The Work of the 3rd Angel – Part 02 – Guadaloupe 2017 – Parminder Biant

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Date Uploaded: 14.10.2019
Speaker: Parminder Biant
Event: Guadaloupe, November 2017
Language: English with French translation.



00:11 [Music] 00:17 [Music] 00:18 [Applause] 00:21 [Music] 00:32 [Music] 00:43 I mean in Matthew 13 28 democratizer van 01:23 schreeten is a conversation between the 01:33 servants and the householder new Zavala 01:36 korea-asean column Adam is only on the 01:39 servitor the householder says an enemy 01:42 did this work met her at the casita 01:45 Ninomiya etcetera and the servant say 01:48 illa solvet Allah - do without then that 01:51 we go and gather them up virtue dong 01:54 canoes a Lian - hallelujah ooh la 01:56 horribly so this word this word gather 02:00 up or gather so mana or assembly if you 02:04 go back to the Greek she was a little 02:07 kid on local area it means to collect 02:09 somebody or collector in order to carry 02:13 something off I felt a pharaoh Calcasieu 02:15 sir 02:16 now this would gather some moola event 02:20 Islamia 02:21 is used in different ways in the new 02:23 testament the first ones you feel hotter 02:26 Don Lenovo testimo and we may think that 02:30 this word gathered just means to put 02:33 together into a bundle it protector bind 02:36 but that compost cosa mullah or has some 02:38 list of images of a deal met or some on 02:41 Berta birth in the context of what this 02:43 word actually means 02:44 mr. pescado context the doula 02:46 significance remove actually means the 02:49 reaping or the cutting of separating 02:51 work so Brazil - Khalifa Dumas O'Neal of 02:54 the cipa ASEAN he 02:56 may have some connotation to a two-fold 02:58 work so we have welcome significance old 03:01 enough for the father to include cutting 03:04 and binding 03:05 include ocular till the Cooper it 03:07 earlier but primarily I think it's this 03:10 first step of cutting me a dumb part of 03:13 you up on me if you're pasquese as you 03:15 can see the set of ladder could be you 03:17 go to Luke 644 it's it was a lead on 03:20 Lucas's venkata luksus venkata 24 if you 03:29 read that Luke's is Venkat mamela ravu 03:33 key a Trischka was a very civil cannot 03:36 do courses I know Luke's is a 44 Kevin 03:41 cut cash at our economist Apocrypha on a 03:45 hotel pada figure so discipline you know 03:48 Harry Potter is a so on reason so it 03:51 says for of thorns de pinna or thorn 03:57 trees on Bush's wearisome maintain not 04:01 gather figs learner has some bleep I 04:04 don't de figure or from a bramble bush 04:07 who oh no no okay pounding you don't 04:11 gather grapes there is s you want reason 04:13 now this word gather here for figs so 04:16 mala Assam bleep or more poorly figure 04:21 means to collect so if you're collecting 04:23 so it's saying you don't collect figs 04:26 from a thorn bush I'm Frank Otte local 04:28 ooji-kun collector power they figure 04:33 silver the zipping and the context here 04:36 yellow context Allah if you have a thorn 04:39 bush she was a via and resold and resold 04:42 apena you can't take from that thorn 04:45 bush figs oh no Papa concur year don't 04:48 cut the Sabri so deep in the figure or 04:50 harvester things or pluck them oh yeah 04:53 Rakhal t don't only so in Matthew 13:20 04:57 I don't know my children to our event 04:59 Street mature Tresvant which in fact is 05:02 28 29 30 05:04 so your venturi dragna frittata all 05:07 these passages to sopressata 05:10 talks about this gathering continue pal 05:12 don't care do la do you have some blue 05:15 mom talking about the first steps of 05:17 cutting so a new path don't they said 05:19 premiere it up to you you're like soda 05:21 coupie and you can see this clearly in 05:23 Matthew 13:38 opal of well clear mother 05:26 Matt your treasure 05:28 it says long time you if you read that 05:33 in okay so much should cry Scott over 05:36 here huh todo short Appa because you say 05:49 first step in you say first step to cut 05:53 and if you read Matthew 13 rotates you 05:56 only mature Christ hunter literally 05:59 toodle-oo song since Kalamazoo you 06:01 Tony La Mancha Jiro my son L California 06:05 money play a Lila on both Paula believe 06:07 me as unbelievably domine so it has 06:11 those three steps 06:12 yeah don't see closet Tata he says 06:15 gather the taste you do don't cry humbly 06:17 don't kill live right 06:18 bind them up legally and put them into 06:21 the fire 06:21 it immediately dollars flow so that 06:23 gathering up there drunk Louis table 06:26 more now is causing them so I do look 06:28 really could be then you bind them or it 06:30 fully early then you burn them it was 06:33 beautifully bully so how'd that 06:35 clarifies that issues just practice 06:36 Allah Oh Chloe feel like it's Joe so 06:43 coming back to what we spoke about 06:45 earlier it's in all other know our 06:47 circuit under seven family please leave 06:49 them all this is the close of probation 06:51 for sea life and you Tonto Garza and 06:54 this is the beginning of this work 06:57 Priscilla comas Montecito which is being 07:00 identified as the first month cutie you 07:02 don't you shake I'm it turned upon you 07:04 MA so this is the beginning of growth 07:06 silica most mom don't go like croissants 07:08 this is the history of the field see a 07:10 la lista de Xiang now there's if this 07:13 history of the field is been marked here 07:15 series Rob desertion tequila you know 07:18 that there's a preparatory work that 07:19 needs to be done in the field donkey 07:22 aha talking to I tread on DeSean and 07:24 what is that preparatory work you can 07:26 lay dong said I'm prepared well ploy 07:30 yeah so let's go to Jeremiah no condos 07:37 edge equip every like that chapter four 07:39 serum Academy calendar three the verse 07:48 eight one she let me cut liver seat one 07:51 I mean can I see the lasagna or some 07:55 does she die - jerusalem ho - liver to 07:57 tell us of their owners a share in the 08:00 semi papperman a subpoena so he talks 08:03 about breaking up your fallow ground in 08:05 about ladder what tool in your hotel 08:07 just share and not sewing among thorns 08:09 in the past my family subpoena sewing 08:12 like pseudo Sumi means to put the seed 08:15 in the ground savage apply see or less 08:17 emotional out there huh that's here see 08:19 so Q plus Allah but you're not allowed 08:22 to do that if we need batteries there 08:24 first as long if there are any thorns 08:26 Sealy exist the subpoena so there's some 08:30 preparatory work in the field 08:32 yeah don't you never creeper her to our 08:34 dollar to her and he says in this verse 08:36 you know they didn't so they're saying 08:38 is follow a we ought to Natasha share 08:42 don't let's say let's say probably 08:46 because no fellow Byzantine plowing 08:48 follow to Neela tell or just share such 08:51 meaning French katooni what does that 08:55 mean follow what you said untouched 09:00 no it's been left to grow while no one's 09:03 doing anything because it's translated 09:08 differently so it said Josh FC inter 09:11 connect a free parking 09:12 Rocco Josh a sushi chef it's G what does 09:17 that mean 09:17 so your your your field is nobody virgin 09:22 field yeah 09:24 hello G like Jesus 09:29 a chen2 don't so to highlight NIV apical 09:42 TV and you're not allowed to put a plant 09:44 in the virgin field if we need palette 09:47 or is they don't care I met her in 09:49 planter don't have yet because his 09:51 virgin field has got what in it that's 09:53 cooker so true so so tell Xavier thorns 09:56 this opinion I know EP i and ii EP i so 10:05 in this history no cities - uh-huh 10:07 you need to do what gets cable for fair 10:09 huh you need to get rid of these thorns 10:13 infinitely by acidity subpoena so you 10:16 can solve offender professor me and the 10:18 way you do that allah fastened ofits 10:20 allah he says in the verse break up the 10:23 ground you know they did what your nail 10:24 at the break-up so you can say plural 10:27 now break out okay el e he break up a be 10:35 you what does that mean it's mean 10:45 plowing snake you break the so there's 10:50 this work of breaking up the field 10:52 no key I said after la bruja should be 10:54 under her tune élitaire so we've marked 11:01 the beginning of this work don't news 11:03 that said they call her comments not the 11:05 sector and we've not the end of this 11:07 world a new Santa coin gangmo life 11:09 Andrew setters with not the three steps 11:11 Susanna call it was a table and this 11:13 caused approbation the shot door it's at 11:15 front of total glass last that pot for 11:17 me is the same as this event here 11:20 element cassette event Miranda Caleb a 11:23 shot or close the probation the total 11:26 grass Laporte from me now you can see in 11:29 this line here who proved ever onset 11:32 linear law let's change color 11:40 so this one two three set to Dublin dirt 11:45 wha what's it what's it referring to if 11:47 Felipe Hoffa aqua what are these numbers 11:55 referring to say know what for what I 11:57 feel or sock well they said one second 12:03 not first Angela to second and children 12:06 friendship no Sofia paddy field also 12:09 communism it was demos so free step of 12:15 the lasting gospel no that's the same 12:18 answer that remember people's criminy 12:21 fruit sauce 12:23 so free did you say something oh 12:27 something so free step of the 12:32 development of props okay so these three 12:36 steps here quasi table is talking about 12:39 the development of this plan how do they 12:41 do develop model set planter it's not 12:44 the everlasting gospel when they finally 12:45 rustling it down elder so we okay with 12:48 that it's come to some Dhaka have axilla 12:50 so I've put it into blue sure let me 12:52 talk on cooler blue now let's come back 12:54 to this angel Oh - no don't cut that off 12:56 and let's get this angel and put it on 12:58 to this line 12:59 I don't know cert on G+ or nurse or 13:02 certainly Nia and I'll do that in red is 13:04 your vessel a dollar cooler illusion so 13:13 let's do this one here if it's also 13:16 clean like my son L so I've got two and 13:19 I've got one as you do it and I'm gonna 13:22 change that one and two is your vest on 13:24 just that only do I'm gonna call it be 13:26 it's a very lovely be and a at it be so 13:32 it will be 3 8 and three be so it's kind 13:35 heart it would be yes there go where 13:39 does this go also lover where you're 13:42 going to seal and bind 13:46 hello / / or sell my or Yasha 13:50 where would you see them bind over 13:51 livery 13:52 really and which number here will you be 13:55 doing I can no worse cannot vomit cray 13:58 this is free free everybody's to another 14:02 world you can't with any dances yeah 14:05 yeah I've got one so Jones is free you 14:08 said you were to answer's no I've got 14:10 shall the bow century everyone say three 14:15 chuckling I do twat 14:19 we yeah okay so I'm gonna put it here 14:23 dogs are very metella I'm gonna call it 14:28 B over metal B now if we know that yes 14:33 which I chuckle okay let this one here 14:36 itself eater Allah you're up one of me 14:41 you just said to everybody agree with 14:46 that 14:46 it's good to know did that convicts are 14:49 here Scotty no who said no Cebu the 15:03 thing practically is not be it's not - 15:05 its way 15:07 don't dollar Patrick see you other civil 15:09 dissipate as a wiping yeah in the story 15:15 where is it 15:16 Donna strong also lasted 50 long because 15:21 in in so - because in the one you cannot 15:23 see it can make the difference so when 15:29 you run through the story come back 15:31 already strong when you see the food 15:33 come for a year if we are then appeared 15:36 silica power whoa kappa aqua so the 15:40 taste live why they didn't just appear 15:44 suddenly leave whenever he becomes a 15:46 student mom when he says a pair what's 15:48 it mean what appeared 15:49 make our own who say they keep a Lucas 15:51 gets ki power young so difference the 15:56 difference the fruit appears leaf we so 15:58 different so my partner Chris is she the 16:01 fruit does that give away a leaf we they 16:03 look different in so he goes 16:06 and they've been looking at this crop 16:09 all this time and now they can see 16:10 there's a difference that's girly 16:12 Cerritos ah yeah that's a two points 16:14 that's more an active working in the 16:16 field they can make a choice 16:17 I thank you piece of sh Y Z huh now they 16:20 could select them create Lee selection 16:22 right here they could they could get rid 16:24 of all of the tears can't they yeah a 16:26 party of the large upon do it professor 16:28 D but I said the total awareness part if 16:30 they wanted to see laboulaye here Millar 16:34 open do before the harvest 16:36 I've worn them Watson if you get rid of 16:38 taste Sifu of Buddha but I said that you 16:42 K or weeds yeah the movies there how do 16:45 you get rid of them come over Buddha Bar 16:48 C della would you cut them it's 16:50 carefully a coupie know what happened if 16:54 you cut them you have to what happen if 16:56 you cut them a kiss kiss kiss Basia 16:58 veliko pain there we go girl again it's 17:02 about what possess the only cruiser you 17:04 have to pull them you have to pull the 17:06 roots out even for only did I see now 17:08 but the enemy knows real enemy 17:10 LLL say if you do that work here because 17:12 C was accomplices that don't walk wonder 17:15 what's happened to the root system just 17:17 give us the Paseo system oh dear I see 17:19 now here's a taste but C dokey Olie Flay 17:27 and here's the wheat if I see or they 17:31 bought him a cool it wait my dear Lord 17:33 come on what's happened to them little 17:36 fussy they're intertwined it's so so 17:39 ultimately so now it's too late to pull 17:42 out the weight they tears out mcnally 17:44 tomassoni for large on very live high 17:47 this was the plan of the enemy 17:49 it's a settler plough telling me by the 17:51 time you find out there's a problem it's 17:53 too light 17:54 Oh mom awfully quickly a problem a 17:57 barely caught aha so right here don't a 18:00 lit up Dula if you want it to see if you 18:03 love only you could pluck out all the 18:05 taste so prove yay was already there I 18:07 seen it too because you can choose or 18:09 select them with a Monsieur de leche 18:11 Wazir would only selection II so this 18:14 three is here 18:15 dr. Tanya Lucas Oil it up dude 18:23 so the work of the third angel don't 18:26 Claridge it was mr.zhang 18:28 begins before the close of probation 18:30 come on song everyone I found it under 18:32 glass now if you're gonna mark when the 18:36 third angel begins to do his work see 18:38 before and decay I came home on it was a 18:40 Moscow Mouse I feel so nervous 18:42 what letter do you use calico utility 18:45 room 18:45 I like a la vie for a rival pool a TV so 18:52 if this is the close of probation 18:55 selassie la fonda la población you know 18:58 that the third angel who surveyed uncle 19:00 it was mr hasn't begun to do his work 19:02 here now Pokemon 19:04 I first saw never a Sony voula he began 19:07 to do his work back here yeah come on 19:08 see I first saw enough you're not wrong 19:10 so when you transpose this information 19:13 loss curve the COS possess a time 19:15 formation and bring it into this line 19:18 become philosopher Posey I certainly 19:20 know you begin to say there's a problem 19:22 so c'mon say I welcome key a problem 19:24 with putting a here or me don't don't 19:27 Lou la vie la because the I pass Quran 19:31 Allah if you go right back to the 19:33 beginning here civil over now come on 19:35 small means what significant are 19:43 everything everyone begin begin come on 19:46 GEB UT documents realistic also same 19:50 command commands commencement C 19:53 commencement mm in cen in English so 20:03 this is the commencement the vasila 20:05 promise mo is where he begins to do his 20:07 words say la skill commerce affair soon 20:09 over so if you if you see an eye doctor 20:12 over a year 20:13 ah it means he begins to do his work he 20:16 begins to do his work sorry dear 20:18 Kilcommons affair sooner become a surfer 20:21 sooner and he begins to do his work okay 20:23 LLL come us again mafioso never so the 20:26 problem with this the problem of X Allah 20:28 is even you go to this model say Law 20:30 School 20:31 bazzill model agriculture if you have 20:33 the third and you beginning to do his 20:35 work here she was a real it was a mosque 20:37 e-commerce affair sooner voila I'm my 20:39 soon then Matthew 13 doesn't make any 20:41 sense 20:42 don't matter tries now never here deal 20:44 huh you have already broken that parable 20:47 we're just a please I said Baba Buddha 20:50 so we need to understand what what the 20:55 problem is you know focal point Kelly 20:57 don't look problema so are there any 21:00 questions on that issue its claudication 21:02 Suho said so supply of the there's this 21:07 problem Kia don't come problem the we've 21:10 got a three a and a 3 B is that right 21:13 quiet Robbie and I'm going to change 21:15 this a server sausage lanks ah to an a 21:20 like this normal way we do it avec de la 21:24 fastened on new loafers on and I'm going 21:26 to change this Bay it's a very social I 21:29 let her be to an a policy amplification 21:37 t2i 21:38 you actually are trying to move the 21:42 portions are vacant a policy 21:46 amplification 22:08 so I'm gonna circle this because this is 22:12 not correct so they don't care Oh or to 22:16 this vid it was emotional this uh 22:18 knocked up 22:19 Jesus no current capacity purchased okay 22:22 so does that make sense in this model 22:23 its hola I do sounds awesome Adela 22:26 yeah and can we say that says I never 22:32 see that before the free a here okay so 22:46 let's come to this history here I know I 22:50 said sister now on October 22nd 1844 on 22:56 Doug Doug duesy song Karen Carter in 22:59 connection with the third angel only 23:01 advocate was there Marsha what happens 23:04 just little Pressy what is this when 23:07 Ella white talks about the third angel 23:09 car Illinois budget was there Marsha 23:11 what if she say happens here okay Cody 23:14 Taylor kiss a pasilla 23:25 okay it start his work and the door is 23:28 shut so they ain't gonna start his work 23:30 here don't launch ah come on sis or 23:32 Nirvana and what is his work it can lead 23:38 also never what is his work Kelly don't 23:42 so nerves when he starts console 23:44 Commerce investigates seal so I'm gonna 23:49 put investigate so I'll put investigate 24:04 we okay with that 24:06 Oh Mia FST Gazzola doc oh hey Doc OH 24:10 who's getting investigated here 24:12 investigate is Cedar City Star so did 24:22 [Applause] 24:28 this history here 24:30 the set is to Allah when it says fake 24:34 God give him glory for the Arabic 24:35 judgment has come kind of deacon in 24:37 Jordan and we rock I love the sausage my 24:39 friend knew and he says here you see all 24:41 this history behold the bridegroom 24:43 cometh mercy early pure river 24:46 who's he's talking about all this the 24:48 key palutena you know I'll do it this 24:51 way 24:52 shredder further set rests on the first 24:57 angel the premiere house the second 25:00 angel does amaz who's this history 25:04 talking about their character key a 25:06 pulse at least well at least she's 25:07 talking about the dead Baskar see a 25:09 smile on new palermo million-eight are 25:15 they dead or alive until ma who were 25:17 vivo about living is anupam de vivre 25:27 wrong so what you're done so caboose IV 25:31 fair when you transitioning caboose I 25:33 feel a transition with the first second 25:35 or third angels messages called 25:37 communism it was a much 25:39 you've gone from the living to the dead 25:40 focusing on DeVivo or sweet or more 25:43 because this third message pursuit was a 25:47 massage when God's looking at that God 25:50 your God as love who's he looking at a 25:52 key huh gardenia killer girl - no no 25:59 he's you got dad he's looking at dead 26:00 people 26:01 no but still a llegando Umaga this is a 26:04 different group of people that he's 26:06 looking at here especially like oh god I 26:09 know the person completed this group of 26:11 people completely so have they could 26:13 look so called appear so novel so what 26:16 you've done so good with other fair 26:18 you've connected to different groups at 26:20 the same time we don't connect til men 26:22 will not do gorgeous feet long and can 26:24 you do that it's gone prefer Scylla no 26:28 no the everlasting gospel return in 26:32 these three steps it was it happened for 26:35 how many groups will come be under 26:37 grouper to one group of people and work 26:42 the persona it's gonna split that one 26:45 group into two separate groups if our 26:47 group you Nicholas about hey order 26:49 Cooper Brits one generation one group is 26:54 a group so when you come to the 26:57 everlasting gospel in this history that 26:59 available eternal Dorset astre how do we 27:01 call this group come on applo new so 27:04 Cooper the Millerites 27:06 discipline circle Amelia Rita yes so the 27:11 Millerites have to have how many 27:12 messages connected to them combien de 27:15 massage twelve still have work on the 27:17 avec mmm elevator three they have to 27:21 have three messages it was a massage 27:26 not to know Parker do so where's the 27:29 third message for the Millerites I know 27:32 I can no more 27:33 so Coulomb is such it was their most 27:35 polemic because this third one here 27:37 Paskus quasi modular which we've said is 27:40 in investigation in New Zealand 27:42 Caliphate was emerged investigation 27:45 who's getting investigated yet arrested 27:48 gala 27:48 this is able see a Bella she 27:51 not Miller Sony familiar huh this is the 27:55 investigation of dead people 27:56 celebrity Gus you're the person martyr 27:59 from 6000 years ago the Similan and this 28:04 work here assertive Allah is the work of 28:08 people who are alive concern left a 28:11 person key sort of V so when you put 28:14 three I hear las navas Placido Co on 28:17 October 1 Katara what we've 28:19 inadvertently done so can lose our faith 28:22 you know exactly by mistake I mean that 28:26 left also is we've mixed two lines 28:28 together ii do stuff for me no dude 28:30 in your sambala because this I here 28:33 buskers carry visa Anna just like this a 28:36 here to come sir other is to do with 28:39 selection choice or investigation or hop 28:42 or other class las elecciones schwa in 28:44 investigation so when you think about a 28:47 large history come from per se don't 28:49 count goddess - uh-huh and you put three 28:52 a hair because Allah said o Allah 28:55 you're talking about people who have 28:56 been dead for a long time 28:58 verbally don't the person carry multiple 29:00 you talk and how they're going to be 29:02 investigated it fast so don't and won't 29:05 act arrest Iggy so if the investigation 29:09 of only the righteous dead from the very 29:11 beginning begins here 29:13 I know Escalade Vista gets under too 29:15 early Shuster mom and Como's after mocha 29:18 Mozilla so we're goal from Genesis news 29:23 I know drunk a party of the darkness and 29:25 we'll go to 1844 and as I know just come 29:28 on come on cut waste reaiiy here what's 29:32 a cooler Twala 29:33 where do you put three i ooh plus 29:36 another quarter 29:39 1844 good the way we put three a I know 29:46 OOP lasagna Lacroix 29:47 uh uh Alan White says then why'd you do 29:51 this third angel so twas the emotion 29:55 runs through history 29:57 Pakula strong until what Jessica's squad 30:00 just garzooka 30:02 qua Kris gasps Kris Pasqua the 30:05 yo large revelation 18:4 games either 30:09 comes down and does what this artifact 30:13 were lightens of eliezer earth with his 30:18 glory he does what to the third angel I 30:20 guess Kodaka le Claire holistic 30:23 lawmakers cafe I said to OSHA don't know 30:28 give him some power gives in power in 30:31 return telepresence the first time you 30:34 has power the second angel has power the 30:37 premier lounge at Lapras nonsensically 30:40 do Somoza so here we mark three e uma no 30:48 danger receives its power 30:50 no twas the Moscow so I don't stop 30:52 resource and what is this marking a cask 30:55 Ursula a dick Tina its mark in this the 30:59 seal the binding off or the harvest 31:02 Curtis I am Patrick Zelman Eliyahu lama 31:08 tsong so our histories in which were 31:10 living 31:11 don't lift up doll I can move even in 31:13 the scale from the beginning of the 31:15 controversy to the end a little 31:18 controversy scholar from 31:20 is the harvest period silla period de la 31:22 maza or whole histories do not withdraw 31:26 so that's why we are living in the time 31:30 of the period of the empowerment of the 31:32 third angels so for like a new vivo don 31:34 don t stop the lumpification it was a 31:37 marsh and that's why Ellen White will 31:38 tell you the third day Angela right here 31:40 in 1844 like Ellen and white dude it was 31:44 the emotional Revere on dr. kahan cat 31:46 what begins here caki mozilla third 31:49 angel begins the quasi emotional comma 31:52 see when he begins to do his work it can 31:54 t like a mouse on there what's the first 31:56 work that he's going to do 31:57 Kelly dog said call me a wife kill 31:58 vacuum Playa what's the first work that 32:01 the priest the high priest does on the 32:02 Day of Atonement it can you sector from 32:05 your high school your composition is SPI 32:07 so this is the working investigation 32:10 yeah very nerve enough for the rest you 32:11 guess you're the ones the work of 32:13 investigation has been completed it kind 32:15 of domestic asteroid tell me knee 32:17 what will happen just give us Percy were 32:25 coven of a execution execution you can 32:34 call this the binding off for Papa don't 32:37 a pleasures Mondex executive Letitia the 32:41 sale has been imprinted on you know so a 32:44 plus a don't Kosovo or the harvest be 32:47 Allah Muslim of the binding off beyond 32:50 early age they share the o synonymous 32:51 term so Tuesday temps in the NEMA at 32:54 this scale I said is Shana the 32:56 investigation is being completed 32:58 navistick Asura Germany and now the 33:00 harvest comes you know suit like a llama 33:03 so careful and investigation in love 33:06 domestication transitions from the dead 33:09 past don't cut the mouth to the living 33:12 overhaul sometime in this history here 33:15 Cal capacities to Allah but this scale 33:19 me I said to Shana the scale of six 33:23 thousand years 33:24 so to show love ginger reads a similar 33:26 this just becomes a singular point so la 33:29 da da via a unique Thank You Lee and all 33:32 the history that's contained here is 33:34 just collapsed into a singular event a 33:37 totally stucco to Nuala a sort of on a 33:40 solar event more and what you and I 33:42 require to understand so can you say 33:44 ivory my the Calandra is if we look in 33:47 detail here so cuz you know her garden 33:49 Dalida Qaeda what are the sequence of 33:52 events else ungodly sickos this event 33:54 mom and we go primarily to the middle 33:57 right history here of a premiere more of 33:59 rallies not the milliliter and because 34:02 we've misunderstood me rewrite history 34:03 Baskin is a formal concrete don't least 34:05 ameliorate making a three I hear you 7th 34:09 place illa-allah knocked up current car 34:12 we've come to our own reform line and 34:14 made mistakes some parvenu don't know 34:16 poeple in the reform a victim is digital 34:19 so ashes of the question to pose a 34:21 foo-foo mem la question if you had won a 34:25 empowerment to a empowerment sinews of 34:28 war on sweet love 34:30 Acacio de première calavicci decimal 34:34 amplification to do them and this is a 34:36 Miller history to Silicon Valley start 34:38 ameliorate if this was the arrival of 34:40 the third where would the empowerment of 34:42 the third base don't see on up top 34:44 current catzilla Rivage it was them also 34:46 city right also notification because it 34:49 has to be within the middle right 34:51 history nor out of that historical 34:53 amplification well well you don't 34:55 Oh dolly study Millie Rita you can't do 34:58 this on the professor at least because 35:02 you've jumped out of the middle right 35:03 line that's go through a parcel island 35:06 Amelia later this empowerment has to be 35:09 within that history bastard lovely 35:11 figure zoomed what sort of it done is 35:13 throughout the milliliter hopefully we 35:17 can say that it's a spherical new 35:18 problems were so low now when you come 35:20 to Miller right history canoes I know 35:23 dolly start ameliorate if we were to 35:25 extend this line signal for donker 35:27 account G her set Linea little drunk are 35:32 we allowed to extend that law impasse 35:34 1844 s consumer 35:36 autores a the total set Lina producer 35:40 Kevin Carter as compared by adi shankara 35:48 on Catalan in the milliliters compel 35:50 Apple New Zealand in its defender as I 35:53 said Tom if you are in the seven 35:58 thunders no don't you need a nice sturdy 36:01 said tener know 36:18 so let's look at this don't cook 36:20 outdoors now this is Daniel but see 36:29 Daniella 12:1 do what happens at Daniel 36:32 12:1 your surprise still damn Daniel 36:34 juice we can't leave Michael comes out 36:39 of the temple we can solve the problem 36:43 and there's no more administration he 36:46 approved the services no more 36:48 probationary time yup you don't approve 36:50 a CEO no more intercessor in your fluid 36:52 intercessor and what do we call that 36:54 event a comma Apollonia Travis it even 36:57 more if did you close the probation 37:00 frantic on the grass 37:02 is this the end of that line let's go 37:04 still a fantasy Linea what else has to 37:08 happen 37:08 okay skid what spicy so play again seven 37:13 last plagues please set down your play 37:15 and it completes here yes so tell me ma 37:19 with what 37:20 avec WA so second event and what comes 37:30 before Daniel 12:1 it gets give you 37:33 avoid you 37:34 Daniel do Sam Sann tell you and I'll do 37:46 these ones I put 911 show me don't clear 37:53 on September and I'll put 89 is your 37:56 meerkat clothes is not such a fine 37:58 Africa try nerve and I'll put midnight 38:00 show me mean me and I'll put midnight 38:02 cry if you're making me me so 38:05 everybody's familiar with this line it's 38:06 good to know the academia settling so 38:11 this line here said Lila what is this 38:15 line for which people poor Cal person a 38:19 asset Linea our generation 38:24 anyone else 144,000 so I'll put the 38:31 final generation toka means the same or 38:33 Mila generalize Sophie Nana or 144,000 38:38 Oh ple so come on cat Mila we agree with 38:41 that 38:41 Zedekiah vasila is this line here it's 38:45 Cosette Lila the line for the world 38:47 Celine polar Munda no no because the 38:55 world do not go all the way down to this 38:57 end here 38:58 that's : wonderful Paris Geller fella 39:00 before there's the same structure model 39:03 mmm food to her but it's not from this 39:06 history all the way to this history son 39:08 come on spark a coven of tool alone a 39:10 need resistor loin it's an apparently 39:13 Lavinia for the Levites fully leave it 39:15 because that starts and ends at a 39:18 different place welcome our sister Tammy 39:20 no 24 39:22 so this history here thirty slalom what 39:27 would we call this 39:28 come on O'Laughlin Liliana trouble time 39:34 of trouble okay so we can call it Jacobs 39:38 time of trouble no time to cook - a cup 39:42 we can also call it the harvest time 39:45 open my song mmm 39:50 SS ooh Oh la playa de toda la my 39:55 song 39:55 we can also call it me again more The 39:59 Binding of Leo's dish we get damages 40:02 from that logic day oh new bass also set 40:04 logic la this is where you're sailed 40:07 you're bound the binding off silly silly 40:10 Elliott l'Alliance de la maison 40:13 so this group of people here don't soak 40:16 up the persona when will they be sealed 40:18 with the Stamp contest is conciliator 40:21 soo 40:32 can you repeat the question discrete 40:35 144,000 listen come on cat Mila when 40:38 would they receive the seer where will 40:40 it be placed upon their foreheads 40:41 contest can your soul 40:43 Soha a position or if it's a priest at 40:48 midnight that is not the priciest 40:50 144,000 it penetrates it is not come on 40:53 cat Mila the Sunday law here Sunday laws 41:01 are all sealed what is it say here cos K 41:04 mu J Dilla the work of the third angel 41:12 learn what was the margin is two fold it 41:15 on do a thousand is to select the 41:18 selection e investigate investigate and 41:22 then what else Rita to see you you know 41:33 and what's another word for seal in no 41:36 more book silly me point Lee where's 41:41 bind aliasing here it's such a table 41:44 where is the binding begin 41:46 Mikell Menaka Bastilla here here it come 41:53 on sir and I found it on regards so this 41:58 is the history of the binding of four 42:01 series 12 Julie as DJ about this is the 42:04 binding of history see list well don't 42:07 you realize - aya so you know you're 42:10 bound here for Sevilla visit Liana which 42:13 means you must be sealed here Sofia 42:16 occur Isamu monitored every eight silly 42:27 are we okay with our excuse that that 42:30 kind of exa so if we get this principle 42:36 look simple point is a principal and we 42:39 think about this principle it can do 42:42 possum again myself 42:44 classy talking about 144,000 far along 42:50 did sake don't get me now in this 42:52 graphic here what's $144,000 grass pika 42:56 Kelso okay so let's knock on cat Miller 42:59 was it being symbolized by so sample is 43:02 epic Wow 43:03 so wheat 43:12 we okay with that some duck of it sir 43:16 yeah so I put the same symbol here dong 43:20 Shiva and and you kill mm sunburn now 43:28 that's in this history see don't set the 43:31 stroller this blue number three sir 43:35 Shiv code blue alert wha where do I 43:37 place that here on this line 43:39 who s kosher Laplace Ladon selenium FDG 43:46 yeah yeah 43:54 number two you know it says before okay 44:04 - and why put one here for you yeah what 44:14 needs to happen in here good luck 44:16 syllabus Leela good wing all that works 44:24 good so it's over let's go to the third 44:29 angel I learned or twice there Marsh 44:31 read oh oh sure where's the third angel 44:36 empowered Oh 18 amplifier it was there 44:38 motion 44:46 FTJ daddy 44:48 maybe just taking over this and bringing 44:51 it down where's it arrival 44:58 allow me fool LG are we okay with that 45:08 it's going someday kaarvok sir let's go 45:13 back to that top picture I'll also say 45:17 this is the first month Gerald - 23 C 45:22 it's a GT premium wanna - irrelevant Wow 45:25 how many days long is it from here to 45:27 here combien de moi - ooh here at 45:29 Illinois sido para count 30 yeah 45:42 do your right 45:45 thirty days yeah Conger why is it 30 45:50 days to work on you because it's one 45:53 month 45:53 damn wha yeah okay so if this is 45:59 the first month since the deployment wha 46:01 what's the most important day on the 46:03 first month can either premier Liu lose 46:06 your principal told you premium 114 14th 46:10 day of the first month you can have 46:11 Passover summary neither you have one 46:13 layer back okay awesome sure so we're 46:16 not going to have time to talk about 46:17 Passover but you have to find Passover 46:19 in this story you know I planet on the 46:21 planet they laugh at me for kamila 46:23 practice extra but in this month me Oh 46:26 since the awesome one is raining every 46:29 day in plural town because God is going 46:32 to take a literal natural phenomena 46:35 that's good job right you didn't say and 46:37 phenomena to Hilah and then he's gonna 46:39 like a prophetic application I felt 46:41 fairly no I pick out some prophetic oh 46:44 so it's gonna rain every single day here 46:47 if I prefer akash actual docility stuff 46:50 is there a problem with it raining for 46:52 30 days it's Korean problem see black or 46:55 dark on shore but the eric says yes we 46:59 okay so let me try explain the problem I 47:02 know listen why I see this probably in 47:04 real life 47:05 don't I really you know when you get to 47:08 the sixteenth day come with a TV or says 47:11 I'm sure of the first month 47:13 Duplo me muah in the line of Christ this 47:16 is Sunday 47:17 don't let Linda Chris is actually do G 47:19 Maj what's gonna happen kiss give us 47:21 mercy 47:22 what is Sunday in Christ history ki 47:25 horizontality Marsha don't yelling do we 47:28 start with what number day is new come 47:30 on saw a fake a noble case you say 47:34 sixteen no are we okay with 16 on the 47:38 silicium he gets crucified on Friday 47:42 Elia Chris if you love ontology that's 47:45 the fourteenth Kotova Sabbath his 47:47 fifteen Sunday's sixteen sebacic as he 47:50 Marshall says 16 third the first month 47:53 let's say I'm jus de pomme en 47:55 wha-what-what festival or day is that it 47:57 came fair to you 47:59 clemmy's first foods first fruits 48:02 c'est la fête de prix means the 48:03 community which fruit merely kala Bali 48:07 Bali fruit meal an option so if its 48:10 first full season upon me free it means 48:12 the body must be savvy jerk Allah loves 48:15 to attack huh must be white but know 48:18 what wipin the barley because keep from 48:21 your healers oh so when the rain 48:23 Philippine so you've got the rain that 48:27 was developed the latter rain la pluie 48:29 diocese or muster finish by what day 48:32 number laughs little liars isn't like 48:34 that Finny a party of the keshu huh 48:37 bye-bye sir sixteen I say finish party 48:40 sixteen that the lightest vascular Dania 48:42 it was a chairman am silicide likely 48:47 down in solecism but we've got the 48:49 latter a finishing and what dye number 48:51 mela pure diocese also Finnick i love 48:55 when you antiquey what day is the rain 49:01 gonna stop collapses the tammini they 49:06 thirty okay so you can see there's a 49:09 problem 49:09 don't boo boo a rocky i'm kobliner the 49:12 people who want to make these reformed 49:14 lies very simplistic don't clip a thank 49:17 you very consoling debris from tree sap 49:19 who straight away to have difficulty to 49:22 the street that's the only difficulty in 49:24 reconciling those two problems 49:26 I reckon senior I see the problem now 49:28 because in the literal bus condone a 49:30 little on the right has to stop by the 49:32 16th 49:33 let's see see wonder says them but in 49:38 this prophetic model because the model 49:39 coffee chica the rain is going to stop 49:42 on the 30th day pre-vaccine the Katims 49:46 you are this is how this is why we need 49:49 to be careful about reconciling the 49:51 literal and the prophetic symbolical in 49:54 Newton Greco Sevilla literal avec la 49:56 política and if someone tells you it's 49:59 the Kalkaji that the spiritual to the 50:02 spiritual is different to the natural a 50:04 geologist AHA now can they be correct 50:07 let's keep avid collector 50:12 no no the symbolic or the spiritual has 50:18 to be a copy of the letter O 50:20 listen película spiritual protecting 50:22 copy delete AHA now so you have to find 50:24 a way of reconciling those two truths 50:26 look even further in face under taken 50:28 seriously dovey retail Samba so I'm just 50:31 highlighting up to you jeongja who are 50:34 soon injustice' faith we've got this 50:36 story here is that once at this table is 50:39 raining for this time period you'll plug 50:41 the whole set period do Tom it's the 50:43 shot door don't yank torture me and this 50:48 is where you begin your journey the 50:49 first or the first month I say lucky who 50:51 come on civil service reform issue 50:53 tsukkomi moi 50:54 after the plowing a plus we toda la 50:58 bruja after a feel that's verging up 51:00 like a scientist years and to get this 51:03 see from this point at this point a pool 51:06 of acid some also depois a billion video 51:12 takes you you need the former rain and 51:14 the latter rain if you follow well don't 51:16 curl up pull me up three elaborate liars 51:18 ISM 51:19 so let's superimpose this history don't 51:22 make no superpose on set is to our onto 51:24 this histories yourself SIA where's the 51:27 latter rain gonna go oh that's cannula 51:30 piteous ISM 51:39 so between him 51:49 let when I got deep a story are deeply 51:55 about and we okay with that 52:00 Tsunade on account of excellent la pelea 52:03 Zazula daniel Pramila then the former 52:06 line elementary and people call me ugly 52:14 everywhere okay with that Monica of 52:17 axilla so what I'm trying to show you 52:22 because you said the remotely unless you 52:24 carefully under analyze these parables I 52:29 finally see the first source when you 52:32 said aha you begin to make grave 52:34 mistakes shall you come on say I met her 52:36 I felt the gun zero so let's just go 52:39 back to this quote your no Aslam and let 52:42 me ask you a question 52:43 it is similar present question what's 52:45 the purpose of the former rain Canino 52:48 Gouda Lemuria is to just revision so 52:53 just in revision yeah good luck on your 52:54 free this reindeer was purchased to 53:00 Germany and professor Miller las mas a 53:05 and development to develop the food and 53:09 they've repaid okay lovely which kind of 53:12 fruit Mikkel tipped of wheel unripe 53:16 fruit a squeaky know me then you need 53:18 latter rain producer from Basra policy 53:22 dirty liar season they finished a 53:24 maturity work who make a puka booty my 53:28 love for the macula Matthew Ostrom yep 53:32 so you bring this now to the story at 53:35 the hundred forty four thousand don't 53:36 lose an ohmic no a solid and sturdy so 53:39 can catch Mila waste arrived at the 53:41 third angel well not if they don't eat 53:43 was a motion here you love for me and 53:48 watch it image the empowerment a third 53:51 angel is here in so notification see 53:54 Daniel juice for which group of people 53:57 me porque coupe de persona 54:07 what was adventists ever misunderstood 54:09 this account Katrina is so chaotic 54:12 advantages of Roman concrete when we 54:14 talk about the work of the third angel 54:16 Lazcano Paulo deliver do your clothes in 54:18 motion we're not careful about who it's 54:21 applying to you know Samba awkward or 54:23 co-op or key Salah it's elliptical this 54:27 latter rain here said read liars is 54:29 Allah at the Sunday law Allah what is 54:32 emotion when the light ray is being 54:34 poured out at the Sun Edo period Karl 54:36 Opilio season it did you see a period 54:38 entire season who's that light rain 54:40 being poured out for porky a la playa 54:43 season eight end ever see before you 54:46 answer evanka Funari pongee connected 54:49 with this latter rain only love except 54:51 the drier season at the Sunday law Allah 54:54 what duty Marsh is a message 54:57 Illya talk a massage revelation 54:59 apocalypse 18 55:10 verse for the Deaf circuit apocalypse is 55:15 really where Sakata is Zhang Han Jin 55:18 Akagi CLG zone so T - mini adelmo perp 55:21 effective una parte C paper a CPC a 55:24 Kahuna go Sergey part the sea plane if 55:28 you come back to this cha civil over 55:30 knee I said Carta Revelation 18 verse 4 55:32 apocalypse disregard what title has it 55:35 go Celtic Attila can you read it from 55:40 there 55:41 really Allah this caught this voice that 55:46 says said yqg come out of her my people 55:49 did you mean your den more purple what's 55:52 he been identified on this chart 55:54 she'll said cap see don't you feedback 55:55 work l even more 911 so can we read that 56:06 here it's comparing your side Sula no 56:09 you can't read it too far no I want you 56:14 to see I know it's not good for the 56:15 camera it's right here let's go to Lila 56:18 just Olga says grand cry say it clearly 56:21 gone clean right here directly now this 56:25 is not made up on this chart this is not 56:27 Ventus term so I say and tell madam I've 56:31 noticed that we get straight from the 56:32 spirit of prophecy a new Tia what do you 56:34 like to a model it's great prophecy 56:36 what does Alawite call this when she 56:37 says the great cry come on then wake up 56:42 Elsa like a scale G kind through a pal 56:45 do cocky or she calls the loud cry who 56:47 LD we look look honky she's gonna call 56:51 it the loud cry off I didn't concrete of 56:56 the third angel I didn't concrete it was 56:58 a marsh straight out the great 57:00 controversy so ladylike that's what this 57:04 is marking the ground the loud cry of 57:06 the third angel suppose X a killer 57:08 concrete it was the emotion so I'm gonna 57:11 put connected with this latter rain oh 57:13 yeah a vicar said people are seasoned so 57:17 very clear a clear godly the loud cry 57:21 Liguori we are 57:23 without asking was that dr. Kovac sir 57:25 who's doing the crying key pues la creme 57:33 hmm free Angela the third angel not the 57:39 third the fell dungeon who is the third 57:41 angel don't close the magic key alert 57:44 was the emotion earth we are new some 57:48 new toys demos who are we crying to me 57:50 at kicker you knew the world were quite 57:56 to the world or Creole older and what we 57:59 telling those people to do it cookies on 58:01 oh I see Pierce under fair Gail out from 58:05 Babylon come out of Babylon October 58:07 B'Elanna 58:08 so this cry don't sir clear is a cry by 58:11 us it's inclusive are new to them who to 58:16 tell them to come out of that system for 58:18 the sake of this assist Emma you're 58:20 coming out of that system we started as 58:22 a system what system are you going into 58:25 don't care system are people good people 58:32 into God's church 58:34 dolly against the Jew you have to leave 58:37 that system are coming to this system 58:38 because it's too system even for sake of 58:40 justice temple my three dogs are not 58:42 sustained we okay with that gonna do 58:44 visit dr. rexella so that's the loud cry 58:47 doc lesson o'clock Lee in a time period 58:50 of the latter rain Darla Lula period 58:52 dual appliances begins at the Sunday law 58:55 it's a chromosome ecology dommage 58:57 this latter rain here said ruthless 59:00 Azula is for someone say Pocoyo and this 59:03 loud cry is so concrete is the someone a 59:06 fukken dude who's a loud cry for the 59:10 gory spooky 59:17 so well the world we okay with that we 59:21 said that comics are so I can call that 59:24 some and mm-hmm and for the world 59:28 emperor mundo the latter rain 59:32 lapa diocesan who's that for sabaki so 59:36 church 59:46 are we okay with that askin some that 59:48 corrects a police knock on cat Mila 59:50 this latter rain sacred liar citizen 59:53 which is for the hundred forty four 59:54 thousand J destiny so Karen cat Mila is 59:57 to do what support can sob hmm - shout 60:06 surprise have got a great crime not 60:08 quite it's to ripen them say poorly 60:11 Familia for the harvest who allow my son 60:14 to get them ready 60:16 I thank you preset Craig we can say that 60:18 it's good new your volume this history 60:23 here Jacob time of trouble list well 60:25 that the do toddler come to Chicago 60:28 what do we call this come on applo new 60:31 Salah it's here Scylla this is the 60:42 binding off especially Julie eyes - yeah 60:44 we okay with this asking to some 60:47 Djokovic's Allah this is the binding off 60:49 of home miscellaneous - up the key those 60:55 who come out from the world so Newton 61:00 yen let's think about this 144,000 okay 61:05 there's a next thing basically she's 61:07 some former a nice for whom said good 61:10 lovely Isis said call me a priest a Paki 61:15 so 144,000 this latter rain is for her 61:19 dr. Elias is OC Paki 144 this binding 61:25 office to help support key this not come 61:30 on cat meal it's all for the hundred 61:32 forty four thousand because this is the 61:33 line of the 144,000 political commissars 61:37 you delay Linda so Karen cat Miller so 61:40 when the primary things we need to say 61:42 ensures the LA premiere screening for 61:44 voix to do them close the probation here 61:48 lafalot on the grassland when you have 61:50 to close your probation 61:51 Oscar knew several offended condor grass 61:53 the third angel the closer Marcia has it 61:56 arrived at Kennedy 61:59 here laughs yes not the third engine has 62:07 not arrived here yes as I said it's an 62:12 odd way to your wives of no I'm asking 62:14 does it arrive here suppose like a so 62:17 escolar nebula 62:18 so the third angel does not arrive at 62:22 the close of probation 62:25 was there more than you felt offended 62:26 other guys so let me do this third angel 62:33 is not connected the close of probation 62:38 note was the emotion about on your 62:41 vehicle offend each other class lucky 62:43 vid it was the emotional part 62:45 oh yeah a regular friendly to other guys 62:48 they say it's the Sunday law okay so 62:51 it's here doc okay say cielo so we've 62:54 established that truth is that we table 62:56 severity and the other one we've said a 62:58 a plane is emoji is that the latter rain 63:01 circular plate liars ISM is before it 63:05 ever a V T the the close of probation 63:13 Elias is Rita for life and eternal glass 63:17 the latter rain is before the close of 63:19 probation lapidary Aziz Allah Ta'ala 63:22 friendly to undergrad and the third 63:24 angels message you rise before the close 63:25 of probation 63:26 it was the most out of my life led you 63:28 to under glass so if you can understand 63:32 that work it's civil prevail compensate 63:34 Wow 63:35 then you can understand many truths 63:37 don't approve a coupon book who the 63:39 Verity so for the hundred forty four 63:41 thousand doc pol is so common cat Mila 63:44 when does the work of investigation 63:47 begin 63:47 Curtis Coker most loved investigations 63:51 I'll ask a different question first 63:54 episode efferent inform you whose job is 63:58 it to do it in to investigate 64:00 whose job is that silly have a turkey at 64:04 the fair investigation 64:07 Stafford engine 64:09 third angels message first to 64:11 investigate dentists he'll look like 64:13 they must put me on my vest decrease 64:15 Salem so when does the third angel begin 64:18 to investigate I can mamalakat imanakum 64:20 are still investigating here can we say 64:25 that I learned what you do masters 64:27 computer of waha it's not here a 911 64:29 about or 911 can see that connection for 64:33 provocative alessio what's happening 64:37 from here to here 64:38 Kirksey supplies do what you do on 64:42 September and what did you motion for my 64:45 reign is being poured the Laconia 64:48 created EFC doing walk pour faire quoi 64:54 telling you from a seed the piss 64:58 passage in some awesome to a plan I'm 65:01 plotter and here you see now you can 65:04 begin to see who is home poopoo vakama 65:07 say of rocky a key once you begin to 65:11 bear fruit here cover come I supported 65:13 if wheeler can you ever change its kind 65:16 of privation G no can't change nothin 65:21 prove a passion see because once you've 65:23 born free Pascal Oscar vu a potted if we 65:26 then the decision has been fixed la 65:29 decisión a fix a tablet all your only 65:32 angels are waiting for now just ganache 65:34 atomic know if the maturity Salameh to 65:39 the freeter union it's not waiting in 65:43 October for the taste mature as Canada 65:46 live dodging Mira 65:49 waiting for her to mature in lateral 65:51 kick a group kid right kiddo Amarillo 65:54 the wait 65:55 Laguna it's the weight that needs to 65:57 mature before they're going to bring in 65:59 the harvest a sailor blanket were a kid 66:02 right remove of all a muscle so we've 66:06 got a burning off the cervando Cal yes 66:08 this year and we've got the Angels doing 66:11 its work Diwali is a ski full of over 66:13 let's bring this straw into this history 66:16 look Mac no I'm no set upon see don't 66:19 listen to our a cookie 66:22 so we're in the middle right history 66:25 well it stopped the malaria 66:26 ooh is the binding off who sews it 66:31 utilize the shell for the Millerites 66:33 truly milliliter this is the close of 66:37 probation 66:38 let's see life and it on the guys on 66:40 October come on cut the close of 66:42 probation 66:42 laughs ooh Oh silly laugh Owatonna guys 66:45 Daniel Doozer this is the close of 66:47 probation 66:48 let's see life and it on the glasses see 66:50 you've got the harvest now play with I 66:52 rely my song you've got the harvest 66:55 Hamas's The Binding of lamb what so 66:57 silly eh - eh so here dog asilah where 67:01 is the binding of who substituted agenda 67:07 okay they said from here ok we can see 67:13 that it has to be from here so do it 67:17 love so we're gonna have to have another 67:21 marker here in the food don't cover a 67:23 neutral macula to complete every fall 67:25 line at the middle right so completely 67:27 don't care I leaned away from the 67:29 ameliorate ok so we want to try and find 67:33 this way mark you know for a cuvette 67:35 said buddies what is this why mark here 67:41 Kelly don't set badly slow sweet a3 a a 67:52 like that see suppose I do yeah this is 67:56 the empowerment of the third we're still 67:58 amplifications it was him so now you 68:00 have to find two things doc never 68:02 video shows what why not this is Kelly 68:05 don't set valleys and wells 68:08 ecwid you're in front of arrival of the 68:12 third ok so let's go to this history I 68:18 know don't set this to us are you 68:22 familiar with a twenty five twenty some 68:24 to Amelia weekly the missus off now 68:27 hopefully we are we so we'll begin the 68:31 twenty five twenty in the year 7 42 BC 68:34 - oh come on Salome once that's not gon 68:38 do and we'd go to 723 68:41 oh sweet over just my satsang renoir 677 68:45 my sister-sons is 46 and 19 68:49 there's no freak ounces and then would 68:52 go to 1844 so current cut 1798 46 69:01 currencies and they would go to 19 would 69:05 you take you to 1863 and this is 25 20 69:12 it's not now and this is 25 2011 more 69:17 and this is 538 alas this assault on 69:20 Street is everybody familiar with all of 69:23 this - nan de familia vector so we okay 69:28 so let's take holding this information 69:30 out a lot of poor nomads notice is that 69:32 for my son and do it this way if I just 69:35 don't notice it first so this is the 69:41 story of the 25 20 silly started the 69:44 Mississauga and this is 44 second cut 69:50 and this is 63 and this is 19 years this 69:58 19 years 69:59 see this novel is what secret it's the 70:03 closing work celebrity Nala or the 70:06 conclusion the conclusion of the 25 20 70:10 is over and the other word for 70:12 conclusion no conclusion is the binding 70:16 off so the number 19 is a binding off 70:21 know what is enough of this work of the 70:25 25 20 the set of course Kiku bleeder mr. 70:29 song 70:29 so this history here sati stralla is the 70:33 history sit Orchestra from the 22nd of 70:37 October to vendor October so current cut 70:40 to the year 1863 70:42 I love and this is the binding of 70:47 synesthesia so the third angel the quasi 70:55 Mars its empowerment so notification is 70:58 this history here she searches to Allah 71:00 and then we have to work out when its 71:03 arrival is on what novel contest its own 71:06 a TV 71:07 so let's come back to this line of 71:09 thinking code - no I said linear the 71:12 posse when with the third angel arrived 71:14 to begin to investigate escort was there 71:16 much only for arrest iggy up will the 71:26 nineteen I pull the 19th is here the 71:31 these nefarious Allah so we think it's 71:35 here for POSIX Allah 71:46 can you repeat the question please 71:49 when is the arrival of the third angel 71:52 God come alive if it was a mirage 71:56 so this is the first at the first month 71:58 here for silicon be sure to call me 72:01 Mahalo and you know the third angel 72:03 hasn't right if we serve a killer quasi 72:05 emotion a party v-very midnight so the 72:16 free eighth when we cease are different 72:18 between the two foods 72:19 I mean midnight wishes are different 72:24 between the two group of version for su 72:26 after oil and was laughing at the oil so 72:30 I'm gonna I agree with what you're 72:32 saying 72:33 Shirokov X Karachi but I'm gonna put the 72:36 three I hear mr. Verma Clicquot ah la 72:40 route here in August on it but we have 72:47 to understand there's a progressive work 72:49 I mean Wonka sitting there for 72:51 Pugliese Eva so what I'm saying 72:53 sikozu G is that it's the third angel 72:57 Tillett was there much that empowers 72:59 this second angel completely don't 73:01 seduce her much to begin to do its work 73:04 poor come on selfies on earth because 73:06 it's here Casilla the what happens to a 73:10 ski supply Slough the whole movement 73:12 says what to remove noisy koala Jesus 73:20 will arise the 22nd behold 73:23 Beyonce Blackwood coming Vasily Pavia so 73:28 I just put me how the bridegroom comes 73:30 okay Vasily prove yeah saying what they 73:34 gonna do in here in July Allah okay 73:38 sorry this particular author er Newton 73:42 but when did that cry first become 73:44 public become a contest Kazuki Akama 73:47 sector bleep or a formula for the Erica 73:50 said it's @midnight 73:51 Rick Rogers I mean me so it begins here 73:55 it commands LA but it really happens 73:58 hear me love lemon Kumasi I've wronged 74:01 you long but we need to understand the 74:03 connection between those two 74:04 you know focal point that connects not 74:06 college because we had to develop this 74:08 argument that's canoe food Dave Lopez I 74:10 talk you mom how long have we got there 74:12 all right time because I just want to 74:14 summarize where we've got two dogs MKC 74:16 me so conducive of you and white will 74:23 teaching it in white Valverde huh that 74:26 the third angel arrived in October 22nd 74:28 1844 was there motion that evil event W 74:32 sake aren't cat and she'll also teach 74:34 you a very good mother dear but the 74:36 first angels message arrived in 1798 74:38 California Haji taleh Von D said circuit 74:41 Randy's Rita she'll definitely tell you 74:43 that the second angel was empowered in 74:45 August of every other category college 74:47 is a mojit amplifier Nootka on cat and 74:50 you can construct I think relatively 74:52 easily that the second angel arrived on 74:55 19th of April 18th a silk color the same 75:01 oceanography on allergies Network this 75:04 is not real count cat and he's very 75:06 clear that the first time she was 75:07 empowered in 1840 August 11 le try 75:10 Claire course you were an application to 75:12 come here launcher but what she has done 75:16 mr. caylor fair and he's been left to us 75:18 to untangle this like not untangle the 75:23 not okay often miss akela Feng is an SLS 75:28 wondered if Krishna is that when she 75:30 puts the arrival of the third angel hair 75:32 salon scale plus love oven dr. Cameron 75:35 cutlery read it was demos it's not 75:37 connected to the work of the first and 75:40 second angel in Miller right history any 75:43 pattern yeah I've a cure for Deponia 75:45 does their most on you start immediately 75:47 she's got two separate people to 75:49 separate histories and overlaid them and 75:51 are kinda super positive are different 75:54 do group different and the lack of 75:56 understanding on this issue among the 75:58 comparison desuka has brought a 76:02 misunderstanding of what's happening in 76:03 our own history 76:04 I'm new don't 76:06 in movies comparisons Asuka surprised or 76:08 nutristore so to begin to explain that 76:10 don't up my sister kiss along went 76:12 to Matthew 13 some eyelid them don't 76:14 match your trace Matthew 13 has been a 76:16 controversial parable for a long time 76:19 now a mature crazy - no palpable key as 76:22 in every book who they're pulling me we 76:24 see the servants and the Reapers know 76:26 why you don't literally much sooner they 76:29 both symbols of the third angel leaders 76:31 on the assembled it was a motion and 76:33 when you combine Matthew 13 with mark 76:36 for a cover company mature treasure mark 76:39 at huh 76:40 you can see that the three developments 76:41 of this plant who provoked the 76:44 developments it was le monde à la planta 76:46 he's taking you from 9/11 to the close 76:49 of probation as a man Danka on said 76:52 Thomas Keller found it under glass and 76:54 this history it's extra is the history 76:57 of the first month or 30 days at least 76:59 well don't drip on me moi will be under 77:01 Conger which is when the former and the 77:03 latter rain are being poured out its it 77:04 as more like chromium three lap elias's 77:07 also diverse here by the time you can 77:10 see the difference between the way in 77:11 the tears it's too late to do anything 77:13 mamoru virility Chantal available a 77:16 Unicode out the Turkic shows here we can 77:19 clearly say approval Rockland mall now 77:21 that the third angel the servants begin 77:24 their work here and the Reapers begin 77:26 they work here buckle itself eternam 77:28 come on slow go logically muscle no I 77:32 set it up loud the sale has been stamped 77:34 here 77:35 you saw it a pussy-ass Nivola after the 77:39 fruit has reached maturity up reckon if 77:41 we attend naturally and once the scene 77:45 is being said then the harvest begins 77:47 its corner so a don't climb or 77:49 tsukumo's when you take only the 77:51 symbology company to symbol is now and 77:54 then you think about the reef or line of 77:56 the 144,000 definitely sell island away 77:59 from this no come on cut me now we can 78:01 begin to see it's an identical pattern 78:03 no proven wakizashi - i'ma ignore chica 78:06 and what we see it so kind of I use the 78:08 arrival of the third in its empowerment 78:10 the regular event it was a mr. nobley 78:13 figures you are at the same place that 78:15 Ellen White will put them so I 78:17 remembered what will in white 78:19 but we've made a misapplication of those 78:21 statements mean is that wrong f in 78:23 mother's application to CD glossy on 78:25 what we can see 78:26 it's a canoe prove of what if the 78:28 arrival of the 30s not the close of 78:29 probation circular leave it was them the 78:31 compiler frantic Tonto cars and the 78:34 latter rain is before the close of 78:36 probation 78:36 it collapses on its as well offender the 78:39 person to call the probation life and of 78:42 question marks the binding off and don't 78:45 clearly aged agenda when you take this 78:48 idea and bring it into Miller right 78:50 history company Saturday kavula London 78:53 it on it's not ameliorate the shot door 78:56 close of probation lobotomy LaPook 78:59 thermal effect on the grass for the 79:01 Miller eyes April ameliorate cannot be 79:04 the arrival no prepare cause I spoke 79:06 I'll of livid of the third angel it was 79:08 their motion it has to be its 79:10 empowerment so that tsunami figure soon 79:13 and this mark the boiling off a crazy 79:15 lemarchal apparently ice-t so Brian 79:18 eGolf 79:19 oyster shell based upon the history of 79:21 the twenty five twenty but this sunny 79:23 Sunday demeanor salvo is this nineteen 79:25 year conclusion 79:26 she said Coakley ordered is nothing 79:28 which takes you to 1863 June is dementia 79:31 scale auntie's resources on cloud so 79:33 this is the history of the empowerment 79:36 toxiel isla de l'opéra figured it was a 79:38 Marcia and the arrival of the third 79:41 angel it love if they don't was there 79:43 much it's technically considered at 79:46 August here he of course is a ruler or 79:50 neuter the Sakyong cat in August 79:52 Oda is not the close of probation so 79:55 knee pad don't kill I found it on the 79:57 glass so we need to collect all of this 80:01 information you know food don't go 80:03 collected this is that format soon in 80:05 our next presentation it don't know so 80:08 savant we're gonna make an application 80:09 cuz they'll all feel talking now 80:11 precursor to our own history 80:13 porno populist well we're going to 80:14 follow this model this model and this 80:18 model does they lost 3-1 somewhere De La 80:20 Salle will see a load calm because I've 80:22 given you three testimonies now all 80:24 following the same plan which every say 80:26 donate don't write a manuscript to slam 80:29 emplo and we're going to show when the 80:31 arrivals that 80:31 angel is in our history the history the 80:33 priest aquel mu MA 80:36 Allah revealed it was the most on his 80:38 tour de plata when the latter rain and 80:40 the former rain are being poured out 80:42 I can mamala coming up real Opilio 80:44 season soon river sea and the 80:47 implications at least some of them of 80:49 what they mean to us my acceptance 80:51 implications you all are significant for 80:54 Noah so let's pray Cleo Heavenly Father 81:06 we want to give you praise and thanks 81:08 for your goodness TT what is we try to 81:15 lay the truth the present truth on a 81:19 reformed line and Okaloosa see yonder + 81:21 SI la vérité presence even in the 81:23 reformer 81:24 it's our prayer that we would have 81:25 clarity on these truths Cinetopia 81:27 adopted like lattice of severity we've 81:30 had misunderstanding of these things 81:32 every novice compliance on this issue so 81:34 bullish you will miss it definitely the 81:37 we should under to understand the truth 81:39 to these things the new company I love a 81:41 little decisions give us wisdom to see 81:44 three formalizing a beauty and their 81:47 clarity don't know just prison 81:49 world leading the way from the booty and 81:52 even though we may be challenged mm she 81:55 knew so much Alan gee if there's any 81:57 truth in these matters may we accept 82:00 them Celia in a vertical come down so CJ 82:03 can do personal except II pray in the 82:05 name of Jesus or mentally no dollar no 82:07 decision 82:17 you