saved my my Salah wherever Jesus is teaching them praxis workers who love are saying they've never heard this before in a lotion out on 0 ok Allah and they've been seven day Adventists over their lives it a I'd wanted to see em George erotic love via they say in this doctoring in word or set doctrine nothing to further their pride here Caprice of Latino a yo-yo or their ambitious hopes beyond obvious your Akashi but this teacher miss Sato senior has a power allowing three salsa that holds them spellbound Jia this is junior there's something about his presence okay coaches came and Jessica's awesome his words say parkour know that they love super focus then it's like rain to come luxury upon the grass geo thunk the selected layer so we never compete everyone realizes is that he can read the secrets that are on the inside key Leo Mazzoni so Claire I know Julia and they become scared of him create PowerPoint but at the same time I meant all they see is whoa there he is someone who could come near to them and love them unique a couple she called premier next paragraph the paragraph just feel a little read it bit by bit in the time of Jesus toddlers issue the religious leaders of the people Michelle initiative program they felt that they were rich in spiritual treasure in process a tradition on the crystal was pretty trendy does that sound like Lady Syria it's just a lot less sunbut allowed you see she's gonna quote from Luke chapter 18 verse 11 and that a city a new code is rich order she closed the prayer of the Pharisee and see tilapia or do you thought easier guards or Jew I'm glad I'm not like the rest of these bad men should to hang Rakesh and swap back on the Lopez dissimilar Sona and she says this feeling the Sasaki ma the whole nation had good learner solavei everyone felt that way Vasant element shows however support God in that crowd Dorset kukuda there are some people when they heard his words they felt their spiritual poverty what this Billy Turner Peter yeah had this same experience you know mimics Barry osser she's gonna quote from Luke chapter 5 he's vice it'll look Sarah when Peter grabs hold of Jesus's face in this multitude that food oh there are people where you had the person who in his presence of man they felt they were wretched miserable Manuel's whole lines I'm naked in you that's what we just read here it's in the middle of revelation 3 verse 17 okay so you know people in this group is symbolizing lady see but this group mr. grouper they learned they desired to have God's power they would bring salvation he quotes Titus chapter 2 verse 11 Allah and seat32 der diversity also spurred the down on the screen a salar de atacama sinning but gets there to fight us but further down don't go blue go to go to the end of the chapter however so these people desire the grace of God which is the power of salvation because the jerk utility sausages on ouya in these souls doses AMA Christ's words if I call the priest awaken home and they saw they were only the benediction of God he successfully benefits soldiers and that Hey wanted to bless them but there was another group next paragraph the paragraph Kasturi this other girl so the total group and Jesus presented to them the cup of blessing don't say a benediction they were rich increased with Goods is it a coup and they didn't need it mean on that that was one and they turned away from Jesus from the precious gift that he wanted to give them or dunya so the reason we read this passage it's all I can do surface was twofold see orders it up first of all coming up mark to show us well know what they're in confirmation that world what we studied yesterday but the Church of God could you give the Jew in the history of Christ was what church take candidly what experience was it in don't kill history also to better you know later SIA known experience allowed you see and secondly it doesn't matter get you out of the latest in condition loudest you need to hear a message if you follow Tantra massage it's not given genepattern a by the priests and rabbis salary cut in a lab you the new strange doctrines that you don't remove and it caused them so this is the history of the dispensation of the Christian Church so you saw the like this box our solar league this creature now but this is the history may lie Silistra of the history of the Hebrew church the nagisa Judea this is the Christian Church like Sasha don't agree sketch and this is the Jewish Church as I said earlier it's this week and here now in the time of Christ visitation little opposite result at least they are later Sarah it's a different you know you see we it's Matthew 23 therefore new match event wha and what's the description of straight get out chapter Kelly like this consume dojo such a feat ha blind blind blind loin over and over again he says there were blind leaders of the blind so you have all the characteristics here of later say that to click actually stick the load you see and it takes a special message so la la find you a massage especially to get you out of the latest seeing conditions for don't come it's a special police or the la condesa Dalhousie Syria in this history here but not on set is raha the Jewish Church the Greece read what are they looking forward to acquire certain that Jill acquired spiritual because they were under the captivity or bondage of war is it a Sulha captivity less clever Sukhois rome did they believe that extremely quiet excuse me quiet no no they deny they said we are free men it's no one you so this isn't it what is unbelievable at the site roman raven on top above their heads may mm tomorrow gamma afloat l de tsutaetara a world people a case spirit ela when the messiah would come to let me see Konami c11 Neha to to free them from the Roman bondage journey be heard a little a vegetable mouth how me come all the same way the lemon pursue the Moses wanted to do it Kamui sweetener fair how is that c'mon sit there with force of arms avec la fossa do that demand they wanted a warrior king if you know why give you and give you is that correct mrs. Schuester and what kingdom all that you can why your map lunisolar we'd call that today the kingdom kingdom of glory let's go to Luke 17:21 I know Lucetta we've just said I'm for we're eight Fatiha we're hearing later sarah you some you see that I would you see God is going to bring Java Java I mean oh she's Marxist ethically since the last dispensation or experience of the Jewish nation Salah Daniel displaced response are so experienced the Lannisters Rita this history stretches to our time of God's visit and upon della visit asunder Jew where is the in prophetic history who achieved an estoppel fatigue where would you go to find where you are who is a vocal sub well over wood hooray go to the Book of Daniel we see they don't live there Danielle what chapter me lung cancer Peter Alyssa to know say all of them to keep you fingers in Luke 17 know God rather Lucas Etta let me read it to you then you tell me it's a the Lisa finale from Jerry danyoung lines I said okay you beat me to it verse 25 verse 7 side Daniel never 7 sank such don't a campaka the Palazzo Chigi come on otherwise Toledo what about you Jerusalem Cisco micellar class in your heart set sermon it's for some distant they're good in my cell phone battery is on the 25th ela so he talks about a new Paola the 70 week prophecy and he brings you where it's a lotta men who on to the Messiah the prince let me see the class the Messiah let me see is the Hebrew word for war sailor more it work aqua the Christ no Christa the word Christ is the Greek word for Messiah in a more grateful were missing so he says Jesus Christ don't cover where Sookie stop Jesus where the Messiah let me see so here's the tyre cylinder Missy and way in the history where Daniel chapter 9 is being fulfilled Daniel it's all kind that would be read yesterday a couple new New Year speaking about the history of our London East WA those special prophecies are being fulfilled Connie who face this percentage oet accompany it says the paper was a new design a new kami person it's Jamie neva Moses Isaiah Daniel movies is that you Daniel what do they do because I said Tina they get those prophecies Knesset prophecy which them into the future in let me tell you to you so they were ignoring is it the information that was in these prophecies is that for my sake city cottony Darcy prophecy they know understand a kiss Konerko kenapa the time Lata and aqua and the manner of his coming Lavinia what kind of money did they want it can stop the fasiqun fillet a warrior king if you let okay why kill you he came mean even New York Tokyo is a dying land come and then you Emily let's read the passage I'll only similar passes Luke 17:21 Magnolia possession the Lucas said Fatiha we're gonna read from verse 20 misirlou lira patio deserve server which is readers 20 their surrounding disadvantaged a little more their color ym the Georgian right in the hip on Gigi Levangie I am the junior protect absently so everyone's interested in the kingdom of God is upon them and they're gonna know when the kingdom of God is gonna come if it's uh brocco Tuscola why young did your job you see why would they ask that question in focus is the question if they understood Daniel 9 c copeland on your nerves Daniel 9 tells you when the Kingdom of Heaven he's coming using a coded on you knowing when did it come it's so no Daniel nerve contest Chloe lithography joins are 70 weeks ad don't alkaline a no 27 when said baptism of Christ the bottom decreased the 70th last week of Daniel Nascimento Danielle this is after that is the up Chrysler and they still ask you when the kingdom's coming de montagne because it's cooler why am I even and all of these men it to say so what did they already know Letitia we accounted for 27 second oven 631 34 Concord this is the 70th week or Solaris on GCMs women of Daniel chapter 9 we get week 60 lesser Sunda seems to me this is when Jesus is baptized you ask me why not you say about you see six months before this similar of OWSLA what's happening to surpass Tina John the Baptist John Baptist begins his ministry how old is he - Attila thirty years old Carter he's six months older than Jesus say I said there's two mother please papa when is he born I can know my team name for they say cut on my cut what happened to his birth Basia sunny sauce what does his father do let's get some fanfare speaks epal because what happened to his father before perseus impaired cuz it can pass simple so parable he made dumb they Tim you're a by whom Bucky Gabriel Gabriel everyone knows this - Ramon sister now so when you go to Zachariah confident account ya prophesying about the birth of his son Jesus and his ministry it is so Minister when the batteries is full of the Holy Spirit so much is computer centers Jesus is born six months later since doing this similar to table his Jesus Hayes John the Baptist is born Jesus is born when Jesus is born how many miracles are associated with his birth combien Tommy rocks Otis osseous and a sauce you get the various light are the best we had was that we landed me on curioso Bethlehem you get the star that leads the Magi is that very only is it meat wine is the trunk you need a key code really magic you get the birth of all the children two years old and under Avila mama D so far I see odo odo citizen annual Simeon and it's email all of these histories are connected here to say as this wasn't connected Asaba assumed Amala and all the priests in this history know about it a tulip adversity struck honest I don't even know what's that what's going on it is today pretz-elle Sookie surpass what happens so kiss upon Jesus is 12 he's in the temple she's on the top he's in the temple and they start questioning him i luckily don't top you come on San Lucas to noon they quickly figure out who he was you saw a happy mouth Sookie anything and they know it's of it is the babe that was born here just Attila beauty new now and what do they do be careful Tina nothing in the foyer there for 18 years okay Disney completar Jesus stays at home with his family sue don't curse power to suffer me till he begins his ministry friend oh come on sister minister that okay - salah they asked a question you posed like it's Yong where's the kingdom of heaven coming I can't my mother why um do deserve a venir what a silly question to ask it can locust tree Jetta and I'm saying is your deal it's the same question seal mmm kiss your butt we're asking today the new puzzles your dream certain cast your full oppose it especially when you're in the history here it particularly I'm I love spending the Condorcet to swallow why would it be so silly pourquoi s in case Joey judge because all of this has occurred Oscar truth is even more facetious or PL easy and he's not being done secret it's a learn about it if they also claim everyone knows about the truly non-date oh cool so Jesus says in verse 20 she's a Jew of FC Twente when the kingdom of God no I um did you doesn't come with eyesight no Champa are very sweet as he says no Avenida I am the Juniper atop Selvi senator what is verse 21 they are savatya a on the Jalapa recede a sea of a Celina canvas Allah why am the jutsu mm to raise these now it's awkward I can eat Issa is because the kingdom of God C Pascal ey m2g is where Oh in you Oh foo remember this who submits Allah what Kingdom do we call that can you why your map alone you know I own the place kingdom of Kingdom I'll just go Kingdom okay Oh grace oh so the kingdom of grace don't care I am the class why is the kingdom of grace surrender I am the class isn't it this is pasilla the glory like you are this in you they cannot be seen and the protect of you to agree with that sir yes we good so this he says the kingdom of Christ is in you and you can't see it don't you know who I am though that guy say uncle and you know who made fun of so in this history set isola the special new message so miss especially Nouveau that I was talking about to pass under par now he's dealing with what subject pal doc lcj the kingdom of great sound Allah grass we grew the Budokan of excellence a strange new doctrine a certain doctrine a new van is a basket azúcar Negras busier so clearly they want the glory league is real a bra so appropriate document own class you see so this grace kingdom of grace why younger class Christ in you the hope piece of ruler let's be awesome of glory this glory here he's been going all through this history to no longer searches until you get to the end of the world Belafonte Lord now I'm at know what should we expect to see a new phone is that Tom Rothrock if this is Lady Sarah Selassie lousy see special special message the special message in this mystery is grace mission specialist registrar CEO mrs. Kapoor so like ours which is given to Lady Sarah Kate O'Donnell oh did you see by home Mapuche by Elijah John the Baptist showing the batteries and Christ a keister we can see that connection SK Russell yeah let's come over to here Lady Sarah I know Matt no load you see what should we expect in this history get a new phone who is that tongue don't say too strong a quote in use a Tonto such a strong special message I miss our species I say in this history station us around are about our own history 30:12 is used in some sense on our Christmas special message massages PC Anna what did they want to hear about the Esquivel on Ta'ala sir they're worried they're about the glory if a lot on Black Rock but where were they given me cat's call of Donna rice not unlike us did they have the glare a kingdom of Bury St so know why I'm DeGraw no no did they have the kingdom of grace I am the gasps no no they rejected everything but so true or to you because it wasn't what they wanted Oscar certainly per second is yelling we've got grace right over the way through is that well like guys keep our cool to Lulu so today Osho tree there's a special message I miss our special and the special message so mrs. Pisces about pursue God's kingdom so no I am did you but what announcement is now being made we can declare I saw a fragment no thought the bother kingdom of grace and if you know I am do like us the kingdom of Silla why young girl ah glory the leg drop but what does everybody want to speak about we make no two months of Kalachakra we're under grace our way though to solid the like clasp us to Lucy's some toothless power lay the series under grace isn't it no this is sort of like a snake spa do you believe that was he quiet I don't know why pourquoi because in Revelation chapter 3 Wow he says we're in this condition here some don't set conscious ruler and this is not been under grace in a nudie chest and if I exude a class you're under grace here we said sue likewise la so we talked about being under grace you power not affect that soon a God so God was to give us a message renewed an ear massage about being under glory key posture so like wow because what's about to happen Kisuke its own apprentice Sir Percy kingdom of glory know why young del agua is about to burst upon this world that the news of some problem is the problems occur if I were to tell you Caesar digital Apple would hear that the kingdom of glory is already here to speed up over there why I'm doing that wrong Leela who would believe me Kim or like who later sale wouldn't how would you say no more hype a clue let's think about this a bit more it officious all these paper won't glory not grace we were grace nor glory a new no like glass in no Peleg wha when they say the special messengers it's obvious a massage with you they reject them in little Washington when they hear this special message see lobster is not answer me selfish it's gonna be rejected it's a massage or a horse or two yesterday yeah we spoke about the experience of lady cr7 palatal experience the load you see lost a pair too because they're naked of cannon now it says McKnight eg I counselled it shikaku say yeah well the rock WA to put some garments on the pivot massive dois now if you get a lady saying suppose I never allowed you see who's naked kill you and you close them it can fool of you with clothes a big divot mom would they be the scene anymore it's cold you see Oh God no they cannot be later saying anymore no no point at load you see so there have to be in a new dispensation a new condition you drop egg don't does not correspond so condition when you put the clothes on lovely kid the vet mom then you're gonna have some glory but the glory is hidden first me premier Managua Akashi understand that accompany Silla which church can dig Lisa is the church this old white she a blonde if it to the block and conquers it KK thank you revelation 6 verses 1 & 2 I need the first seal will upon missile first church come here please Ephesus a face so here you're gonna have Ephesus it's a long face the Lord wants to bring us out of lady sia senior a new field allowed you see I bring us into Ephesus a new some need or aphasia which is the Church of glory okay don't click this the latter ah here you come in the history of Christ it's Cebu sell it on you saw the tree what church do we call this one can English a pronoun new sentencing Ephesus we see how history is repeating itself is only Strasser they paid Jesus is a matter of a month what the Koenig Lisa what's the Ephesus so to attach a face because he's telling you g naked people kaliesha to be clothed in his righteousness admitted to such is Lisa come out of this condition in Llandudno started I said conditional into this condition this one church the concern Italy for his different condition me and Paco different Oh could you show they were the kingdom of glory no convey my love I am the God he's gonna give to the kingdom of grace if I love is indeed the kingdom grace you can know who I am the class and say in the verses so let me promise you don't know anything you and cannot be seen a tofu in the protector let's think about this quickly she saw a stray dog we're running through this history news that researches 12 he says let's deal about the kingdom of grace this is the baptism no offense at celebratin what happens after the baptism for Sebastian I will alert him what does Jesus begin to do mr. Sukhram Oh Sophia begins to collect some people together if I collected this y'all what do we call them come on Isabelle supersoul disciples is that led see that may try and find a spirit prophecy quite first survey you see the cuvette anti-socialist with the prophecy so I can't find it I'll find it tomorrow cease your eventful realize I said little bit amount but I have a quick look now these are wages decreased page 141 paragraph 2 don't processes is released so then corporate law are we gonna protect it a Whateley is projected at the waiting I love the news that don't all we're gonna say after the baptisms I love a couple about them Jesus is gonna begin to gather his disciples come on sadaqa he has some this dude is super when he begins to gather his disciples combined the discipline of the allele a neocon Mossman s caboose ave five five disciples sang jiseop these five disciples is sang disabler prefigure or a symbol prefigure wasn't assembler of what the quoi Matthew 25 the mature van sank the five they sank wise virgins sang there's a sash do we know the names of the five disciples canoe civilian notices sang jiseop John Shaw Andrew Audrey Andrews brother Simon Simo no fair then fill it on Street Philip and the last in a DNA test on you know tonight the man who has no luncheon Appa he has no guile in a pod tsuya which group of people have no guile okay cook the person Tina pad to sue you you are the 144,000 this song come on cat Mila so you know these disciples are simply 244,000 it was a vicar city sip so to assemble this no come on cut me are we gonna find it oh no oh my god Cooper can't find it you can I find it okay we'll leave it all this way these are ages one for one paragraph to you sweetie first sentence okay Ave Ave clapping du jour Andre is similar Philippe in at Anelka masala food are so delicious Christian if it again slowly okay avec lapel dojo I don't lay a decimal the Philip internatinal Kumasi internatinal Kumasi la falda so the degrees kitchen so it says you new city with the coding of this five disciples as a couple to society sheep began the foundation a commercial a food a show of the Christian Church the lilies kitchen why is the Christian Church as Khalil is Koh Chang is here Ephesus you see that aphasia and with the corner of the Far disciples here the clap LD Santa supply began the foundation so like a moss in a football so here la is a foundation where is the foundation for sitting for that so pourquoi a some II did is a platform that you build a house on same platform so like an uncle screen is on so this is the construction of a building see that core structure Danny Murtaugh what's that building gets cosecha murderer it's the temple singer table or the church so here in 27 you see unarmed and said she's begin to be light for that so I come on say so we know you suffer the Jesus these disciples to him apparently there are first called Christians in Antioch Israel people are coming up for Christian Church if Jesus says follow me it is in this river moi coming to my church when a demonically what church is Jesus a member of peace a mum the k-league Lisa has to be Ephesus like that legless defesa we read here Oh Lula if you're naked see was that new and you want the glory of God well did you you have to be baptized if you for ED but you see so here is zedonk when you have this foundation of was that this that's a fun mom which is membership to the church which is the foundation of the church loudly please before you join the church what needs to happen I've discussed you first kissed it was Percy you need to be if you fourth need to be baptized so forehead but easy so this baptism here so bottom love what he's John baptizing people into but John but but is seen is y'all don't cry he's baptizing them into the Church of God Allah batch is Donna Glee's the Jew but they were already the Church of God are they many testing potentially please dojo this baptism so bottom is the beginning silico most more of taking you out of Lady Syria the low DC and bringing you into Ephesus and he takes a special message to do that it's soul of a cure missus particularly poor process and in this history a special message mrs. Christian is the kingdom of grace you know why younger like us here is see the end of the world a life anymore they were having the same dynamic several amending that media God was to take serve the pod his people some perk you and I lose my out of Lady Sarah all the low DC and Biggers into Ephesus alumna don't aphasia so it's going to take a special message to do that invite you to do so miss - patty can you pour faire Salah is people replenish our symbolized by the five disciples is that ugly - donkey so somebody say party Santa see they're gonna be the foundation before like Dhokla fund ma to this church political ethicists poor before that before they can be the foundation of a new perspective funny mom what do they need to have a skin drama they need to be baptized it's focus for a Bertuzzi and before they can be baptized I've wanted combat you see someone needs to stand out can can do a salute me and baptize them in Apache see so you can see a sieve a believer right from the very beginning then when Jesus was born go see follow if you tell her Pedro quoi Holy Spirit the Lord to Santa Fe did he need to be baptized me I don't I feel I represented but you see no no three for the Holy Spirit edition producer says he's already here Allah who baptized him make kids feel about you see sure who baptized John care about you say Jean nobody there son hold on I mean I don't if you want to be full of the Holy Spirit sylia completed successfully you need to be baptized first before it don't bat gzip from the house Johnny sky peanut I love commercial Attila it's a Piazzolla because what do you know by John Christopher no associated Shalu chapter one look he's full ineffably of the Holy Spirit scree so it takes men don't stop through the Holy Spirit here upon this donkey so completely shatters clean up this is the beginning of this history it's the time soon at all or the end Danu chapter 9 Daniel nerve picks up this history when the testing begins tests come off but the history began back here so I come on Scipio neva when God raised up two men who is the Holy Spirit oh please do Santa's we're gonna begin even come on sue to create the clay the church silikal's glory table which is the church of ephesus Dhokla gives their face but may in this construction of this church look so deceptively so jesus says it's the kingdom of grace Judy casino why i'm d'lai class because this is the kingdom of glory let me ask you a question see my papa's in Christian John the Baptist John batteries is baptizing you into this church but who batteries don't set it Lisa if your wonder scribes and Pharisees see was it serious creep any families yeah what do you do careful you fool you want to see what these people are doing so leave this ok super son fool how do they do that coming for some they send spies you don't what I don't criticize June and agents these are sure who do what you Fuqua the guy runs just in tracking everything that he's evolved one and they report back yeah I pray for a couple the very reason I'm mentioning this Leviticus I'm saying is good or bad Rebecca see Bianca via the Sanhedrin the senator did they know a Skilsaw who's part of Jesus's Church Kiribati the legalese decision cook they do a circus they got their name John Andrew Simon sure Andre Seymour they know their job Canella confession they've got a dossier is the one to see so this kingdom of grace away under glass is also miss it again mom what she said game aqua kingdom of glory know who I am do like well because he's Ephesus in Ephesus is the glorious Church silly girl use now we're a shirring in the kingdom of glory we're offering in we're bringing in the kingdom of glory some not clear why I'm the king of glory look I am the gwah we're focusing on the second Advent you focus focus also like this but this is the end mister selasa first you at Jacob's time of trouble for me oh yeah a shocker 144,000 then they have to exhibit glory I find them for exhibit this experience experience first I have to have this experience makes cookies they sell see first have to be baptized okay what I love to see come out of their nakedness who immediately all the people that go through this experience success thank you Knesset experience is the same group of people still mm hope the person are gonna go to heaven God to is creating today God is creating today jerk or chaudhary the kingdom of glory no why young DeGraw it's already here no I am doing addition if you're asking where is it a super socket so me waiting cannot be seen with your eyes so let me provide you average is like it was here to come circular Carla because it's hidden that's Korea Kashi but what is the kingdom of grace gets below why under gosh it's Christ in you the hope of glory let's be honest like dois ladies here you know you see what they've given a message of glory called on a massage table we experience for experimenting the kingdom of grace so why younger like that it comes as a package deal it's a succumb normalize the we speak Manu Paulo about grace in our church but alas honestly we don't have grace I lock in una lovely bra we pour you some proof lines and Nike and anybody in this condition it personally so to decide condition are you under grace sometimes who like rice or are you on the same ooh Sula P she you run the same with a donut machine this is Adventism well celebrities God wants to take us out of sin know nothing of a new first occupation and under grace a new metal like us at the same time our mentor that he's creating I'm I'm talking it don't kind of clay kingdom of glory just as he did it this year all right Camilla Fodor said you know it's great you know Heavenly Father we thank you for the work that you're doing in your church it's almost simpler and ultimately we thank you for the great privilege of being exposed to these truths that expose us a privilege of so many of your children are crying out for approval authorities are far clearer it's a hope and pray that this message of salvation would be shared amongst your people that you might be able to do your work in our hearts in our minds in our families and in our churches you don't know see in Jesus's name you