Transgression of Desolation – Guadaloupe 2017 – Parminder Biant

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Date Uploaded: 15.10.2019
Speaker: Parminder Biant
Event: Guadaloupe, November 2017
Language: English with French translation.



so in Daniel 11 verse 49 we don't Daniel all the accounts that there's this chiastic structure and you repeat an enlargement yeah in the scripture cast it is shortly largest more we saw that it says at the time at the end we don't really do don't laugh out the King of the South comes against the king of the north look what do you do what do you know no so at the time at the end you don't know the king of the north comes against the king of the south why do you know what you should do the first part of the verse the première partie de greffi this is 1798 see the end of the 1260 years of we constructed a history they will come sweetness to our to show you that this was France women or clickers if you have hope we saw the France good of course was going to make an attack upon the papacy give it a deadly word have a phenotype a booty after fulfilling the role that Clovis played included of his way in Isaiah 45 46 and 47 not as a conference is accounted simultaneously similarly the United States would open its doors great overall God and allow God's people the freedom to go into the glorious light terminal Cooper did you feel it only big Louie you again fulfilling the role of Cyrus you're coming for evil i compute all the series in the same chapters in the book of isaiah dollar membership it could you leave for the day so Isaiah either points to Cyrus Newport where a series the Lord's anointed Luke's week a team one Palestinian who is gonna be prefiguring the work of France and the United States about a playful you they believe of the knife holes it is unique all this happens to Salafi party in 1798 or district magistrate at the time at the end with so that's we've arrived here you see that will loosen a levy we then took went through a journey do some a little tobacco that took us from 1790 I all the way to 1989 come on this rocket on you do scare me the circuit one off and the end of the story and our families to our takes us to this date 1989 is the point in history he really promised well we're the king of the north who do what you know he's gonna use economic and military strength increase of economy military to begin to make war against Russia the King of the South who come off the affair and I get called out who seek you what you do so we need to understand two parallel histories looking for duties to act parallel one of them you in the cities to her is how Russia becomes the king of the south taking that role from France see khaman dhokla russia in the vanilla what you stood on poun also whole the napkins in the second history in illusionist hua is how do we get to 1989 become severe means forgot who on earth when this war is occurring here las cruces gifted a woody see so we saw Russia becoming the King of the South Euclid Avenue you should from the history from 1844 to 1917 the list to our effect introduced on camel cut a means of solicit of 1844 a producer current at four years later Khatami Bhutto in Europe only hope this is the year of revolution feel the nebula revolution but Russia recite that revolution Russia recite from that revolution it doesn't occur in Russia dog is to be afraid to set revolutions the best policy but by time you get to 1917 mean Oscar given Linux opposite the revolution is arrived in Russia Navy obviously it could the Baltic Revolution yes abolition Bolsheviks and now Russia takes all the character risk takes it from the characteristic defaults the two primary ones they do a characteristic possible Sodom and Egypt Sudan Egypt atheism locality even and licentiousness licentiousness and he thought he's not drinking a lot of alcohol food alcohol it's legislating against God's law theory control and what did you making a crime against the state family commitment colita to practice your religion freely as you would want to defend a particular chemical Kaleta so here you see communist Russia is born who see communists in me and Russia becomes the King of the South who see the video what you see the same year my memory there's a vision that some young children who are Catholics we say yes on occasion or for cattle across serve Hwa vision of Mary envisioned America she's gonna instruct the church don't Elvis really live to make war against Russia the Faragher Coppola Russia fulfilling the prophecy on a computer on a prophecy of Daniel 11 verse 40 Part B the Daniel Apache bill this is Part B what a possibility this is Part A so this begins the struggle nuclear a ludic yacumo feel for the second half of this verse who want to do their part to do so very where the king of North he's gonna come against the king of the south what do you know that when you're told what you should the problem is the problem the verse teaches reversals of them it will do so kill the firm doesn't wrestle with economic and military strength I mean frost it couldn't Mickey me detail the church doesn't have that he lives in a particular product or try to go to the United States receive the strength elevated Olivia elicitation epoch of war horse it's the force and the Constitution in our Constitution has prevented that from happening on pace to later Sir Percy it's managed to take the Protestant churches that you see the poll and easily support if not but I can't dismantle the government institutions a little closer to show government motel in frustration you don't who straight path is he goes back to Europe tomorrow up decides to use Germany to do this work it's a duty they don't let money professor level his old ally back from this history here don't know Chanel ye the stitches to our Hacienda so the First World War no Claire Kamiel llamo John the Second World War Lamia module bring us to the third world war from Libya at Oldham via module it's called a triple application of Bible prophecy it's like replication will have possibilities if you want to know what's gonna happen at the end of the world simile that worth to keep as Percy Alejandra mom what should you be studying Aug 1st world war now put me on a gamble John the Second World War let him be among them because there's a lot of information but we know how much that's given in those histories he's from dueling Orpheus to are about what's gonna happen at the end of the world she was keep a Super Saiyan astral diamond so this war here gherkins I mean she is not a war between Germany and France be back in gear control as horse ll Manuel it's not a war between Germany and the United Kingdom's the button gentlemen along with their no no it's a war between gear between Germany and Russia man you know you see stratify the Bible verse you say the travail of your sibling Beach I can't find it I'll look for it in the next presentation stay a little bit longer I got them on our portion panel vessel so this history here courtesy is prophetically speaking about some coffee tea and attempt by the papacy the king of the north and they say of a diaper booty no you don't know what you know to take hold and it's a poor little coil of economic and military strength yeah military and make war against the king of the south a very gifted holy water studio which is the first part in a premier party of endtime prophecy the prophecy you need to take down three entities three entities yeah it's like why don't you take you a little please taking down the first entity local seo Napoleon city it fails Solaris will in this history here registration is created mm-hmm the Third Reich sodomize the Third Reich nuclear polymerase is gonna be the correct institutions in the government of Germany who don't say constitution of the government of Alma for the papacy to have another go Bob Appetit preset views are not compute the previous presentation look do not Krissi don't there's one data I missed yeah in that Kazumi between this war in this war until set gear is a to forget what date was that city killed that we will know it mmm some tools other the hard way nineteen 20 okay say we knew it I said you ain't annoying what happened in 1929 go city pacion me love so much love the Great Depression the Great Depression nuclear gone crazy and we don't know I'm sorry papa john paul ii Mussolini that's he can walk I was creation of the Mussolini did what you have require guide back the papal States you know hold on evil lapa Pootie and paid a large amount of tribute money back you donate all the papal church a little Isabella and the pipe is he began to be established itself Budhia como se iterate ably and this could only have happened Filipino superseded as a third right was being formed but school it was him house idea from me and Mussolini was there to do and assist in that work he knows it so I'm surprised we didn't only readily know that day you quicker coalition parties I said that because most Adventists that's gonna prepare thee that motive would teach war the deadly wound was given here cool mr. Martin ATC and the deadly will begins to be held here in 1929 it could be somewhat like a mosaic if you don't know anything about Bible prophecy in materials for a possibility past what we've done this morning pop our today we cannot be correct you and parties confuse or weaken goodbye to elect in 1929 be the healing of the deadly wound it's good enough to it like it is only about their account they fed me Pop Idol Adventist of God endtime prophecy so wrong tell me more food so Apophis village it's scary to see if he'll so you can say just from the simple overview of history the free ones just so happy that we are Sudanese 12 1929 was not the healing at the deadly would not lead apart and I gave His only Son mortality when did the deadly will begin to be healed I can no more not be so Metallica mercy I trow a Guinea 44:44 yeah follow footage Protestantism and 44 1980 to 1982 I would suggest 1790 I forgot what is it as soon as the wound is gathered Nicola blissful I do Nate what is the wound sequel abuse you separation of the parts under church instability returned in Europe on your walk where is the mother come to murdered by a liver key following her daughter advice we will see few she comes straight the United States Attorney and now wants to institute Church and stay again the whole city knock the grizzly target on so begins to repair or heal the wound you come over here sebacio it's not that easy to heal the world look at this history here souvenir Buddhist policy from 3:30 to 5:30 I entreat it takes 200 years either for you to go from the end of pagan Rome would have found Allah home for you to the beginning of papal Rome who did we did a home poppin so you think from 1798 the history in which we're in which is kinda strong I can do some a lot less than 200 years Sophia I could do so is it this part you can do the math really quickly looking fairly mathematical pure kiddin happy more he's gonna give me the number he bombed only remember well do to our day 2017 dude immediate 1798 make it easy make it 2018 no mafia fácilmente how many years no community to 22:19 so next year linear portion it will be 220 years so you know Mousavi it's around the same kind of time span Dukes Fei peopie approximately monument takes a long time to accept home buku tops repair this wound prepare a fabulous job now we didn't go into revelation 17 carefully looking somebody door pockets Adamo we saw minimal view let's see where we can say this woman Lucretia problem is writing this based in Okaloosa who she's had bed and say that with a visual art but if you go cave into the chapter we similarly from on the first apology I don't you don't have it will read one verse well you're obviously relation 17 apocalypse the desert verse nine that's enough a Picasso disatrous inner city still intelligence key addresses let's set dates on set Montaigne Salah Khalaf amethyst is here is the mind I had wisdom the seven heads defected it's hard to see on this picture but you'll see this piece has seven heads it says here in the chapter see the visual works you older certainly effectively did not have it because it bet Allah said so these seven heads are on the based doses it is also a bit or seven mountains so it's all set more tell you what do you say Mountain was Kingdom Kingdom volume so the seven heads are seven kingdoms upon which the woman sitteth so the killer from it a season so this woman looks it from sets on every single head I suspected what's the first head she sets on calina the silver the first known akela promoted from Aquila lyricism babylon babylon the second head she said son let him talk earlier she made a Persia race pagan run home page in she's gonna stay on herself okay by that Foxwell me toss it on herself you can replace a structural member I'm five leukemia visage babylon babylon the European Kings remember truly who are europeo European cakes one appeal number six universe's yes I good so it begins to sit on the USA here look alchemist as fast as you see but it can't get on properly mainly Papa it will complete non-issue it's gonna take over 200 years before it really begins to get a grip and a hold on the United so it takes 46 years looks pretty on season it's been down the pike to bring down Protestantism to the protest autism 1929 remember through the media from applause it receives its papal States back and now the McNown is recognized early who couldn't as a leader in political of days across the world come analyst after a politic a cavalry wondered makes the second attempt against Russia look LM totally for who she fails Alicia the United Nations is formed in 45 nuclear that's not an issue for me I mean the concerns then the cold war begins what commerce between the United States and Russia you know who see and the man that's the premier figure of that struggle Lamia figure the luncheon ever most people do Selassie President Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan and the papacy remember what's revenge they form an alliance even formally known yours in the 1980s they make an agreement that they can to bring down Russia even on a couple pussy and he's done on two fronts Sylla official different in Europe on your hob and an Islamic country called Afghanistan I make you happy life get Easter in Europe or Europe is done primarily through the country of Poland hopefully I can appeal Apollonia he's done through the power and the strength of the workers yes if a barley or zucchini or what we call the union's with Kannapolis on teacher and they topple the Polish government it will be taken over to Google monopoly net which separates itself from the Saudi block he was reciprocal you memory block sovietic once Poland does that enough could I pull on the first ruler it's like dominoes become below all the other countries want to do the same at the same time remember mode there's war in Afghanistan Iran Afghanistan which is bankrupt in Russia available see verified so these two fronts nuclear beautiful one in Europe one in Afghanistan bring Russia to its knees and the Soviet Union is collapsed you know so we check basically the two-year period between 89 and 91 1989 in my community I got to wonder as the point when the burning wolf fell at the time at the end commute on the phone when no Oscar the king of the north what do you know using the United States begins to make war against ok the South if you see so we know it's 1989 a fuckin nerve because it's the United States that's doing that work not Germany noblemen prefigure it priests are affected by France we do repair of course we discussed the history imperative to our of the Afghan war here duel against on and the dynamics the centered around that didn't make you something to Lucilla then we noticed Daniel eight nine Daniel E with the nerve eight glorious land south no he only big gorilla shooter Syria Israel Egypt Israel in Egypt King in the South the glorious line Egypt look what you see the big low you in Egypt Canada South is a stove round what you should get a lower your honor so we can see how it's the East the glorious land and the Southland walk you see Allah follow the people you elusive the end laughs oh he's being shown by the beginning I departed EB this is the beginning salute and the end is over here you know and they're identical you don't teach so when we speak you're not gonna comment about Russia being in endtime prophecy prophecy we're using biblical principles she's only possibly bleach they should give us the confidence that this is true and this event happened out 28 years ago even multiple she appeared on Twitter some of us weren't even born name company so how long do you think it got one for comment on fixed amount called you a hug I was a very much longer and we prayed you know when they're in the clouds of verse 40 some homo and I found in Africa hot so we saw that East is Syria wrong weaker left in our city we know the last three years since 2014 Dominica there's a war that began in Syria hopefully between the United States or Russia Russia Russia got involved in that war you know she ate the applique on faith bottom gear in September or September 2015 Dominicans which is the same month in year Kim my lemon lemon money is what good quo the papacy grab up with is did before the Congress in the United States at the first time these are coincidences and it by the quality don't we know I'm sorry we have enough prophetic way more the values cottage to clearly demonstrate Ramona more clear that the Syrian war killer general theory is gonna bring us remember to the end of verse 40 I have found of yes II can't so before moving on and discussing any more about 1989 and onward CC the Parliament cannot you know we said we're gonna take some time to look at 1790 I don't pollute on the Parliament under this apartment is within the history of the middle right is this problem you near it and we're gonna use that history which is you just work in combination with the history of Christ communities are the keys to see how they three figure for vaca more in procedure our own history local corpus 12 are there any questions ask you the question either I'm teaching very well those who are often from a criminal which is rare or you're fully understanding everything I'm saying no to a plenum of ecology which is rare Sookie laughs it was or you're all shy one of the twisty me just get to Publix I really need to punt for the beginning mommy okay I'll let you put it out so we can indicate a history look to the hog Adam is 12 and remember we draw histories upon a line of additional is a structured a linear and why would we do that be performing for your solo because we got a passage passage that said something along the lines the prophecy cure poverty was saying I'll give you to be at the lineage Navy pens 'some million years from the window that brought us down to the end of the world Kym Illman dongs California delineation blue building years you means to put things in sequence upon a line with matrices No so this is the history of the Millerites circle is 12 immediate is everybody heard in the middle writes FQ the video not only Polly the mini read I'm sure you will have and I think we all understand something look at least some little bit of the history in party there is 12 so if this was the beginning to 32 DB and this was the end it's worth it enough all of the mellah write history the destroy the mini reads where would we begin where canada no comma c 1788 we begin at the time at the end in 1799 on this rocket one is with where would we end well can you tell me know 1844 86 you've got two different answers who cannot do it for different 22 October 1844 so we're gonna end in 1963 because in 1863 I don't want what's created just ktk I'd not even same day adventists you don't want if we have our first General Conference Americans in Iran so let's put in 1844 here courtesy and this is the 22nd of October Silvan do October everybody happy with that that convicts you know so this is the time at the end falutin glovephone and this is 22nd of October 18th at what happens on this event qc+ immoral let's read something early writings pamiri page 55 committee page second page paragraph 1 we can they put it on the screen paragraph okay let's see if they can appear on the screen yes okay so October 22nd 1844 cat what bible verse is this SoCalGas to be bridge okay so we know that do some solo so we've got Daniel Kahneman Daniel 8:14 Daniel we'd cut off and what is Daniel 8:14 secret and yet we'd cut off is the answer cripples to question give drew and the question is in what verse you know your local verse 3 verse 13 questions in 13 the answers in Fulton University investigators so let's turn to Daniel I I don't know Daniel we'd have we got early writings up it begins with I saw the father rise and when you get to there yes okay so here's Daniel 8:14 no global they've really done you the answer to the question of verse 13 Miller reports already assumes we actually crazy it says on to 2300 days the Minamoto then shall the sanctuary be cleansed you know some juice or apple if you see we read the verse okay in with the winter autumn sorry madam we do some tree are so happy with you so here's 2300 days no Club have a the meat was some draw and what's gonna happen here you just give us what I see sanctuary some trail will be cleansed so how do you so what we call a sanctuary temple cleansed so he's essentially being cleanse nucleosome purity purity let's read verse 13 no leads only mercy treasure rotten deepali also notice on deity parle pas no comment on subtlety jalapeno so the sacrifice socially perpetrated appreciative editor use cacao software in our mission until fully how long do community shall be the vision that we had a vision concerning the daily pumpkin or don't concern include perpetrator and the transgression of desolation appreciative Esther term to give both the host given enough were fully don't allow me give us the sanctuary and the house song to allow me to be trodden under foot you won't fool OOP you that's the question you like its job so the question is how long will occasionally cameo Newton is the vision community our vision is a vision of chapter eight visuals arbitrability are the question the answer is not a policy they rephrase the question is how long is the vision the answer is doclock assumes the community or a vision in an apostate 2300 days it was also the vision the vision is concerning what concern lukewarm the daily the perpetrator and the transgression of desolation the pc diversity yes now now in this congregation don't say that humbly that many of you read your rights miss work the comedy oh yes miss the book that's held in high regard in this island don't pass cure ECC of it on leave Kiyosaki assist you in your rice mix going to give you the correct understanding what the daily is connected you got a trailer what does he say the daily is just useful about the trailer paganism agonism so if I were to talk to you about paganism oxygen will probably paganism let's go back to revelation 17 quart or normal up or Gary produce it won't turn there Babylon Babylon medo-persia Middle Earth grace pagan role companion paper Road home purple five nations your circus your five heads look st. it one two three four five do you think tipped Babylon medo-persia Greece pagan and papal what religion religion is pagan role I am like anything grace like riff me the Persia middle birth babylon babylon so all of this to Silla is war sequel paganism mechanism or the daily yeah is the same you can you can put the paganism I get it with at the end yes paganism of the daily began is a perpetual Oh e/g you so if the Daley's paganism to perpetuate philip agonism what's the transgression of desolation the quietly BCD master tell the translation that is ratio let's be this one should wait to Silla title ism nuclear properties transgression of desolation TD yes yes transgression of desolation a duty ratio why is it called desolation nope requires a plea a desolation what is desolation mean let's go to the video of this ratio destruction the scripture says in the verse do really what they gonna do cuz even fair trade down it will fully appear standard your thing it can vary crop you Desa like did queer why is it called transgression requires a plea at all good show in pc the papacy lukla property is a christian church in agriculture I know the other day we said it wasn't logical it about the Christian Church in agriculture and a Christian Church in this kitchen is not allowed to do what me but we talked even after who commit fornication committed fornication with average the world remembers nice to be a virgin and worth of years so if you commit fornication institution committed fornication what are you doing good you see friends transgressing the law congressional well so it's called the transgression of desolation appellate assume that is resume because how can search communities Stan and squash Union a big happy how can it trample your desolate you come on and it will everything has a I'm a member of the church much misogyny jeez how can I come and hurt you I'm a member of the church how did I come and hurt you come on approve who bleep happy what's the worst I can do ta equality peer coach people fail if I had the authority abilities are done Kizuna power I could this fellowship you had you yeah it's about the worst I can do to the PIO Swissvale would you care if could produce you see would you really care if your i disfellowshipped I don't think you'd really mind still gonna go to heaven aren't you very much it doesn't affect your job so move apart I fix people to come on don't get less money your husband your what your husband still loves you if children still respected all the move with the conformity of respected but now we make no if I begin to do to earn some transgressing make sure the Congress and so I asked the government to help you go beyond the moon now what happens if you don't listen you may know what I'll give stability bar now I can start hurting you it'll prove happy with no yeah I can start saying do your children can't come to school anymore no one would know for me point really good they know I stopped that you had a very good you have it you're gonna lose their value p.m. I'll put a speed camera speed camera when you speed at the bottom of your Road as my double credit about 30 kilometres an hour if you evaluate well I'll ride are you too flashy and I say you doing 15 fine you did you make it easy way to methylammonium what can you do it is could you prepare hot fight against the sky to combat control it out will you change your position now position most people would like people is olive oil if you don't change your tuna sauce crowd you're gonna get desolated should eat week so we understand why the paper church is called the translational deciliter military assume that is a ratio a transgress is the law and I told you feel and what goes into a relationship with the government could Google me more and that has the power not another person's to bring desolation to go to people - Oliver did you great with that from the karbix you know okay it's a verse 13 no clear a few credits is how long the days two things gonna happen come on the doors you do should what super series so what they're going to trample Odessa like keep you did we're two things do Susan the host love me and the sanctuary we from trio when there's a sense we get dealt with I can do more in pub you some trail here you see how with that you see so badly some trail but it says the house me love me when it a host gonna stop being trampled upon I can no more and not me right a little epiphany they remember you qu v vu it said paganism you really paganism and PayPal is improper to paganism finished here is my vc what year would be placed there I'll do it this way most Republican personal his paganism if you feel pain even and his pipe Elizabethan a property when this the papacy begin to rule a particular nu v so 30 points right so paganism stops its work here now they please and begins its work in what continent local continue Europe on your home which is Babylon keep a balloon it's gonna go in bed with the kings of Europe who share Aloha be the kings of Europe will do what they're told [Music] I did affair who desolates God's people he I did really prefer to do the church relief or the state later it's the sky fill it up it's the kings of Europe here what do you hope you see at the behest through a lot of the paper say you know property was the papers his name here seek well you know blah blah booty see and night to no good Jezebel she's a bear who did yes about wanna kill just cook gears in the bed with him tree you know Joe Elijah really who's she gonna get to do the work for her you know keep a feel for cover you I had a cabin because he's on Mount Carmel vasculature in Carmel and then if we know you possibly have that fight salute between the prophets the barrel and Elijah Holyfield Ely was a fight to the death you tomorrow wasn't it with God who lost to recap you probably said bio before every burn what happened to them on that mountain they were killed three to three straight away to truth without that if he like you had lost he would have been killed in your 83 so I have is gonna do the killing do I kept fairly little the tree you got Jezebel with a vision ability I have a cab and the fourth prophet is the proof of it and they're gonna fight against him but Kentucky Elisha Indy let's go to another story I know me no more nucleus twelve this person's babies Herod set up in a hotel what's her name come with happen yeah well just he would yet and watch this night you see question how do you know it's alone me come over if you follow me how do you know it's alone me come on fabric you follow me she doesn't is not in the Bible fabrics on only panel a be blue Hatchin away you come up with a V they're fighting in the combatant against you on the Baptist who wants him dead he's Herod want him dead there's a line we want him dead let's go found American male Herod no rodeo Jose she's gonna tell her daughter it was awfully to trick the Kizzy Herod please then Herod will do the command Jezebel Jezebel is gonna tell the false prophet of it to trick a habitable into doing the work in the forever yes we what is salami did kiss with a new Murphy she dances for him a lad don't sleep on me what did the false prophets did with cliff move it on faith they dance to him don't see we see we see the two parallels really parallel was John the Baptist middle name sequin oh there's only batchest good idea yes Elijah but he's Elijah to everybody Aleppo to moon now no he's only a like if you believe him you only think about that principle the significance it becomes at the end of the world from the moon time of Christ with only crease to our history you 312 Elijah's gonna rise up again in Eva Avenue is everything a recogniz like the one no and if they don't recognize his work on this bra is his name Elijah for them people who know by the way I didn't if you know I'm sorry that this prophet here so poverty is the only prophet it was felt fulfilled that doesn't even go by his own name his ministry isn't about his own name you knew fairly powerful Islamic saw me he borrows his name from someone else you know people moon we can cuddle what 90 see Bora you know really know the key it is told me even in review Elijah in anyone else ah dude come we should know this new drosphila revelation 11 I became through two witnesses duty more Louise Elijah and Moses in movies he says I'm not Elijah and I'm not Moses did you see families and stand that components without Jesus says he's Elijah did Jesus say he was mozzie no let me ask a question was Elijah if you said no that means you didn't accept him do-si-do we did nothing back cept if that means you're in trouble at the end of the world when he lied you're right rises up in this church you're not gonna accept him any productivity with Elijah yes was the Magic City Muys was in Isis a cutie Musa yes majesty remove now let's think about this no no refresh is short this is the distraction plays interesting distraction mr. Potter this is the line of Christ Finland in decreased how many men a day community Dahmer given you a clip don't know this team a dude who's the first man she look um you who is the second man you either do him John the Baptist in Christ we okay with that in the breakfast let's go to the line of Moses how many men coming on this one man what's his name you be careful moon Moses move he takes you from the beginning you know the way to the end who's got a phone does John the Baptist take you to the end it's gone but she needs care for it gets killed you a true Jesus Salva Kiir applause first John then Jesus Moses smooth it's such a great prophet you turn Morecambe perfect he does the work of two men you never feel able to do them yes we who was not a great man that we've been speaking about don't party Isaiah is a 45 John third who was that Vikki Cyrus whose side was Cyrus was so great so it is he home what work did he do he laughs remember the work of France and the work of the United States one night can do two jobs one night do two jobs are known free to travel we okay with that principle confirm the correct procedure so I've drawn the line up for you was John the Baptist Mouse's control about 250 movies what's he Mouse's shooting with he was weak he's Elijah Mouse's was Jesus Elijah he was Jesus Elijah no no was Jesus magazine especially movies yes he was here yes you can see him Donnie now so Jesus is Moses Louisa so I just want us to think about this you know we'll put Elijah here in DC I will put Moses here in the movie see how many witnesses do you have remember team or even two witnesses very duty more these are the two witnesses from you do team work of revelation 11 the pookie that we spoke about the other day you're gonna probably see an important component of Bible prophecy the prophecy we reach at the end of the world and I found remember when we're living and it broke new people howdy men we're gonna have come anew ever well and the witnesses will there be tell what to do tomorrow do Elijah and Moses Muys histories and repeat this to our celebrity so the reason we discussed that not even poor economic part of yourself is because we saw or conservative the when it speaks about the treading down do not compare DNA of the host and sanctuary in a Dhokla mitochondria by the daily perpetual and the transgression of desolation when it comes to the papacy brother pappu - it's gonna tread down walk and about Punic War the host love me and the sanctuary is long trail but for the papacy to tread down the house the poor quality please don't pity me love me which are God's people what is it need the quite a beautiful anomaly anomaly the government did the papers he have a gone an army or government it's good a property you know me well Google me more yes it did a la bikini 530i when did the army leave it medium velocity 1798 so if the papacy the transgression of desolation ridiculous ridiculous you is gonna track down the house reputedly von Klemme using an army or a government and it stops receiving government support in 1798 difficult 23 when is the host I came home on army stopped going to be trampled in being trampled down how they did it pigeon II 1790 I look 1798 1798 is marking sooner mark a part of the 2300 days me repeal didn't Watson and the author and verse 14 was the sanctuaries being cleansed logical security new song Chiquitita what we marking here you democracy the house love me Emile the army is free now this house the army is the church symbolism eg so this army is the church the term willfully listen what's the name of that church they don't know that eglise this good beyond so we've been studying for three days it was walking over to Drew and you can begin to see if you come off well how quickly you can learn things are in a few short hours unquote and the truth that we're learning the very second are important Bible truth you so important that we really need to understand so what I want us to see because I'm working for you we're not going to dress it right now the question the question is the two-part question because your Bhupati tell me about the host in the sanctuary tell me did moi look I put a lot of media software and the answer you know people say is just a host to joy the sanctuary not a porn film film on a song trail so why does not go talk about the house do nepali do love me why is he left that one quite a little cootie way to think about that you know this is the most important Bible verse Filipino proctor for an Adventist learn Adventist this is the most important question for an Adventist on K Street when Adventist you already get half the answer I'm what you're not hippos you've all been Adventists for a long time I don't see the Puritan I'm assuming so I'm asking you how comes from off a fee I'm assuming the public policy and I think correctly is reports good why is the audience in half the question pod of hippos people you can watch you why they ignored this pourquoi in us you know what is the answer today so we should know look improving from well we're Adventists we've gone through the system you some bonus system I don't have any camp evangelistic or prophecy campaigns you've been scored upon Jesus showing that we fit in every campaign you don't suck your companion they will always deal with this prophecy in politics you know I haven't done anything complicated I just read the verse do some more literally it's the same in French is not any complicated thing complete you why are they also in half of the question well I can watch you they must be a reason you grow your own rhythm the answer is you know a bullshit most of us don't know look like communion thermal power I'm suggesting just to jail because there's a sacred you know okay without you like use the word secret okay but if I used this symbol someone what did you be say you know it's okay you include what is the King three quite a clear what is the key to Bible prophecy when I cleared in Apophis religion with the revelation Deepika reduce a what is the revelation revealing leave the apocalypse are availa the book that was sealed the leave dutifully the book of relieve the Daniel Daniel so you know did they stomach sealed about the Book of Daniel sitting on Linda Danielle that was unsealed for the middle right is he asleep or a mini read here is he 2300 days the middle [Music] this issue here was also unsealed to the mirror I see if you do a preliminary did you know that that's good news of you did you know this was on still to the matter is very carefully preliminary but they didn't fully explain it in the way that we might explain it you know possibility I could do that for some component was obvious became this pillar of Adventism so previewed not using 2300 days thank you being claimed was so firmly established a to terminate the Billy doubly satan Chrisitan could not bury this truth not irritability so it survived okay let's go with you 170 years the peace officer consider marking from here over 220 years marking from here mycology but this one here missile now this truth got buried very often because the answer was gonna ripple is only half the it only else is half the question no climb what you like is Joe so the middle rights had worked this out the mini Pro cameras you know but we've lost disinformation per visit of our show as you guys thruster days we want to begin to understand you would open poll what the Miller right history means to us just go Phillies coming at it for me why it is deep aqua we don't even understand our own history and comparative to our we don't even understand the most important verse in the Bible for an Adventist on a bit wanna noticed until connected with this history here if you collect let's pray Heavenly Father we lived we thank you for your goodness in your mercy utopia time is Oh God we also can pray that you would be with us and bless us to have a new be new we want to glorify your name little moon so that you have done for us was creature people knew Lord as we say the truths being brought to life again no conveyor lividity ki Vav we must realize the Holy Spirit is being poured out on your church degrees we want to thank you that you have allowed us to be here could use our military and to be born in this generation this method regeneration we also can pray in the name of Jesus these things I mean I mean you