The Work of the 3rd Angel – Part 01 – Guadaloupe 2017 – Parminder Biant

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Date Uploaded: 14.10.2019
Speaker: Parminder Biant
Event: Guadaloupe, November 2017
Language: English with French translation.



00:11 [Music] 00:17 [Music] 00:18 [Applause] 00:21 [Music] 00:32 [Music] 00:50 [Music] 01:19 I mean I think there are some faces that 01:24 I don't recognize something like a 01:26 disaster in Hakone power so just want to 01:29 ask a question I'm sure that she's posed 01:31 in question is everybody here familiar 01:36 with the basic tenants of this message 01:40 Ischia the person is sick he saw a 01:42 familiar avec le told us the two baths a 01:45 massage is anybody not familiar it 01:48 scared if you're something super 01:49 familiar a solo so there are a couple of 01:55 people doc you can keep your son so some 02:00 of the material that we're going to 02:01 present today don't go in partied in 02:03 material turnover please don't do 02:05 surgery may not make a lot of sense to 02:08 you okay no above where her book would 02:11 do a sauce before but from Monday 02:15 through the rest of the week 02:16 now party under LAN Jesus girl she 02:19 wanted less men I'm hoping that some of 02:21 the information as we repeat it will 02:23 become more familiar is especially so 02:26 for my sake for my trip it is so warm 02:28 family approval so if a lot of what I 02:33 say does it make sense today Co 02:35 Chaudhary bakudo sure skosh of I do know 02:39 some bleep about the sauce pour vous 02:40 please don't become discouraged and just 02:43 not come back 02:44 civil plainer sorry Pat ecology a disco 02:48 Puente no para venir 02:49 I've been asked to cover a specific 02:52 piece of information today 02:54 you mated them on do Danka de Bourgh do 02:56 deserve for my song specifically Audrey 02:59 now realize this information may be more 03:02 advanced than some people are familiar 03:05 with you bosco-caesar former social 03:07 worker that was super hype over who 03:10 Newton or certain person so we have 03:13 three presentations today don't know 03:15 several operas after surgery and I want 03:18 to cover two related subjects Chevrolet 03:22 as a body does to share kiss alia I want 03:26 to cover some aspects of the judgment of 03:29 the living 03:30 party 03:31 this experiment is wrong and I also want 03:34 to discuss in connection with that we 03:37 only have exhalation registry T some 03:40 aspects of the three angels messages of 03:43 Revelation 14 certain size spare a dream 03:45 is touched it was the most appropiate 03:47 obscure toes so for me to do that 03:50 don't pour moi professor Lau I'm going 03:53 to begin by assuming that you know the 03:54 following sure come on spar Wonka 03:58 assuming Kapoor Kinesis issues did if 04:03 you were to take me the right history 04:04 seen upon don't restart ameliorate that 04:11 you would be familiar don't occur 04:13 to me with the following dates I've a 04:16 curly that Turkish River 1798 1840 April 04:31 August and October 1844 don't we say 04:35 family exceed daddy sets not got 23 days 04:37 it's not a hot I've really can't cut 04:39 would do so come on Kathy October sake I 04:42 won't cut so for those dates to mean 04:44 anything to you disgusted that's 04:47 significant shows buffoon you need to be 04:49 familiar in quite some detail about the 04:53 Miller right history the polka see that 04:55 a hospital before of where the goodness 04:58 nozzoli start ameliorate the one piece 05:00 of additional information we would put 05:02 you know a pharmacist promoter canoes I 05:05 know Plessy would be July 1844 so I 05:09 don't go my - reduce account cut so if 05:14 you're not familiar with the events that 05:16 transpire on these dates it was that bad 05:19 Familia reckless even more chaos at 05:21 Hoover connector I said that the things 05:25 that I'm going to be speaking of today 05:27 may not make that much sense to you 05:30 don't kaliesha's convert Bordeaux showed 05:32 you know computed Babu kudos on Scavo so 05:37 if this is me right history don't see 05:39 salah silly stardom elevator 05:41 we understand no component that the 05:46 angel of Revelation 14 cannot 05:48 Apocalyptica toes are identified as 05:52 occurring in this history so adopt if 05:55 you don't cities to allow and we can get 05:57 most of this information in approval to 05:59 drill up your brother sees our form as 06:01 soon from the book early writings don't 06:03 live were musically you have to go to 06:05 some other places to for previously I 06:07 lived on daughter Olive so the two main 06:11 books you would probably go to read the 06:12 great controversy and early writing then 06:15 you could understand that these three 06:18 angels arrived or identified that these 06:21 three dates don't curve lead early focus 06:24 Apulia to visit a format so she did 06:27 exactly the politically I believe 06:30 workers it was twice also did not if she 06:33 don't Tsushima so now my sister says she 06:35 wasn't familiar but for the rest of us I 06:38 assume we all know this don't go 06:39 Maserati can et / familiar 06:42 similarly Telugu bullet so I'm quite 06:47 happy don't you see I see akuto to have 06:50 a dialogue that we're not going this 06:52 question and for you to ask questions a 06:55 poor voice even presupposes the question 06:57 if I feel that they're not appropriate 07:00 or they're too complex I'll not answer 07:02 but please feel free to ask don't start 07:04 a volleyball deposited occasionally sell 07:07 some purple clear obvious Auto complex 07:09 shouldn't be playing it upon me sort of 07:12 realism so I'm assuming that we all 07:15 agreed that these three dates are 07:19 correct and the Angels occur come at 07:21 these three dates suppose canoe some 07:23 Tuesday guru okay poor dear Cosette what 07:25 that summer correct is get more Lara 07:28 video citizens are similar and this is 07:30 the empowerment of the first angel if 07:32 they also present on qualification to 07:36 premiere on and this is the empowerment 07:42 of the second angel my duty so Karen 07:47 scientifica so don't do so much do you 07:53 have a booklet I forgot to ask you to 07:54 bring that the chakra maybe okay thank 08:04 you thank you 08:09 identity we've all seen this booklet of 08:12 a copy of it with a very this viewers 08:14 said bushy who was I - anchor Peter said 08:17 washer than if you've got seen this 08:18 chart before Aviva - reset kappa pc demo 08:21 hopefully everybody's are we saying it 08:24 or has a copy of it spots go to Mont 08:27 love you yarn cookie so we're gonna make 08:30 reference to this chart that's gonna be 08:32 a fair lovely Phyllis I said captor when 08:35 we do these pictorial diagrams don't 08:37 cool Oscar newer this in also jag am or 08:40 we use charts like this 08:41 yeah kanasu trees on the graphic tell 08:43 Cassell see what we mustn't forget 08:46 Sookie no no for probably you is that 08:48 there are simple graphical 08:50 representation Sookie I know horizontal 08:53 graphic sampler or some complex 08:55 information the therefore master is a 08:58 complex so that we all need to have 09:01 explained to us killed 09:03 mookee there's a format so completely 09:05 new second speaker Caleb we don't have 09:08 copies of the 43 and 50 chart here the 09:11 novel Paulo cook we don't get the 09:13 counter this is soccer on Twitter this 09:14 resource a counter but if you just gave 09:16 some of those charts missile Dhoni I 09:19 can't can see shout they wouldn't make a 09:21 lot of sense to people 09:22 Solana don't know about the salsa for 09:25 holy person you need someone to explain 09:26 that information plus key before I've 09:29 welding Pierce thank you that was this 09:30 because it's a form a circle to knew so 09:32 thick and the same with this chart and 09:34 the other charts that have been produced 09:36 mmm shows advocacy capital is suit 09:38 Kuwait Accord Rita even though it seems 09:41 fairly self-explanatory MMC and song 09:44 because I speak at Eva there's some 09:46 information on these charts 09:48 yeah these are for my sake so toast our 09:50 Scout which are an oversimplification 09:52 she saw Justin simply figure soon and if 09:55 you're not careful its if we win that 09:56 backward are they can lead you to wrong 09:58 conclusion so that feel I do 10:00 first conclusion so a chart like this 10:04 needs to be explained don't concur telco 10:07 says seed like that SPG you can't just 10:09 give it to somebody and hope that the 10:11 chart would explain itself to repair a 10:13 look fear I can't cure it was sick you 10:15 like out well you don't need to tell 10:16 forum as soon as you be able to 10:18 understand it this not this job but just 10:21 charts in general 10:22 Asian palace implemented said couch 10:24 about this cottage in Ohio 10:26 according to her back in chapter two so 10:28 lower back you do were designed a soccer 10:31 sue to make the message plain pour vodka 10:34 neutral massager their complaint that's 10:37 correct 10:38 Allah save that correct but it still 10:41 needs a messenger to explain some things 10:42 may Allah to show both want a massage 10:45 she provides critical cashews so you've 10:48 seen that I've put the arrival and the 10:53 arrival and empowerment to these 10:55 messages the violets Allegra fixing me a 10:57 lot easier this don't you see the allow 11:00 notification the massager now if you 11:04 look at this chart its avoid yardie I 11:06 said Carter and if you can see 11:16 you have to read what that says time at 11:18 the end 11:19 don't laugh ah okay so this says the 11:21 empowerment of the first angel or sweet 11:23 relayed LED notification to Kwame Rose 11:25 which is this day here Jaedong said that 11:28 ridiculous when it says the arrival of 11:30 the second angel de la riva it does 11:32 emerge which is this day here okay doc 11:35 said that love account then it says the 11:37 empowerment of the second Oh sweetie no 11:39 city in amplification today's emotion 11:41 which is this day here 11:42 she said do my duty count cut and in 11:45 small font it says here the arrival of 11:49 the first you're prettier character 11:51 really deal of event for me so we've got 11:54 the arrival is everyone don't leave it 11:56 for me rose and this is at the time at 11:59 the end it's all as if I said don't go 12:01 tumbler found the empowerment the 12:05 arrival and the empowerment again or now 12:07 locked if you Casull re very on cuz I 12:09 can get to here October 1844 it's in the 12:13 sorry vol I said that okay just don't 12:15 come on cat what does it say here 12:17 you cannot say till dealer either you 12:21 know or you can read the chart 12:22 whose slug will serve unfamiliar like 12:25 after it's a bit smoked to read from 12:26 here late submission though the answer 12:29 may lie macerated aqua new device Avila 12:31 Repulsa 12:32 the sunshine so I've got the third eye 12:37 so shoved off I've got the third angel a 12:40 point in here it says third angel we 12:42 don't canal it was a much larger 12:44 different what's it now there's the 12:46 symbol with a shot door and pointing to 12:47 this bit here yeah don't assemble the 12:49 Laporte from me so I haven't put a 12:51 letter next to it it's only permitted 12:53 electrically so what what let's do we 12:56 place here collect la so Nuala 12:59 if you either way the char you already 13:01 know 13:02 Rosella care to see will serve a littler 13:04 a 13:11 that's what it says it everybody agree 13:13 with that 13:14 visit dr. Holick sir yeah okay so what 13:23 we wanted to I understand 13:24 so can say my uncle Padma is what these 13:28 angels mean let significant soldier 13:33 season especially when we think about 13:35 the arrival and the empowerment 13:36 particular masculine founder la vida 13:39 loca fication 13:41 so let's read something from early 13:55 writings 13:56 I'll only Songkick shows definitely page 14:04 118 early writings one one eight 14:14 paragraph one lapa shanties with 14:19 paragraph Alphonse a politically Jovian 14:24 cichlid was emotion 14:25 soon became accompany ji-sun Africa to 14:29 taps a mission is so La Nina illa logic 14:34 it was selection a bull on delivery 14:38 Indra silly-willy live homo polygon is 14:41 let's say shows guava a capella to not 14:44 her SP it took Nakata so so it says here 14:49 that the third angel has a work to do in 14:51 a sadistic alert was an ouch I never 14:53 affair huh so what is the work that the 14:58 angel has to do can you don't love 15:00 cologne to affair community Chris of 15:05 discipline how many steps is a combien 15:07 de top combien de top energy 15:16 so tapa really again okay so vanilla 15:24 I know Julian secret was the most 15:28 vickima company a moody son of ago two 15:30 tabs omission is a selenium 15:33 into a selection II it was selection a 15:36 lagoon can deliver a silly GUI boom 15:40 clang polygons you see Leslie shows the 15:42 way acapella toothless clinic attention 15:45 to two steps in the setup so the first 15:51 step that was en la cámara tab is to 15:56 select selection e the second step like 15:59 this Amitabh sequence is to see you 16:04 write or you make it right you can I can 16:07 spell it for you 16:08 now select it's okay with the scene in 16:20 geek it marks another word irregular 16:23 motion a latent Akiane Camus says bind 16:26 innovatively says says select or boy in 16:30 this idea select a sill and Bank and 16:34 Jerusalem boy Cecily Willie Li 16:45 so the select the ceiling and the 16:49 binding don't let Elmo orderly as a 16:52 synonymous terms so don't determine 16:55 synonym and this idea of binding is that 17:00 today don't kadali is the binding of 17:03 solonius DJ LG the Liege DJ so the work 17:12 of the third angel is twofold 17:13 don't go live what it was a mojit order 17:16 father to select selection II and then 17:19 to burn it on sweet lee or to say honest 17:23 nominal terms the Saudi term cinema 17:30 so in other words the select a note 17:33 hotel map or our selection e would be 17:35 war cancer I don't say to tatianna 17:44 choose so the Peshwa zero let's go to 17:50 Matthew 13 17:52 I know Matt noble don't match your 17:53 treasure we're not gonna read all the 17:58 verses but it's from verses 24 to 30 18:01 although failure to leave your cell may 18:03 see a party of seven cat at counter and 18:06 why would we go to Matthew 24 to 30 epic 18:09 y alone Udo match Tresvant cut at heart 18:17 because the map passage from early 18:20 writings Pascal passaggio musically is 18:23 given in the in what framework a new say 18:26 donate don't kill a shimmer card uncle 18:30 Cato say select indeed Shraddha who 18:33 selection II the way and the taste you 18:37 know Sadie live right in Laguna so you 18:40 need to go to the parable of the wheat 18:41 in the tale looking for a little upon a 18:43 bunch of all kinda live way so when 18:46 she's talking about the work of the 18:47 third angel docandpam ladder lived it 18:49 was a Marsha one of the premiere 18:52 passages of scripture that you need to 18:54 understand Lundy premier passage the 18:57 secret rookie corner is the 18:59 parable of the wheat in taste so don't 19:00 clap on her birthday live Ajay Banga 19:02 so hopefully we don't agree with that 19:04 she's broken some to Sonic of axilla not 19:07 the only imagery that she uses 19:09 Sony Palliser dramatically Teresa but 19:11 certainly one of the more important ones 19:12 mr. Lundie principal daughter 3 Matthew 19:15 13 Dokdo match your trailer read verse 19:18 26 News a lowly love your servants is 19:20 the Matthew Tizer malice colored glass 19:24 of tea a kill Patricia Jaffe alone leave 19:27 later Lucy so he speaks about the blight 19:31 a new pal Danka Danka Gibran the layout 19:34 and then it speaks about the fruit or 19:36 sweet - sweet how many steps is that 19:39 compliant database 19:42 come here and eat up too with if we 19:48 don't engage or just our and ask any 19:49 questions I'll just preach don't super 19:51 Felipa it until I'm Jim Joe Cressy 19:54 presuppose podcast John so verse 26 19:57 these two steps were servants easier 20:00 does it up very read verse 27 it civil 20:02 recently our servants Etta Lisa without 20:06 the metronome is ov Elvi dr SIA naughty 20:09 person in Bonn samosa from Shawn Dubie 20:11 and okevia delivering in verse 28 20:14 if a servant sweetie explains to them 20:16 what happened in Lodi love s big circus 20:19 a and in verse 28 the servants say 20:22 over 72 the dealer servitor regime but 20:26 rideau canal you like a year so they ask 20:29 him does he want them to saw out the 20:32 problem don't you love the mug ESCA 20:34 vodka either problem he responds in 20:38 verse 29 by saying no in fact it was 20:41 obvious enough ain't none and then he 20:44 explains why through Allah speak like 20:46 this until noon and he tells him in 20:48 verse 30 what to do a verse a coterie 20:51 logic a skilful fair was the first part 20:54 of the verse a kiss gonna premiere party 20:56 diverse energy yes really 20:59 let's say poussey to the or some juice 21:01 column awesome so they gonna let he's 21:03 gonna let them grow together even in a 21:06 suppose say ensemble can you see the 21:08 word grow let's go for a year no more I 21:10 love your so in verse 26 over 21:13 seven seas how many steps were they come 21:15 be under the tepee of a two step does it 21:19 up then by the time you get to verse 30 21:22 may covers I reveal their sitcom you 21:24 have to wait for something else to 21:26 happen before I don't care shows not 21:28 surpass what do you have to wait to 21:30 happen gets given for attendre for the 21:33 plants to if Ocala plot n to grow L Pusa 21:38 so in verse 26 of over seven seas and 21:41 you have that full coverage Avedon 21:43 software has the food fruit fully grown 21:46 its kind of three a complete McGann Jia 21:49 no because in verse 30 says they still 21:52 got to grow Nebraska VR said cotton you 21:54 do 21:55 - ELISA sir verse 26 of our seven 21:58 seas says blade in a dilemma 22:01 he says fruits are sweet lovely and 22:04 what's the third step can you don't let 22:06 watch them eat up more please more 22:10 growth 22:11 please the class also we can say that as 22:13 careful where you blade love the other 22:16 fruits lovely and then more growth are 22:19 your sweet please the class also three 22:22 steps 22:22 Illya don't close it up so if I said 22:25 Cesar dia you start off come on sailor 22:30 with the blade come on so don't come 22:33 back later 22:33 and then you have fruit on sweet was 22:37 that we don't live free and this is the 22:39 first step don't clear up c'est la 22:41 première it up and the second step love 22:44 will adieu same and what is the third 22:45 step so they don't like what am i kappa 22:47 growth likewise also I love OC o SS a so 22:59 what would the growth be that's good so 23:02 they don't likewise also you have to 23:03 think about agriculture if a photon per 23:05 se or model did agriculture thought 23:07 starts up as a blade dog soccer moms 23:09 don't ballet about then he gets to 23:11 through a sweet enough channel free and 23:14 what Willie what would the growth be it 23:17 cancer I don't likewise awesome 23:20 development so the growth likewise 23:23 awesome equals development video is the 23:26 same development you can say development 23:30 of war they've got not a crown of the 23:34 fruits of the fruit the development if 23:37 we so you have three stages because I've 23:41 they don't was it up the blade the full 23:45 and the development of the fruit 23:47 lamp lore filha develop more like what 23:49 sounds this way so if this fruit has 23:51 been developed success of where to 23:53 develop a what do we normally call that 23:55 fruit come on applo new don't surf we we 23:57 don't call it developed through on the 23:59 panels we develop a new pipe right you 24:08 so we call it mature or right through on 24:11 the left we knew you were mature the 24:15 young chuckles yeah so what kind of 24:19 fruit is this don't tip the 3s it's not 24:23 mature fruit or ripe fruit as less a 24:26 pile of Lima to whom you on a as I say 24:32 which one this one this one that's white 24:35 through what fruit is this don't slice 24:37 in the familiar below juicy I'm Kelly I 24:39 don't Sophie a green green or unripe 24:42 fruit 24:42 no fever will be are in Parma - oh no 24:46 none new yeah anyway yeah okay but you 24:55 said it's green tea don't go not itself 24:59 with very huh and that's an important 25:01 idea to understand alas it you know if 25:04 they can support a compound because this 25:06 in Balaji that's because the sunburn is 25:08 isn't any old kind of crop certainly 25:11 it's not any type of just copying 25:14 journey it's a specific type of across 25:15 sea Sunita you know question so general 25:19 the technical term is service include 25:20 show me a specific if it's green here 25:22 but assist Averna what color does it 25:25 turn here la kinda Moo and calculate her 25:28 tuna till the fee shone yellow okay I'll 25:33 put yellow dimension G au and oh gee let 25:44 me read the verse to you doc this a 25:46 Marvel Universe a 25:58 John chapter 4 I know don't like don't 26:01 song cat verse 35 35 26:05 Sun sank Jacques at Han sank I read hmm 26:14 nah did Papa in Yokohama ppl on Misawa 26:18 City food dealer vivos you a hug and 26:21 Alicia is from block IIA trauma sunny so 26:25 when the crop is ready for harvest 26:27 now collection jewelry people AMISOM 26:29 what color is it can a circular white 26:33 white 26:35 so this golden color 26:37 don't secular sure now that's usually 26:40 that yellow yeah but it's golden sea 26:44 duty he actually looks white and some 26:47 black food I do block what do you want 26:49 do this white blond B and a and C B and 26:53 C it's not really why suppose I'm not 26:58 long but when you see a field of this 27:01 crop me noskov over a year I shudder 27:03 said to kill tree and the Sun shines on 27:05 it it can celeb leader see it has the 27:08 appearance of glittering white and I set 27:10 up a hostile block you you can check on 27:13 google images it shows you that it's 27:15 evil a very few holy photo to Google so 27:19 we have three stages 27:20 Lucifer don't close it up and when it 27:22 talks about green Alaskan about the van 27:25 in turns to Y key turn the social on 27:28 long what crop is this speaking of the 27:31 calculator Apollo Nuala a question of 27:34 apostasy in the framework 27:35 da only care of the reformed lines that 27:39 we teach the la donna catalan degree 27:41 from canoes austin you Rita 27:44 so it okay so some people say wait doc 27:47 if you are something it is lovely so 27:48 let's come to here I know I'll omit no 27:51 associate a blue so you need to know a 27:53 little bit about middle right history 27:54 you know for Lucifer I propose that 27:56 force your holy sword immediately the 27:58 middle rights are going to combine the 28:00 ameliorative accompany at least two 28:04 calendars together 28:05 omoi dirty laundry ensemble 28:08 so the one the they're going to combine 28:10 a Hebrew calendar if one don't want only 28:13 gallantly Ibaka with the calendar that 28:16 we use a Roman calendar avec leur 28:18 calendar year American Uzi Judaism and 28:20 now Roman calendar starts when a new 28:23 calendar year old man could trigger a 28:25 soccer Moscow in January on watch 28:28 jungjie but when there's a Hebrew 28:30 calendar start me kinetically calendar 28:33 year by eg starts in the spring it c'mon 28:36 sir Oh cotton so what they're gonna do 28:38 toxic even fair they're gonna use the 28:40 same title that we use what is 28:42 elementary : otra 28:45 like 1840 1844 those titles of the 28:49 year's donkey when Teresa lamented kiss 28:51 only son it's okay Honda soccer and cat 28:54 and she's Roman he saw Danka destiny 28:56 order country categoría and they're 28:59 gonna combine that if photo company 29:01 sunny with a Hebrew calendar a vector 29:04 calendar your America and what they're 29:06 gonna do is given Farah is when they 29:08 speak about the years she lost give 29:10 apologies any they won't have the year 29:12 starting in the winter in January they 29:14 have the year starting in the spring is 29:17 the one dr. Lonnie come on oppa only 29:19 fair how much of Jimmy okata enough Lila 29:23 so for you and me don't follow anymore 29:25 the year 1844 landed is a succulent cut 29:28 start in the winter in January 29:30 c'mon don't Oh chef Leon only fair huh 29:33 but for the Millerites Paul Amelia Rita 29:36 you wouldn't start then science if alex 29:38 ikonn will start 29:39 Sakuma see every in the spring okay Tom 29:46 so when we have this state here the 29:49 fourth of April currents have all said 29:51 that London 29:52 April 1844 on every load Jesus knockout 29:56 on character he says here nineteen you 29:58 see in the city cause it Taylor did not 30:00 really I find today dogs antique shift 30:04 is now this is the beginning of a new 30:06 year so logic reason said that look a 30:08 most modern new felony so this is the 30:11 first day say don't look Romeo of the 30:14 first month to chromium one like January 30:17 the first row come upon or Luca Miyagi 30:21 but they're going to use it in the 30:22 framework of 1844 me volatile is they 30:25 don't look at order this is sake honk at 30:27 does that confuse anybody 30:31 Seulong confuse certainty of son so this 30:35 is building on a lot of information that 30:37 we've been studying for a number of 30:39 years now 30:39 dr. la it cost we survived volume deform 30:42 as soon as I become sweet a few days I 30:44 name it know when you start thinking 30:46 about that this would be the year 1844 30:49 Kofu come on Sarah Fisher Cosette period 30:52 la a part of the Disney Fairies survey 30:54 languages spoken kata and it's the 30:56 beginning of a year is hope it's not - 30:58 come on smother Lani you go back to the 31:01 Jewish economy see what's on there Don 31:03 economy's rebound we start thinking 31:04 about this crop because whoo come on see 31:07 the efficacy oh I said kill - huh what 31:10 crop is being grown at the beginning of 31:15 the year 31:16 Kano Cuchillo come on say a quat huh oh 31:19 come on smug Lenny 31:22 Lou ballet the bali horse it say Oh 31:25 Lovejoy okay so this he's dealing with 31:27 barley not wait drunk so la fille fear 31:29 loss I lost in know probably in its 31:32 primary context the circle takes her 31:34 pacifier Tommy so why don't pick up the 31:37 word green I love polka no point no new 31:39 pal move there what's the name of this 31:43 first month can they don't color notice 31:45 upon Nemo 31:52 kimochi disturb later someone saw us 31:55 played what did we give me a literal 32:00 translation what's the name of a surname 32:01 sequester Marissa Nissan 32:04 okay so Nissan is the Babylonian name 32:07 I don't know more alone oh nice and 32:09 Salerno Babylonia shoutout 32:18 Pargo Agra was a twelvemonth Sheila do 32:24 senado pardon 32:27 I bid a bidder Exodus 13 I know I know 32:35 don't exert as God exalted Shapiro 32:40 treasure the verse a cat Satoshi og my 32:46 habiba so this is a Beebe novice enum 32:52 the more people exact a flavor socotra 32:59 and what is a bit mean it has caused a 33:03 scene II feel a Bieber months of the 33:10 blade is it played 33:11 I don't know so tell me English 33:30 as a here of green so here so here so it 33:39 means from an unused root which is means 33:42 green don't don't talk on acidic acid 33:46 you know have seen a neutralizer cassini 33:48 field vector severe babe so a bieber 33:51 luma green Savelyev aha 33:53 and what else is it say Makana d tone 33:56 cassava Jericho he says is a young air 33:59 in the disattention epidural so young 34:04 dong sure nough means immature 34:06 so whatever immature MA it's grain it's 34:09 a virgin don't really wear which is Bali 34:12 it's a Vidal see don't cuddle or a babe 34:15 doc a bibim means green Bali so we deal 34:19 the larger vector okay with that with 34:21 that dark avec sir 34:24 let's go to mark 34:27 I know Matt not on Matthew chapter 4 34:30 maka cat huh verse 28 your servant read 34:36 mark a gutless event Rita not 428 we're 34:40 going to see the same three things here 34:42 don't go Marco advanced rigor of well 34:44 remember twas it happened it is truly I 34:47 wait don't character could read mm - mm 34:51 ah sweetly P paragraph for me 34:54 Archer Madonna P so it says first apply 34:59 Deponia male order then the air aw sweet 35:04 lippy I remember the definition for a 35:06 babe I rap Levela definition attitude 35:09 amoeba whose green ear say they don't 35:12 canopy there huh so at the same place 35:14 air don't Lhasa mm is passed 35:16 Omaima Dwolla it must be green dog eat 35:19 right there huh then it says the for 35:20 corn in the air in your sweetie dearly P 35:23 Kochiyama for me so full corn in the air 35:27 the kilogram or Tiye Muhammad Allah P 35:30 means what 35:31 sir video crowd means mature so they do 35:35 kill immune so we've got Matthew 13 35:37 doctors are more mature crazy 2043 35:43 - then cut a quarter and which mercy do 35:46 we look out look at specifically because 35:48 we are several new what y'all did the 35:49 first song particular 26 and it says 35:58 first two blade it Deponia monobrow 36:02 then the fruits are sweet lovely then it 36:04 grows so sweet till processor and then 36:07 we've got mark hospitals are for marker 36:10 cut 428 thanks Rita the blade the air 36:17 the full corn in the air you know the 36:19 deal amply people Slugger or Chama for 36:21 middle ep 36:22 so hopefully we can see those these are 36:24 connected together oh it's like a new 36:27 Pavel rockers to like connect a awesome 36:29 if you're still not sure if we let pass 36:31 through or code that they connected 36:33 because Salah Ionia if you're in mark 4 36:36 go 1 verse back she was at Dom ArchiCAD 36:39 I live there 7 setter 36:41 in Doha it's 11 new tissue Allah so much 36:45 chairman it pulls so cool - come on and 36:48 if we went back to verse 26 it says that 36:50 the man put the seed into the ground 36:52 it's a new lease over seven seasons I'd 36:55 Iike an object de la somos Darla Tara 36:58 and then he goes to sleep 37:00 Oh sweetie Vladimir and was it Saint 37:02 Matthew 13 it can lose a Dido Kuji 37:06 mature crazy mature tries new Jaguar 37:14 says in verse 28 verse 7 treating as eg 37:18 not verse 25 putilov f7 Sankey news eg 37:21 me met Anarkali some dogmas or nanometer 37:24 is so mother live that Emilio blazing 37:27 Allah and in verse 24 says that they put 37:29 the seed into the field of f7 cutting 37:32 Saudi keys on Mila so most awesome show 37:34 so hopefully you can say that these two 37:36 chapters are at the same parable is just 37:39 workable prove a raucous leadership it 37:42 Baldelli member harbadam yep we can see 37:45 that connection 37:46 hooray on a new variant dong Celia 37:54 so when we come to Matthew 13 37:57 McConnell's I know I'm at your tracer 37:58 these servants see selfie servitor huh 38:02 what are they doing careful Tina what's 38:06 their role can you don't know holo they 38:14 take care of the filter they dare to 38:16 look after the field okay if Prince want 38:18 to show and keep an eye on it you driver 38:20 Gaddy Sean now when the seed was sown 38:24 McConnell a small side people for me 38:28 what is this what did these servants do 38:30 just consistory tofu they went to sleep 38:36 isn't Adhamiya which is not good Sakuni 38:39 Babia this is the same thing he mark 38:41 seal mmm shows can you say G them out 38:43 because they were supposed to be on God 38:44 is all they do it's all cow because what 38:47 do you know is gonna happen 38:48 let's go guess Kawasaki service by see 38:50 an enemy will calm them even veneer and 38:53 destroy your field if I did what was 38:56 shot so they won't being true to their 38:59 duty Doki no bad don't go fill out as 39:01 well so here see the seed is sown let 39:09 samosa dongs for me and when its own 39:13 this is when they sleep God that samosas 39:15 so Missy that's my lucky for me he 39:17 germinates Gemma and what causes the 39:20 seeds to germinate it gets you figured 39:22 out a samosa share now sir ring great so 39:28 we'll just put rain in we could think 39:30 about sunshine but where do you think 39:31 about rain not a proposal Sulaiman post 39:34 la I love you so it's raining here 39:36 don't lie and that rain is gonna do what 39:40 it gets about the fair ho separation 39:43 it's gonna turn a dormant seed if I'm 39:46 fair Assad who said put it gray now 39:50 Germany is gonna bring life to this see 39:52 if I'm Nodoka 39:54 de la vía setter samosa what else will 39:57 they grind it make you say don't Cafe 40:00 dot roll apprec-- 40:04 once it's germinated in fukijama that's 40:07 moss it will grow will turn it into a 40:12 blade dog poo survived the veneer and 40:15 brown and after the blade work what 40:17 would this rain do may apply don't curse 40:19 so Blancas could fill a pre it will 40:23 produce fruit if I don't put reload if 40:25 we we know that this through in the 40:28 Salukis of free any kind of fruit kappa 40:31 nap pod can free was it full of Elia top 40:34 leader quoi what's the greatest if you 40:40 didn't know analysis on any fruit 40:42 confession analyse your new podcast we 40:44 buy white Tommy Oprah 40:47 what's it composed of the greatest okay 40:49 Ellie composing the Kenyan emo the water 40:54 when that water come from do yes do the 40:57 answer to it comes from the ground in 40:59 when they come from the ground every 41:01 Angie Sonya may came from the right New 41:05 Delhi 41:05 so this rain doctor said three he's 41:08 entered into this plant here and it's 41:10 being stored here I told her don't go 41:12 down set up Lanka ala tsuki yep okay so 41:17 this rainy don't of this don't say Trina 41:20 and upward you to so now what has to get 41:23 from here to here it gets q4 fair case 41:26 chemo Kakaako do screen Gnomeo go 41:28 swimming what has to happen it was a 41:30 passe uncle don't okay son for 41:35 development 41:36 okay but you this fruit is more mature 41:40 than this one missus we lightly 41:41 premature cure for me more more way so 41:45 it needs more rain looking for copies 41:47 debris so you've got rain all the way 41:52 through look with avidly tune along and 41:55 what month is this it can wha Aslam 42:04 what month is this city koala first 42:07 month laponia muah 42:09 the month Abid no more I beat them so 42:11 this is the first month 42:14 it says she don't is it such a deep pony 42:19 mwah 42:19 what happens in the first month capacity 42:22 nur jahan upon me muah okay so if I said 42:27 you wanna put me muah 42:28 right lap three okay so let's read that 42:30 don't please Allah I'll go to the book 42:32 of Joel I know don't leave the Johanna 42:44 go to Joel chapter 2 I know don't you 42:47 all do verse 23 verse event Wow Yoel 42:57 dubious event wha so I you ever don't go 43:00 off on the CEO illiteracy would on the 43:02 senior photo joke and it was Adonai 43:04 Laconia primo de Lima in Florida Sun Tzu 43:08 hula-hula premier pre Ella Dania 43:10 pre-obama moi 43:12 so it says university talking to the 43:16 children of Zion apparel on days off on 43:18 the sea on through the children of Zion 43:21 securely stuff on to co-found on people 43:31 of God people of God God's church 43:33 ligature it says that they should 43:37 rejoice you know say Dickey drive so 43:39 they should we why Papa because he's 43:42 given them reign as king Lord and Allah 43:45 free to go to the last part of the verse 43:47 she was a little a Daniel party did you 43:49 say when did he give them rain Curtis 43:51 log until dell'utri 43:52 in the first month Laconia moi so here 43:56 we have the first month don't dwell on 43:57 do some okami moi and we can see a new 44:00 probe wha in the first month chromium 44:03 are you have this rain the service etc 44:06 surgery begins here 44:08 if you come Muslim it takes you all the 44:09 way through to the end okay new country 44:11 is just kind of fun so if we want to 44:14 mark where this is a sinner for know and 44:17 Achilles 44:18 that's it over if we're not sure seen in 44:20 some pursue another question okay 44:25 Charlie shine kiss you see okay 44:34 Javon got the first month but in search 44:37 engine we have the first months 44:39 mentioned okay as I said it's nothing 44:42 sir Ebru yes is a flight word so time or 44:46 simply but you have to take Scripture 44:48 with Scripture maybe for ponder texts of 44:50 X text so if you it says the first 44:53 doctor would Italy for me it would be 44:55 the first wall that's California qua 44:57 because he's talking about some kind of 45:00 time 45:00 Baskar a new palette do Tom we didn't 45:04 finish the rest of the verse maybe we'll 45:05 finish the rest of the verse all 45:07 arrested si talks about the former rain 45:10 in the latter a new California predella 45:12 Daniel three oppa me moi economy so it 45:16 took about two different types of rain 45:17 in new browser don't the dirty pretty 45:20 hot they'd have to wash yourself when is 45:22 this rain happening if you pose a like a 45:24 circle Tesco said three Arriva 45:26 in the context of the first Darla don't 45:29 look cool textured upon me if you just 45:34 take that in isolation dog civil corneal 45:36 cylinder engines are so easily not so 45:39 easy to work out sony pass it says 45:41 surpass see fácil de carava cure if we 45:43 come back to this model miss Eva Rojas 45:45 Pinilla Somu Dana what did they do here 45:48 when they planted the seed because kids 45:49 for lack of season plot to you that's an 45:51 awesome sleep you're gonna go to sleep 46:07 before don't and where else do we see 46:10 people sleeping it over a year who I am 46:14 for needy person keyboard omnia Matthew 46:17 25 yeah Matt's events like they sleep 46:22 here as well low see Edward omnia 46:25 another why it's gonna make a connection 46:27 Illinois welfare line yeah with Matthew 46:30 25 a victim 46:31 children Sankhya the experience of the 46:33 middle-right history elects perience 46:34 discharge a milliliter so i'm gonna say 46:37 don't you read that when you bring this 46:39 to our history well Oscar was any solid 46:42 or not least but this becomes the first 46:46 day of the first month the premiere 46:47 showed upon Yuma you can demonstrate 46:52 that in this history here if you prove a 46:54 democracy solid onset is to Allah in 46:56 this parable dr. Harb earlier when of 46:59 the tears brought into the field 47:02 I can more money play it on need on the 47:04 song here now if you go back to middle 47:08 write history it's it was earlier don't 47:10 it's not a milliliter the tears live 47:12 there are identified as being fanatics 47:15 don't if you commit on the furnitures 47:18 now when this fanaticism enter into the 47:20 movement 47:21 yeah kill mimosa furnitures meaty little 47:23 you move more it's right here Silla so 47:28 in this history here from usual diplomat 47:32 is not farewell count cut you have one 47:33 voice don't don't set his love on that 47:36 insult well voi X and from this point a 47:41 a party oh don't cut it is not fabric 47:42 ahankara you had many voices susana v 47:50 boku wa BCP Mississippi that's many 47:55 voices with a very a book could have its 47:58 many fees and from this point a party of 48:03 the the dude this is so come on cut you 48:07 have one voice again with a video 48:09 Nouveau conserve wha 48:10 so you go to this very in history in 48:12 middle right don't do it Sifu Sandia 48:15 don't do Paco really start the minaret 48:17 and these many voices here c'est 48:20 beaucoup de series of Wasilla 48:23 historically happens the vessel is to 48:26 accept us because they have lost 48:28 direction Pascal ameliorate or purchase 48:31 a thought Christ was coming here that's 48:33 keep on secure Christopher on every 48:36 ladies with no contact and when he 48:37 doesn't arrive they don't you know when 48:39 he's gonna come you're fed got in a 48:41 party 48:41 in the survey pre-contest killed Andre 48:44 but there's one person me I don't in 48:46 persona who understands when Christ is 48:48 coming kiawe complete I can moment least 48:51 11 in that person is Sam you snow is 48:53 that their sons it is something else no 48:55 by the time you get to June August here 48:58 your mom or was that review my dude la 49:01 everybody's in agreement with him to not 49:03 get on that convict Samuels and then 49:05 they have one voice as a movement it 49:07 don't talk and move more in your 49:09 conserve wow so when we come back to 49:11 this law school new husband no I so mood 49:13 Dana this is the first of the first 49:15 month it's sad don't you punish your 49:17 diploma muah so even though Joe 2:23 49:20 doesn't say month in the original MMC de 49:22 la légion a gol-do event when the motion 49:24 Panama moi 49:26 it has to be referring to the first that 49:28 month so loud welfare or filmography 49:30 loss or chromium wah 49:32 so in the verse Donna versa talks about 49:35 the former and latter rain in news 49:37 apparently de la première three delay 49:39 down yup three to the former rings first 49:40 in the latter means second don't you put 49:43 me on mala pull me up three on sweetie 49:45 I'm Daniel three so this is the former I 49:48 don't California law and latter rain 49:58 you just sounds like a foreign hello 50:01 no because it's French you don't have 50:03 two words but I know Daniel P DP g P and 50:08 1p if you know if you want DGP I know 50:16 only the people there are three popular 50:18 a season okay 50:20 a one P comma 3 welcome to Royal 50:24 abruptly why can't you people its 50:27 premier 50:28 because one is you can say it if you 50:31 want so you got the former and the 50:34 latter rain 50:34 don't another premium free Eli Daniel 50:37 tree in the first month 50:39 Oprah memoir and you can see the purpose 50:41 of these two rains in approval vocally 50:43 Buddha cedar tree so let's come back to 50:47 this third angel don't cover no don't 50:49 cut that was a motion so the third 50:50 dangerous work is to select don't care 50:52 live what it was 50:54 the selection II and then bind your 50:56 sweetly year so in an agricultural model 50:59 Donna medallion electrical - huh let's 51:02 see what this ceiling or binding is via 51:05 rock circus in Ephesus Elmore who was 51:07 liege back to Matthew 13 cotton on 51:11 odometer a trader who read verse 30 over 51:16 the universe it hotter mature classics a 51:20 totally silly to do wrong song 51:21 since Kalamazoo you totally my sausage 51:24 aroma sooner California male allele our 51:27 birth Paula bully me assembly no bleed 51:30 ammonia so here at the time of the 51:32 harvest 51:32 no can you somewhat on golem what 51:34 someone and I'm saying that you're going 51:36 to be binding it is ridiculously don't 51:39 leave which means to cut the plant so 51:42 video don't cupola la planta put them 51:45 together in a group and wrap a rock a 51:47 piece of string around them don't make 51:49 her so long group appear not to him he 51:54 says that in the verse you know they did 51:55 on a surf say bind them in bundles 51:57 really long butter so if you go back to 52:03 the beginning the verse she was a local 52:04 much money they're saying they're gonna 52:06 grow together if we don't preserve us 52:08 Amla and then in the harvest Oh totally 52:11 my soon the Reapers don't Kelly much 52:14 sooner are gonna gather the plants 52:17 together for don't cure humbly early 52:20 pronto 52:21 when they together in a group they're 52:23 going to bind them and throw them into 52:25 the fire only metal song Roberta for 52:27 don't clearly or sweetie but the wait 52:31 are gonna be put into the barn having 52:34 the same experience me earlier 52:37 so who me a door or look one year so who 52:40 does this work of reaping Keith they 52:42 don't set of larger Missoni I'm saying 52:46 it's this work here radhika still lovely 52:49 see because the reapers masculine my 52:52 sooner huh are going to do what gets 52:54 even fair threefold work it will fairly 52:56 never quite faster what's the first 52:58 thing they'll do Laconia cherski from 53:00 sequa Curt car 53:05 even coop a second work or sweeter Gaza 53:13 yeah gather together and bind them leave 53:17 us alone in the then the third work in 53:19 the same huh no Leticia Jean de mogi put 53:32 in the brown you put in the barn 53:34 or you put in the fire so I'd only gone 53:36 you don't know food yeah 63 for work 53:39 okay I never want was it up the rapist 53:41 the wall of that alia my son Nelson key 53:43 from to sir 53:44 the second work is what Allah does 53:46 Amitabh sequa bind bind says bind here 53:50 in the city lightly and the body work is 53:52 for what angel a key faith love for 53:55 Julie Asha can also feel of Julia's 53:58 third angel salute was mo Chou so in 54:00 that verse some dose of their self who 54:03 those Reapers kiss old Oakland what 54:05 sooner there must be the third angel so 54:10 don't click as demos you can see that 54:13 would have were you the third angel is 54:15 the Reapers looked was their most silly 54:17 my son L but may the third danger that's 54:22 got two jobs Lacroix zemo's a ladder a 54:24 function the first one is to select la 54:27 première see the selection e and 54:29 selection L a selection means you look 54:32 at two things 54:33 video Kavala g'day I do shows and you do 54:35 what it covered room you pick one you 54:40 choose 54:40 so select means to choose some selection 54:43 is a video choisir CH o so you select 54:53 means to choose don't selection si do si 54:56 huh so when I choose something 55:00 well close Cosa Nostra sicut show so how 55:02 do I know what choice to make 55:04 come on we shall relish waka should 55:06 warfare got two pence she do foot huh 55:12 they're both black leader soon wahoo 55:14 so I'm selecting 55:17 she selects 55:19 I'm gonna make some color choice severe 55:21 famine so to do schewe and how do I know 55:23 which choice to make me commercial 55:25 reserve welcome to shoe affair 55:27 so quality as I said yes I have to look 55:30 at all the words if of course well go to 55:32 limo see what what the writing is who is 55:35 made by welcome all liquid commercially 55:39 a very course if we possibly keep our 55:41 key so I need to do an investigation 55:44 no confine concert do our favor enough 55:45 domestic assume so 55:47 select fuzzy choose the selection Joshua 55:53 Z is an investigation that needs to 55:56 happen see often quarter you know 55:58 domestic assume there's some evidence 56:00 about these two pens we are depriving 56:02 Livi dance-pop are citrus fruit and I 56:04 need to investigate which is the good 56:06 one in which is not it sure do I 56:08 investigate for software look any Lumia 56:10 now when you take a blade Oscar for Nino 56:14 brown what color is a blade calculus 56:17 liberal the grinding lab a little cooler 56:21 green screen always green VRT you need 56:26 to show Vera now we said this was green 56:28 here me an idea 56:30 the final it a little Vera but if you go 56:33 back and check miss Eva what's your name 56:35 for very few the difference between 56:37 weight outlet if you know some horribly 56:40 or Bali OB a lava and taste it would be 56:43 a leaf right that there's a difference 56:45 between them yeah in the hospital when 56:48 they're at this stage now it's so I set 56:50 it up they're both green 56:52 leader severe huh but at this unripe 56:54 stage made all set set it up of the king 56:58 who ends up I'm Johan the ballet of the 57:00 way is green love you love c'mon even 57:04 tears liver or a different color 57:07 I didn't color autre do you know what 57:09 color they are we serve it'll calculate 57:11 anyway black yeah so they're black it's 57:20 on well so when you check now cover a 57:24 very few at no it's easy safe a serum 57:28 because you got to crops that's cool of 57:30 was that weird okay 57:32 and you're gonna look at them it was any 57:34 earlier oh yeah they're gonna select 57:36 selection each was here huh 57:39 why investigating Oh nervous to go could 57:42 you tell the difference here 57:43 may I say a couple of everyday life 57:45 Elodie feel awesome 57:47 no no in fact these tears affect us at 57:51 UK especially selected plants it's in a 57:54 planter but earth Swasey particular 57:57 mater so that the blades actually looked 57:59 the same shape the sucker never a lament 58:02 for now because some blades a different 58:04 shape Moscow yeah the desert kyon don't 58:08 cure dish from differ hotter so the 58:09 enemy millennium meal is carefully 58:12 selected a plan ash was the effects were 58:14 la planta that in this stage I said it 58:17 at the early stages la première it can 58:21 tell the difference in the opposite the 58:23 donator denilla the salad if it also by 58:26 time you get to the fruit bearing stage 58:27 it covers a living a little juice we you 58:31 can identify them sit that's more like 58:33 able to really sit on tushy so now 58:35 you're able to select and see which one 58:37 is which it make not with the commercial 58:39 the selection II look edible now we just 58:42 read in verse 30 new the nose is the new 58:44 overseer cotton that it's the Reapers 58:47 cursor so don't limit sooner they do 58:50 this work key for sector descent mode 58:52 realize much sooner 58:54 M o SS 58:58 ooh-ee no you you are this is the 59:05 Reapers that do this work so well only 59:07 mustn't ask you for cetera in the 59:09 Powerball who's doing this work 59:11 Madonna Taha boy chief a lot of larger 59:14 selection is investigation in just some 59:18 investigation of I met investigation 59:20 poor investigate ago who does this work 59:25 of investigation keifa sector divest 59:27 again no the rock the Reapers are here 59:36 no basically my son every summer poor 59:39 lowly Asha 59:40 so let's go to cell phones 59:43 if you go to verse 29 it was a little 59:46 svet nerve huh 59:48 now go to those twenty-eight the venturi 59:53 the servant says this every time we do 59:56 so we gather them up Richard Dawkins 59:58 then only it has something to you should 60:01 we be if you gather up what are you 60:04 civilly humbly kids room it's a servant 60:12 now if you gather up see if we let her 60:14 son Blake yet room what does that make 60:16 you so will fit who definitely so right 60:20 it makes you a repast that will fit in 60:23 amis honor and the householder says 60:25 that's not your job to reap meal amid 60:28 the Miz or decently prophet-hood 60:30 Collider and what's the name your job 60:32 vote recover and to do what see the 60:35 fuqua in fact they worried done their 60:37 job effectively a Philip Hawaii he says 60:40 you know ad if you go to verse 26 it was 60:44 an aggressive and see the last part of 60:46 the verse the down you ever say the down 60:48 a party DVF say then appeared the tares 60:51 also I know leave her party or seal when 60:55 he says appeared kind of the department 60:57 does that mean the Taser suddenly sprung 60:59 up so Radhika Sudan more earlier Isaiah 61:03 no no because they've been growing at 61:05 the same right 61:06 all the way through but skis or gondola 61:08 member for so to know when it says 61:10 appeared going to say deeper what's 61:13 appearing guess cassava della paura 61:15 strong change of color 61:19 the fruit is appearing they free up 61:21 erase so the fruit is now appearing 61:23 might not live sweet appearances so when 61:26 you see the fruit appearing over Alabama 61:28 so this we now in verse 27 met novice 61:31 event said what the servants worked out 61:34 get scared Neos every tell you what they 61:41 worked out different they worked out the 61:46 two different types it's all Vicki at 61:48 the dirt tip different what's the first 61:50 thing they go and do now it gets give a 61:53 fair align I put meiosis given fair seek 61:54 well how did this happen 61:56 Kamal selasa till passing because we can 61:59 see that's going to pour avoir that it's 62:01 happened cuz so let's see Percy verse 28 62:04 Leviathan treatise is an enemy put these 62:06 people in a second enemy a Mesa person 62:09 these taste I miss assertively into the 62:12 field 62:13 Dola shock and they say it is can we be 62:16 Reapers let's go / EDI sooner he says no 62:20 a la Mettrie love genome why me pourquoi 62:24 why can't you be Reapers come up here no 62:28 pet for the mice enough I lit up do 62:31 color free APPA in the unripe stage 62:33 Don Lee kappa ouya pet maturity uncle 62:36 who's in verse 29 do some of their sin 62:38 Ursa overseer at NASA because you're 62:40 damaged Baskervilles Ellie or DiMaggio 62:44 you damaged the way the earlier Borg are 62:46 so you need to let them grow together 62:49 if you don't girly Lisa Purcell sambala 62:52 in here maturity then we'll get the 62:56 Reapers to do the work la over a plenum 62:59 what sooner I think if his family fun so 63:02 who's doing this work 63:03 keifa don't curse at curve la la 63:05 première go into the claws and now 63:07 checking them survive therefore la Plata 63:09 don't kill are very few making a choice 63:12 between the two 63:13 you have Farish what will he do they've 63:15 been investigating is investiga this is 63:18 the servants in La Silla selfie terms as 63:21 ERV I GE you are so the servants the 63:29 Serritella who are they 63:31 kiss only servitor huh c-note watch them 63:36 also danger 63:37 salute was the emotion so the service of 63:40 the third angel and the Reapers of the 63:41 third angel don't lease every time I 63:43 said it was there much milliwatt so now 63:45 again Mozilla cause I mean there's a 63:46 principle in the rule yeah ICP and rank 63:49 all of us understand 63:52 lion lion young L II 64:06 young equals War savage aquarium in the 64:10 Bible 64:11 Darla's beaver Jesus so the answer is 64:15 Jesus is the same depends 64:18 I depend a DEP the nd same become so 64:25 okay so it depends that Depot on the 64:29 context today project context this is a 64:31 symbol set assembled and a symbol can 64:34 have how many meanings from beyond a 64:36 significant sort of wellness umbrella 64:38 more than one pure John Coon if you 64:41 guess so yeah so the third angel is a 64:44 symbol don't clerk was that Margit 64:46 ensemble you could have more than one 64:47 meaning Oscar if you have lured inside 64:49 producing if you get so we know doc new 64:52 stuff with the third and you can be as a 64:54 servant and a Reaper was the most 64:57 protocol are France every tell me again 64:59 man Watson now but in the story Middle 65:02 East were the two separate groups so do 65:04 good if you home but symbolically or 65:07 prophetically they're the same person 65:08 may come from the December nickel free 65:11 ticket such as element person the same 65:13 angel the men also do you agree with 65:16 that it's cause that goal of Excel yes 65:19 okay so we Matthew 13 there's some come 65:23 at you crazy verse 30 verse 8 stuff Oh 65:28 time up okay two minutes do me new taco 65:32 he says let them both grow together 65:34 until the harvest literally poo said to 65:37 do social scale I'm Watson without 65:40 proving it now it's all approval Matt no 65:43 no 65:43 when is the harvest contest s Lana's 65:46 Lamar some the beginning the middle or 65:48 the end its oh come on smile o me you 65:50 what I found is at the end Salathe 65:53 there's no more growth in your blue 65:55 turquoise salsa what happens to the way 65:58 and the taste at the harvest whiskey 66:01 surpass a llama Sao Paulo Freire a 66:03 looking car when you put a knife to them 66:06 Kovu plus a I'm a co2 you kill them 66:10 don't you fully trained as well yeah you 66:12 cut short the work don't cooperate with 66:15 that the home page of growth or 66:17 righteousness with them 66:19 and Kevin pillar for do likewise also 66:21 the largest is so this is the clothes 66:24 don't still S&M; fixalot farm or growth 66:26 la further likewise on for the clothes 66:29 rule are far off probation de la 66:31 población we can see that it's careful 66:34 proven as well so I'm going to put here 66:37 don't serve and Aquila the close of 66:39 probation ftg la Thunder Thunder glass 66:44 which is the end you don't like fun so 66:49 the color break is the end 66:50 don't laugh and you Tonto Garcilaso and 66:53 this is the beginning of the growth in 66:55 let's say don't care look i'm us modular 66:57 questions call the probation and laFonda 67:01 la población be enough wrong I'm just 67:08 trying if it's on this I don't think 67:09 it's clearly on there so I can't read 67:13 you really know there's a short door 67:16 here yeah in Port Vila didn't say 67:23 anywhere here oh he's that what is that 67:28 okay there's a shot door you ain't 67:30 bought from me and I'm saying this shot 67:32 though he's the close of probation is 67:33 ridiculous film se la fonda la población 67:36 so here's the close of probation 67:37 versatile offend lucubra solo and here's 67:41 a colder probation if allah again more 67:43 Olaf Randall up Koga soon we okay with 67:47 that it's going to some duck on exam so 67:51 we'll try up the loose ends in our next 67:54 presentation over all right books 67:58 provide our portion please not that soon 68:00 let's pray clear 68:11 Heavenly Father we thank you for your 68:13 watch care in your goodness 68:15 listen telling me I'm super what this ye 68:17 tapo tax you do you want to ask and pray 68:19 that you would be with us goddess and 68:21 bless us you know to demanded that havoc 68:23 knew didn't you be near you as compared 68:26 that you would help us to understand 68:28 clearly notably you wanna thank you to 68:30 procedure come from clear more the work 68:32 of the third angel live what it was 68:34 emotion and the work of investigation 68:37 that he does he love diversity go soak 68:38 your faith in Jesus his name we pray I 68:41 know she's you know Creon I mean 68:52 you