Wedding Garment – Guadaloupe 2017 – Parminder Biant

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Date Uploaded: 15.10.2019
Speaker: Parminder Biant
Event: Guadaloupe, November 2017
Language: English with French translation.



I think we have some new people with this today suppose Knievel person who's Audrey so just wanna explain a little bit about the structure of the meetings speakers from a scriptural vehicle we have four meetings a day and they're in two sections three in the afternoon and one in the evening okay for the party know yet what it will immediately as well and even though the subjects are related mmm seed nucleus fuses horosho we're trying to keep the themes somewhat different new this year attendance was due to mg film but there is of necessity some overlap super slow so we're looking at the everlasting gospel oh yeah eternal and we try to understand at the end of the world what this Gospel message looks like and how it works some books city policy determine become acquainted so we've done it using the framework of Revelation chapter 2 and 3 because I want you t'see that's what you do that book I need to do it what you can see on this board we're alpha grab loop that we're dealing with the seven churches of Revelation chapter two in Chapter three who's Emma College they said she believed that Bulgaria to do in a brigade suit well I think most of us should be familiar with those churches no problem colluded familiar activities so we could have named them look remember an anomaly and it begins with Ephesus and with lightest area the most part refers you'll come in policy but these aren't seven different churches since different it's one church that you need leave I think showing you the experience of God's church as you go to these different dispensation it's a remote experimental eglise de jure a laka booka mercy we're all familiar with that familiar external we know that we're living in the time period of ladies Mousa mocha move even an ePub balaji see the seventh and last Church LA City media near agrees I say the last Church is not the last Church of course Daniel easements and apologies Monsieur because it's just one Church it's describing the experience of God's church at the very end looks at the kleenex pay off the église and if you were to read the verses that relate to the church at the end of the world it seemed really really really small a nice warm Italy is our model you'll see that it has nothing good to say about us the Borgias I put a new you know the other six churches it's really the reason there was something at least positive to say about them yeah but this was positive so we've made that basis no clues are more it doubly said basil we also showed that we include see when you compare revelation to in Chapter three I know couple Gabe's who do yep okay to talk with Revelation chapter six seven and eight you probably have a couple games versus thirty bit that he talks about the churches and talks about the seals and I for this exist and I for this ooh and I made the assertion is indeed that the first four churches unit up commutative Ephesus Smyrna Pergamum Thyatira prefer gum it's yet you line up with the first four seals selenium Italy cut from you soon and the difference between the churches in the seals was what a latina difference on ecology with any food how do we describe that come on Avenida Susilo internal external internal and external no I am I am so we had little diagram to show that look ya'll Joe come on Joe couple more clips or not we may keep some of these graphics on this board that's why I've kept it sorry you may keep some of this that's why haven't you raised it all this for those people sitting in the first part so I've done it I did a little diagram like this movie fear on this welcome to know the seven churches mr. dizzy Gleeson I'm showing how the church interacts with the world c'mon Believe It Or whole Islamic removal and the sales will be through how this world interacts with the church that's the relationship between them see the whole last you want what I do and then we saw use a movie on streets that the first four seals in the first four churches really deaf community capabilities they all line up in selling you one two three four don't work out this is Ephesus Affairs Smyrna mill pergamus beligum and fight IRA Giardia I'm sure most of you have read the experience of these churches this is your problem these annuities expiry all the city agrees but I think it's useful music most Cousteau poetry to understand conceptually the experience that these churches go through experience because there's a cause-and-effect relationship between them but I wonder cause I feel so if we went to Revelation chapter 6 cylinder moment apocalypse uh because this rate versus one in child via deliver see only do apik a citizen an Adu going out they called a new winner the said sewage or tandino the Catholic Ravi wrote the Second Intifada Tenaya the other ever see pareo severe blow so luigi de montebello knock in corn if you do nee in party overcome vote so the characteristics of this Co booklet introduces ooh it's white three blow and it conquers so this idea of being white and conquering dog that I did it cobbler edit coquí home he's brought to view more clear by this word glory that we spoke of darling more blue album his own family and we had this artwork here this is Adam before he sinned I don't have OCD PC Adam after he said I know a politically pursue the forgiveness that he receives blue broccoli when he weighs the skin of the animal that was killed for him between Oakland put Danny 123 pony and experience afterwards you little sub clip in the general way where the glory of God shines through a human being LaGuardia and you get back to the original condition poke about some people who had that experience here nobody different experience to see who was that Moses Louise Stephen bitchin primarily Jesus but when Jesus experienced that experie until now it was when the temple was being cleansed deloused guru Tom played deep you see and also at the Mount of Transfiguration all other times me too difficult for he was like this he come from the glory of God was hidden in him la aguada do it a testicle I and we saw that this was terrified by the story of Gideon because it did you say power and listen you know where the glory is hidden like blue are you castle in a vessel don't run rather then the vessels are broken leave a legacy the glory shines out and then we like this story system are based upon Daniel 11 and Daniel 12 to bring it into endtime prophecy you want to move on a prophecy because we know that Daniel 12:1 1ku Daniel do though is the close of probation when Michael stands on the community level followed by the time of trouble called Jacob time of trouble you come across seven plagues we said play the Perseids the second Advent and then in verse 45 the verse just before this circular motion ah speaks about God's church when we believe the Jew Mount Zion no mercy on the holy mountain lhamo consult but in verse 45 verses concerns this mountain is not just holy said intently but some more salt it's it's glorious and they go you is the glorious holy mountain he like blues so we've got glory here who cannot ignore Allah see we rubbed out some of the artwork because we said that what precedes the close of probation the key is the Sunday law you know what you do most high C we can remember all of that this welcome souvenir loosen up so this is when this floor is going to be visible selected I grew up right for visible and this hidden part is a party don't carry appreciate this this you know but we read in Romans chapter 6 verses let's refresh our minds on that yoga facial anymore Romans 6 almost every ptosis Romans chapter 6 is dealing with what subject no homo Sabbath or sister or what I saw we kill Zeus a subject of baptism button established a baptism with sugar bottom is a subject of since reserved or death more but not just death it's also resurrection resurrection and that's the argument the pole is building up she loved you more porn back of scale from verses 1 to 6 Ellis's so let's read 6 6 Nagamani hemolysis vs. sister Shasha kenobi aromatic Recife avec we a circular called the PCPD three tokens when prescribed appreciate so by the time you're baptized Duke Law School in Brazil the old man no pavilion is crucified he says crucified in verse six you look at the verses before he regarded above all talking about baptism when we plan to battle and the reason for this little poster now it says that the body of sin might be destroyed the complication where it could be 3 and from this moment forward in a particular mamala we would not serve same new democratically pc verse 7 will be assisted absolutely more a new body PC because hey that is dead solutely more is freed from sin and evil be pursued so as you guys are studies mechanical continually to do we want to begin to understand what it means to be dead you woke up once cause whatever deal it for more now we're not gonna read it at the moment no been really open memo briefly the next chapter Milosevic Kosovo and we read the first few verses you some only don't clearly communicate would say that this is a repaint and enlarge repetition analysis mode this is the principle that the Bible uses often specifically teaches the truth and we also didn't really do and then it will repeat that truth papers ability often it does it within the same verse who wrote it or remember three or verses next to each other I could eat sometimes Michalka floor it does it at the gained two chapters the Fed would reduce a bit so chapter six separate courses starts with baptism Okamoto button as we're speaking I'm sure you've just been reading these verses chapter seven begins with what subjects Olivia tentacles and we can see a marriage with Maria's so he's gonna compare baptism and marriage better memorize he's gonna make the argument in Brazil but you're not allowed to marry someone who did part two is it a magical town knew until your old husband is dead this guy's good with all Somalis for more so he's gonna use this argument Jesus to document the argument of not committing adultery do the procurement that detail to show you that when we marry Christ not going to man you exist what must have died 51 or our first husband memory who was our first house in Silicon Valley it was a man to turn them in chapter six he was called the donor because it's exactly the old man revision or the old man of the same the pc you can make insane who commit to the pc you cannot be married to Christ we problem are you at least this is the argument of Paul uses this coupon new G in chapter six in order because it so the problem is local problem as we think about this work of salvation Revelation chapter 3 a book a typical for describing our condition the similar condition he says where war you can do some qualms poor pub line ivory I like it now if you're naked similarly what does it mean you don't have test Karuna V pop it doesn't make it made you don't have any clothing maybe probably a bit more if you don't have any clothing what condition are you in vocal condition you're here before baptism vulnerable to the condition of Adam like initially I don't ask he sinned luckily PC so this nakedness a particular problem defender told me this nakedness before the coup are you literally clothes less no no it's talking about a person from the person who's alive govt and they're living in their own righteousness I referred for produces which is like being naked and God wants to cover us driven newsreel so what I want is to say we're creating work over you is that this is the experience of the church goofy let's bring over the division 1 to 7 the asset and the experience of Lady Sarah let Experian do know jisu is not a good place to be if you remain in this condition signal set condition can you go to church and say can you go to heaven at Google prove a Louisiana you would not be allowed in heaven with you we pull sorry but we could is it I will clear yellow so certain you would not be through system because when you get baptized love it but easy you're pardoned will probably you're forgiven what's the other word for being forgiven can you look for nonprofit family justify to just a few so when you're justified it was good with Egyptian symbolically the first foster bondage what do you receive from God could also be the Jew you will say the certificate certificate and what does it say on a certificate we just refer to job he says you boom and now admit no not justified no purchase of you it says now you are you know visit a member a mama a person in person who is living in which Kingdom you know California the kingdom of Satan lorem do certain or the kingdom of heaven you know um this you in heaven so Ellen White says the baptism momentum when you're justified is your certificate the future or your title you were to teach to enter into heaven Portia no do we know that do we believe that it's gonna be quite all so long is this title let's go through to the certificate with dr. Victor yours or Jesus's is it really as exclusive Ramona nude the we can hold on to that question yes we got your name on it it was given to you from Lady Bunny if I gave you 20 euros now my sister would it be yours I should say it's yours I gave they had your name on it on the envelope envelope you knew it was a gift for you look once I gave you that gift kunio-kun it be yours salute sir yeah it's really us look Phil come on the noodle once you receive this gift for service adore this title through tip in this picture world what else do you get sushi market could also be do you get this garment don't you with a mean bit more this animals game said put any move who gave that to you people knew God gave it to you Jesus now he's that garment really yours it's a bit more info or not radios they pump them olive wood so some people say it's not yours and also tell jokes we probably good and the rest of us are silent your next casinos you so let me read something to you services early writings page 55 Oh musically by circumcised before we read early writings 55 million increase our concern is they're looking at for it on the screen let's go to the book of Matthew I know Matthew 22 mature one do now hopefully we all believe moves Espio new coil tools that the Bible interprets itself gonna be blue Satya Patel memo and they're ready to garments aren't they do it more you've got your garment very boo bit more all do on this bonus is here you've got your garment very move it no and it is common good or bad it's a bit more in a bubble but bad there's another common you're not cool bit more is this common good or bad good because this garment is spotted see this one is yours so relax you're good this one is Jesus's yours your Carmen and Jesus His garment would prove it not with monotheism are there any different garments if y'all do a bit more let's go to Matthew 22 I know though might even do so we're all familiar with this parable beginning in verse one Coulomb collisions at parboiled okay alchemist oversee and he talks about a king or a man talking about the one woman who was gonna have a marriage for his son Maria's post office let's read verse to know who I am - oh it's on bla bla what you see the nurse's office he sends his servants out you know where is the service we invite people to come to the wedding he did his own pour honey who knows and the story runs that the people don't want to come lose only with revenue and then eventually Jana phone rest read verse eight the sweet I know India's are eternally lost so many convenient epidemia so there were people before look every person of whom he will call to the marriage but they didn't come to you if they are blue my eyes meet you know probably renew what happens if you don't come to the marriage give any part with my eyes what the King do to you just gonna do one thing let's go to verse we read verse eight just now oh no Lucy reads yeah yes let's read verse seven yes I said no what you know what a superior symmetry in Julio Villa he's gonna kill the paper in factory because I traded his servants badly so verse nine yes enough he says going to the roads a little doughnut hole into the pathways and find anyone you can i play - sir come quick and who did they find killed in cuvee verse ten yes it is the last part of the verse later the party mr. a book in a Santino's you can do convenience so they find good and bad people you don't go 80 percent is on missile boom so verse 11 reverse it all the king's that are coming know what our hero let's read this the one cup of water Khattab allah personally power with you so he's gonna check all the people if explosive didn't put a person and what were they all given you kids go to school when they entered into the hole okay so hold on a sauna a wedding garment or victim or do knows these people getting married let's go see person wants among you they're not married getting married they will perform on you they're the guests Authority do you agree with that the convicts will oxidase a guest authority and they're all offered a garment a bit more and this one man is suitable he doesn't want this garment in the rebirth of it more and so the King finds that he doesn't have a garment working in the part of it more verse 12 they say Doozer Luigi Mon Ami come on it really so I wanna be the nurse said Tom with a bush Fermi so he doesn't even have a good also why he doesn't have a Garmin I'm in fact the girl they're putting up a bit more because it was offered to him but Chris Evert Manu a to fail he's gonna be destroyed and killed anybody could did we treat which garment did his Mane which garment was were the men offered the King when he the guests levity which garment were they offered killed with more artillery is it this garment here of course is real ah yes we sew the wedding garment look Rebecca mob Louis is the same garment as this one in a min with Marcus Villa we agree with that in some economics we learn the mad mum didn't want this garment depressing bit more he liked his own one bit more he hadn't received the gift you know probably also volatile he rejected a you know was it - so he's gonna be killed you know it's true yeah okay with that really the karbix too long let's go to Revelation 19 I wonder if Saudis nurse who's ready here to go to heaven Tia crazy poor Hollywood you know now one person so honest so unit let's read verse seven he said this is really crazy demonic luckily not do the news over news is only pussy preparing so verse seven verses it says the you and I who am work have come to a place that where his wife leepu's has made herself ready see creepily you agree with that do some decor who's the wife here leepu's oh the bride the poodle who's the bride chili pooza the church the church is made up of the compositor us what does it mean good for a video to be ready the kukri let's read verse eight the seaweed related do need to have it here the follow it let onto your caps with one ounce was only observed was used to this song so here it says that to be ready the protocol means that she's the right or wearing they'll come to any holy tree white robes doing the hablas made of linen keep it do know which one is that you clearly said Homer this one of this one so long fellows this one obviously solo you don't know so whether you're a guest looking for novelty or whether you're the bride you can sorry leepu's you wear the same garment the Loom bit more we create that with the convicts who know and it says in this verse no seriously what is that a symbol of somebody's a bit more the righteousness of home you Steve the key Jesus does is you or you would be vous us the new so it's our righteousness in our consciousness and in Matthew 22 if no matter even do this man was killed the Dominator tree because he didn't receive as him a prophecy the wedding garment regret nor the loss that was given to him simulated Unni by the king's servant powerless every told your horse if both parables the parable when teaching about the bride one teaching about the game Thank You leepu's in the brand Authority an important principle to remember is the hotel because he has implicating the endtime prophecies are preachers pornography see the distinguish between the guests thoughtful Authority and the bride leepu's is the church the bride that's good ladies silly pooza yes yes let's go to Matthew 25 look I know my children search Matthew 25 days of uncertainty then shall the Kingdom of Heaven I know no humble army be like ten virgins girls so what is the kingdom of heaven Luke's aquarium this year the church did it Lisa the church looks like wow it was on like whoa ten virgins these virgins the bride because it is a solid coos oh no no these 10 virgins the church has clearly did you a solid reason yes we what they wearing the question victory it doesn't say in the verse when they put it on the same but if you go into Christ object lesson it's similar no probable uses you when other white comments on these papers Illinois commotio so sleeper cell what color garments you think they wearing patina white garments vivid more blown this one here so you know so whether you're a guest who saw ye normative whether you're a bride so le puse or whether you're a worker who that cocktails with the Virgin's workers that's currently the only cocktails yes we because they weren't guests depended on BT they had a job in the VA value what was their jobs require of Hawaii we would call them roll it up in her watch many the 49er on the wall so the new Zion Nathaniel you say these Watchmen see something L were to watch the way it called the video for the coming at the bridegroom noodley poo did they all do it let's get no good faith okay slave Adami but why want is to see because I went before you whatever symbol you use summer College they're symbolizing you and me somebody's win world it's always about this Garmin usual good use of it more the Virgin's live girls have got their own garment they're gonna perform it more the wedding guests people have their own garments of it more the bride has a round garment the booth and it says the righteousness of the saints is this one so hopefully we've got that face so I asked like it's okay who's ready to go to heaven keep a party with you now I'll put their hand out some loose ammo so let me ask you a question because your mother couldn't get through how many people here are baptized come beyond the person you see somebody see most of you your problem so when you're baptized but to do what do you receive because of you what's your certificate where else do you receive before obviously your garment but ritmo say you know baptized don't wear toothbrushes did you receive your garment at school that was there was support of it no so if you received your garland superhorse he would bit more then according to Revelation 19 verse 7 and 8 also know applicative it you must be good you must be ready with apprentice why is that one saying they're ready the ability to make doctrine because that's good we all live in the real world you know in the pretend world like believe the pretend world the mythology is the world of the Bible Sailor Moon gonna be blue the world of Christianity return to you we are living that well do we didn't even know it that because now was ready to go to heaven or purse Cooper for me are you sure the reason is because we lay the saying and we're naked you may have gone through the mechanism mechanism the ordinance of baptism very clever people don't know about him but as Ellen White says the community many of God's people but we prefer to do were buried alive with the heavy one what does that mean because celebrity oh it means when you got put into that water law school there to minister to you were struggling for life you topography who was struggling for life she reportedly the old man loves ilium he didn't die you need me more when you came up out of the water that's cause it's off to the loo it was gasping for breath from this beautiful espiritu's Saint praise the Lord I survived that and most of us you know parents were a nurturing the nurturing taking care of that man is same unisys it on the PC and we are infirm without any shame so openly committing adultery there aren't we it's about we claim to be with Jesus and we still committing fornication with that old husband of our token I've only just a week no sir maybe that's why people say they're not ready to go to heaven I know it's in the real world we're not having this experience life experience because we're living in the experience of later Cyril do now would you see and we need to get out of that condition condition and get into a condition condition where we're not like the saying from but we're walk with a glorious church you some live gurus first hidden from your mockery and then made visible of the visible which is the Church of Ephesus these defensive now we know inferring that these two churches who seduces run concurrently parallel to one another for Polina how do we know that we come on in several because we've been studying let's go introduce the history of Christ installed at least we know you suffer that the history of Christ is probably the Jewish Church reviews read was the Church of later said it is allowed to see it come to its end by the way do we know what lady to see a means could division allowed you say means judgment it means the church there's going to be brought to judgment is to my family which is more we understand that new components or not because at the end of the world and I thought you move after 1844 what are we living in you rock well the day of the Lord's judgment lose your Judaism or aren't we let's course we are just feel so the history of God's church here is later SIA probably live and God's gonna give a special message drew near my first mission to this church I said leave that special message to me so special we read about where did we read that you were things about yourself you know that you should remember government thoughts from the mount of blessings horse with you page six chapter to remember that you'll need some quote in Matthew chapter 5 verses two and three to surrogacy do it let's read those verses please don't ever see Matthew chapter 5 verses two and three this is the Beatitudes telling us to do it was only be a Sermon on the Mount Luciano saw Hamilton and it begins with this statement and come in comments on this on solar mature saying yes I do we a young girl a bush ELISA senior AG we already proved on his creature volume this shoe Italian blessed are the poor in spirit we will improve on this Creek for theirs is the kingdom of heaven tell me whom do pseudo and some people think is your Tompkins is good to be poor in spirit if your it'll prove on this clip is it let's go silica course it's not broken or if you're poor in spirit honestly you don't have any spirit whom a brother what spirit is he talking about killers creep poverty the Holy Spirit you saw the screen you're poor in spirit your hair dirty see you're poor we put you in the lady saying condition no sir no so how we that church is blind to the river we read that in matthew 23:23 much of Antoine yeah Matthew 23 much of important in thoughts from the mount of blessings we don't know sweetie if you just read the first page similes in a polar class it teaches you and food on sin the that church effectively was lady see in church you didn't really notice it because I know white quotes anywhere it's it's revelation 3:17 I think it is dessert identifying that church to be Lady Sarah was saying this know these seven churches here are just a secondary history of the seven churches here so you need for talking about the safe communities cities of the Jewish nation do another story when did you when did the Jewish nation became like a americano cylinder so dream right here you see with Moses amic Musa Ephesus he Faisal was there a change of law here after modern way see in this history nor 3012 there was we know what was the change of law okay tonight a new source model Wow who was the priest utila Craig in this history not a destroyer of all the father's repair of each family repair the sack for me it's called the patriarchal system loses temperature can put familiar with that in the familiar rexella gets changing this history it is shown in all cities to why pourquoi because of idolatry good variability what did all those priests do just gives incredible faith they went to their wives I said give us your jewelry and the priests any credit offered that jewelry refusal to Aaron ah and he made war in Africa a golden calf I would know and God punished them for that it really is a pretty posture and what did he do they just you know fear he changed the law you know saw see that one what did he change the law to see that something that well a new priesthood you knew when Pericles who was that priesthood given to be presented in their key Aaron the worst of sinners peeled epistle you think about that you think you're the worst of sinners you peel they see what God will do for you where it's good you may feel for when you commit open rebellion against him he promotes you think about that if this is do some really bad acting Jesus will promote you some of it is even will pull me well there's a change of the law change of priests agree with you is there a change of priesthood in this history there certainly is certain more let's go to the book of Hebrews I don't want to leave the liberland remind me pseudonym problem well we've got go to early writing 55 if one it automatically so concise I want to explain these four churches we're in Hebrews chapter seven seven you some don't avoid because it let me try and find the verse why is Hebrews chapter 7 secretive also because it we know this sub we know this chapter it's the Melchizedek Priesthood elaborately the Milky village remember who knew brothers and I were talking about it just the other day this is an important chapter to understand : it's gonna compare no party the priesthood of Aaron market we've done with the priesthood of Melchizedek the Milky village and then he's gonna say in virgi oh Jesus Zuzu is gonna be a new priest but a little quick which priest is he gonna be after which order you can order the order of Aaron Lord wahdahu or the order of Melchizedek miss Adele no Chester take multi Sadegh how can he do that cooperative feel so now it's against the law so cool : work what tribe is Jesus off because it amuses you Judah is you done the only people who can become priests it is still preferring to be replaced is of the tribe of Judah Theodore Levi Livie so he's gonna break the law in vertical Anwar Ibrahim can you sell does it also say mrs. Hammond you see the source model work there has to be a change of the law where the source mobile world so that Jesus can become a priest our focus is reserved in your credit without the change of law see you cannot be a priest prepare some creds do you agree with that from the comics you know what Carl ever praised is no chair add a tip declare a Melchizedek he has no family history unit well before me she's not mother no father in a panda bear fat milk do you think he really had a mother and father it's cool particular from working well imperio male before male yes you he was a man she turned on me every man has a mother and father appearing mail no scheduling was a real man look mrs. external written and what does it mean he didn't have a mother or father their question is so peaceful male you've seen this what is this let's go 6r what do you call this country a family tree your generation so let's go here this is Melchizedek's dad dementia today and they'll chosen it's a mom male demented X and here's no tragedy it was today one day he says I'm gonna become a priest between Europe quit and then the papers gonna last game it is always Moody who made you a priest hitter feel pretty over us show me he's gonna say Verde look at my mom and dad we got him a meal did he do that if he f itself no no he says I become a priest when you quit based upon walk but it's a quirk my own mom but my own righteousness he becomes a praise the new clips based upon his own works his own life but it's just a Papa V Sub Pop quality Papa's ever so if you were going to follow this man similar ship system you'll follow him Buddhist reveal not because of who his parents were ba ba ba ba ba ba home but because who he is baba ki Li great with that lunatic off you come to Aaron's priesthood we know please down his errand and we're gonna skip many generations so TP was in the ratio and this person begins with saying what's his name Kelly formal the time of Christ at least Caiaphas work is him the right to be a priest a high priestess kikyo du mirador de Klerk read the title that he's or the order of Aaron but he's gone Lord Buddha who is this man a corrupt person as chrisandem equally did he steal from people as kill vandalism has he committed murder as killer comedian off yeah did he go to the Roman government and bribed them don't move anymore humanism but is a coupie of it securely cold yes we without all of that other white tells us this in 1807 you have to buy this man a school debater a second Jeter we you don't you don't buy him through nobility can't get to heaven with we burn yourself what he's claimed to find kill stealer what's his authority don't carry some Authority being this important person third brother my boss thought he's got certificate you know substitute on which is his family tree system usage and he can trace it all the way back to home losers cup aaron he's got aa who he says you have to obey me will be you because my dad is arid was gonna move Berkeley ahoo even if you don't like me man see when the minibar even if I'm corrupt empirical proof makes no difference jeopardy films this man system so the different principles the neutral cross if you already buy him renewable see because his righteous in his own life there has to be a change of the law here from the priesthood of Aaron no effective now later Sarah laude food to the priesthood of home Melchizedek Marissa days Ephesus if is where the glory of God is when I grew out the Jew so I'm asking you a question was you put in get through in this history no 32-hour we've seen that we didn't read the Bible verses you know the history well you know what it's a really strong there's a change no source more there's a change on the testimony of two or thing is established there's going to be a change from later seer you know to Ephesus and that change will be from a corrupt priesthood in his corn poo to a righteous priesthood introduced and that corrupt priesthood with his company is a church that lives like this to a pure priesthood just got Union Christmas or ladies like this what what is each and every one of us because some news I cannot tell me what did God want is to be Kings the hua and praise the credit you should be a royal you know we should be a royal priesthood the whole of Adventism is the priesthood are we not don't do that voltage increases what kind of priest hit our way me from where corrupt from Gordon we've bribed our way into positions of authority Chris avoid position Authority we lie steal and cheat no encryption and God wants a new priesthood so when you become a new priest run it on your plate after the order of Melchisedec all of the milk is your dick what do you need from Labour's well righteousness justice whose righteousness do you need let you see the key your own righteousness what publicist where did you get that righteousness produces it's this garment it's a bit more whether you're a guest a virgin or a bride the government that Jesus gave to you whose garment was this originally live it more in Turkey to depower Christ's righteousness and written as you see the case Christ Garland live it Monica says right here you see what does he do the filler food here he takes his garment off you know on Vietnam and it gives it to you you would have done it and you put it out of your clouds it will miss your favorite more no no what you first have to do the flu the refill you have to take off your garment it always worked well give it more by the way you already naked anyway you have no righteousness of your own can you receive the remember this righteousness so justice is not a cloak the bakufu Jesse like a cover coming over to you to hide your unrighteousness because that would not be real within so they're afraid it would be fake okay for the technical name for that book you know technical to know we vicarious it would be fake okay okay food it doesn't matter it will be fake righteousness not real so you have to take your garment off who do they own Vietnam and put on Christ's righteousness metal as you see decreased yes we because rescue the Lord the senior has his eye upon all those people to the person who have got garments like this give it more come sooner and when the investigation happens in law school it have a domino so close what's he gonna do to you don't forget severe fail it's gonna kill you you've every true you're gonna be dead evil it more with that we just read that moment so when Jesus gives you his garland no screws you do we don't see bit more and you take your garment off if you resolve a little bit more what happened to your garment just keeps abreast polvo bit more it's right in the dustbin get rid of it some way from the basketball bury it no their threatens to water said no look what happens to your garlic just keep it pressed forward a bit more okay have you grown it Bernie moody so I'm gonna say look muscular deal Jesus will wear it it is even 14 Jesus takes your garment move it more and you take His garment you were very pleased favorite more is that fair exchange it's also pretty good deal with an affair this problem why did Jesus have to die of course is jihad removal he did nothing wrong you know I mean your food removal because when God investigated him cos could you feel of it suggests only he had done a lot wrong hadn't hey you know if your book which was a magnet spell hadn't he misspelled Cosi had yes ooh he's got all the spots to prove me but he never took the test for the movie because he's got your garnet you know a little bit more takes your punishment he became sin liver new PC on our behalf he's called the sin bearer the popular position so he had to die removal for us for me the only way he could have died for us for me is to take our garments the look of it more our righteousness no consciousness which is the nakedness and he gave us his innocence and when he gave it gave us His garment for madmen it was a real exchange over source and what does he expect you to do it just kills at all cooking fresh you when he gives you this beautiful new garments you verbally FUBU or move a bit more let's read about it sooner early writings 55 committed on such paragraph 1 if you begin with I saw the father appear so I'm not going to read this all there's a repair to kneel if you look at the chapter title stability disrepute it says the end of the 2300 days laFonda the middle I saw the father rise from the throne is a really powerful original corner and in a flaming chariot go into the most holy place all your crystal then Jesus rose up and followed him and also this reversal cool I'm just paraphrasing if you read that it's a lot more information Bravo frozen when he did that loss you know physical no she didn't see any light go from Jesus and on those issues to the careless multitude and I music you the console shorts after he had arisen and they were left in perfect darkness with my money to enable the DOS miss suit who stood up you to live there and went we Jesus kept their eyes fixed on him the other one who fixes for me and he led them out a little way in the confusion a limo and he raised his right arm you live and work and he said to them right here at OBC I am going to my father Rivero pair to receive the kingdom for sivanna where you keep your garments a little bit more spotless sort those who garments give it more now garments that we have our garment over it more and we're supposed to keep them where you drooling the only criminal spotless photos and in a little while the entrepreneur I'll return from the wedding he already knows and receive you to myself a bit more so I wanted to be clear as I'm working for him clear that this government that we receive is our garments in your commitment we receive it when you know something called a baptism button and what we require to do they're just going to Google fail keep it spotless you know they thought those and if you don't even feel full power you've got back to your original condition condition do deeper what's gonna happen because he was pursue an investigation happen when it died removal for all of you are gonna say to me move there to medium does that mean we're all lost I don't know we had an advocate with the father who's willing to forgive our sins Allah probably know PC is that true that's good everybody course it's true Mary Sibley but what kind of a game is that to play with God mythicality [Music] careful come on please welcome Saavik Jew without watch movies do we you know we got on the Prada fitness pal maybe sometimes if we watch the movie inaudible or a documentary or do commentary on what it meant Sosuke esophageal to be crucified I think we would be horrified you saw your if we saw silver you what really looks like a question of Osama we were in Hebrews chapter 7 over lil boy receptacle sets let's go back one chapter by the you know separable Hebrews chapter 6 because this I want us to remember something the working out this verse those who they're almost obviously it's a biblical principles it's not what I want to just introduce this to us now these various local geomet know now we'll rate this first then when they do it later I was getting trouble to know about the problem between coding work Hebrew sex sex look it was a bit consist versus a decent on base one cover horribly iam nanohole Porthos is Kikuchi support of Pahoa village in expose and in your meaning is that good or bad let's go see blows the bubble when we crucify Christ not conclusive consist afresh in polo polo football or a game or cover neutral and we put him in New Mexico zone to an open shame you know what open shame is Esquivel says because every journal in your meaning do you know when they crucified somebody Sevilla schism Pacifico what I closed excuse me the IBEW they were totally naked who could ever imagine looking at Christ naked think about that in your imagination imagination you might find that bad to think about yeah with a trick the movie the process it says liturgy when you crucify him most people do Cruces you you put him to an open shame into a new meaning you might think no hypocrisy when you do your little sensitivity pieces nobody ever sees your persona move work and you also forgiveness with Molly Pardo it's just some deal between you and Christ that's not true it's slippery you put him to an open shame who goes into a privilege and you should be sat down if you do that's one should be forced to watch a two-hour video it would do really well you do deserve and what it means to crucify someone do do the reciprocal killing every time you want to do that I saw everybody else alone every time search for a husband looks at his wife so I got a thumb and speaks to her rudely or you shout at your children in anger North Korea or you should be given a knife and an animal should be brought to you and you should be proud to kill that animal at a party in the way to the tree we really don't understand you component promote the seriousness of sin the character UPC because we think the new person we think the person that we're under grace in some Sula grass that we can get away with murder the treatment the murder of our Lord and Savior I'm afraid the three doctors in your so well but I want to tell you whoever do that that is not the plan of salvation so anybody who cloned you son let's read Hebrews chapter 6 these all possible choices from this one about your diversity Oh c'est pas quoi Liesl is any more than I probably at least don't know as we keep our faith some positive new Hoodie for more almost mor was ever not first one it was it home he's gonna develop an argument develop bigger khususan if he starts the chapter by saying therefore see over it will come off on his own suppose well what does that mean let's go celebrity L for this reason for that reason he's gonna give this reason even dualism but is connected to all the chapter the chapters before if you're acquitted on he says we need to leave behind before Lisa the Kuti the principles of the doctrine of Christ is really more than a problem exists which are these doctrines sequences anymore the lining of hands nobody's home BMO dead works reserve home or baptism the bottom the resurrection of the Dead a very small bit more and of eternal judgment you tell me what should we be focusing on the chuckles okay since therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ is it a model appalled at least let us go on to perfection don't know s keeperfill not talking about getting rebaptised every minute now he's not talking about water baptism looking back do he's talking about living a life you probably will envy of righteousness then sane receive the righteousness insane we pursue and on and on he's not God's will for us and we part I wanted to do for me this is the condition so that condition ladies say a finds itself a cum laude see first tell we read verse tell you only what they do first or we are Cecotto can interpret it could circulate in frankly relation with Eleanor Celeste - Bravo 33 it says it is impossible eunuch impossible for those who were once enlightened to infra clearly what does it mean to be enlightened it means that clear eyesight so we do that Wow could you could you clear it means you can see clearly if we've worked out more we talked about eyesight you don't believe equally you poor poor blind Nike so you need some ice hours everyone do good yeah what is this ice out that you need today it's a cootie out of day before you think it's some cream at school for 16 Clemen remember Jonathan Sylvia Buddha's rule at all you know Jonathan lunatone is one of the few men in the Bible they are identified as being sanctified people don't speak on me don't associate who live perfect lives you envy buffets and what do we know about his eyes that were enlightened kimono seek Commerce ingenuity clearly what light in his eyes just clear it clear it is you honey in yellow remember the story through these 12 so you know this I saw that you need to wait don't cervical sakuni love neighbor zone eight with the promotion comply to your eyes if we do collaborative so kazoo is honey so jamelia we're gonna talk about honey my buddy Jim you know but this enlightenment surfer that that you have once received to the view in première fois once you've tasted at this those who've very beautiful now what is it impossible to do just a little possibly fail let's carry on reading the continual versed I research can within a bumper on the jury in a prison of the secular than you so don't worry verse six from Toby humming Liam Nana Hortense QVC product on the field you will expose a new meaning so what's impossible to do calculate opposite what you've had this experience experience if you fall away if you don't be it's impossible the don't pussy to renew them did horribly why pourquoi because they've crucified Jesus again Chris you're coming for what happened to all the men that crucified Jesus I support your crucifix is you what's gonna happen to them give an overview as Adventist we should know the rules as well there's a special resurrection isn't there enjoy so special right here before the general resurrection resurrection of the good and the bad not actually movie is the book you don't want to be part of this resurrection resurrection if you were bad you've it move it you're gonna die again so when you crucify Christ afresh after this experience what is your fight kill evil to this top you're gonna rise up in this resurrection you're gonna be destroyed by the brightness of his coming clustered for every new this experience that experience is the experience to experience the proceeds he proceeded quo Hebrews chapter 6 it was abacuses hebrews chapter removes a bit cold seven sits the priesthood of Melchizedek leave the milk incident once you have experienced the principle of treasure deck most of the experimental I give the milk you see that you start doing sane ukuko mafia particular PC it becomes impossible to say D instead of your impossible Arvin Soviet acts 17 verse 32 desert verse it haunts Paul applies this to the Gentiles don't pull a particular urgency on Mars Hill in Athens on Mars Hill in Athens Paul applies this verse of put a producer mercy on Mars Hill in Athens the city in grace oh you don't know I couldn't do mouse art in let's read a no-fly zone over 30 33 0 ok 17 no Jose Antonio called a tones in your horse and once made no a tourism or to you easy as a hoppity oh so it says in the time to these ignorant don't you don't in your horse God does walk terrific well wings you feel Heidi space you catch the first this verse can apply to us no service it boosts up return without this social law we would not have any help you know you can ask well we're in the latest saying condition here I know achievers were baptized members of this church but God has got a special message as he had in this generation special message allows you to have a change of priesthood goes from the current system of lady sia glorious system of ephesus defensive once you have entered into this new experience it it experi off this glorious experience if you go back to baptism or bottom layer of hands repentance and a whole pot of pray for the dead quality more if you make all of those mistakes you know what will happen just you guys pursue there will be no forgiveness you have proved the problem because it's impossible to receive forgiveness received or some other problem after oK you've received benediction for benediction we're in Hebrews 6 you some not in horses we've spoken about with Peyton in large you've open a door not a petition is really love this more let's go to verse 4 and all versacut and I want to show you repeating in large is really more clear now if it's 20 knows it's more it says that they were once enlightened he's only two even for clearly so once enlightened they're gonna write all out [Music] [Music] you have once enlightened very clearly then it says and have tasted of the heavenly gift they do tell you don't arrest so I'm saying that's a repeat repetition so it's gonna say once you gonna say it twice do them for now it says you tasted of the heavenly gift is obviously taste the you gift once enlightened no Queen frankly tasted of the gift consider it means the same thing 7 mm so is 3 partakers of the Holy Ghost during birth of this P Holy Spirit is Holy Spirit verse 5 verse research have tasted of the good word of God you know you tell a bumper hold the Jew the Bible the Bible what he done to the Bible to school they fear a piranha tasty they will have big booty what does that mean it's good for every deal you've eaten a fillet MOSI and the powers of the world to copy the priests told you take revenue what's the part was the world to come see equal to Sigma mu nu heaven power so you've got five statements they'll be frank the classroom which all mean the same thing he will join mmm true because god that's good rule was to make sure it's true do we understand a new component what this experience is the course of external he's gonna show you it five times over even normal clear thankful when you are enlightened not school they really clearly what made you become enlightened he was a home do you clearly want a Jonathan so knows what I thought honey I so you were enlightened by having the honey with a big yellow did he put honey on his eyes the mutual city of course not mr. noodle because he tasted of the heavenly gift still dual citizen was this heavenly gift that you've tasted sequester don't say very booty the Holy Spirit through so to speak what is the holy spirit founding come in aqua Tai seed of the word of God don't reproduce what is the word that God tastes like a good Nepal did you do we know I've come from says it in the verse they do not ever see when his lies eyes were enlightened what was he eating lost goofy very clearly the captain Morty Coony know what was he eating turkey Morty not honey no problem you know what was he eating the world the Word of God now probably do even the Word of God tastes like apology Ellen Iguchi honey do you know where do we find that with removable so Revelation chapter 10 app ok food is as diverse kilrathi so I'm going to find it person that reveal whose name let's trade that he's also now it's an enormous only diesel do need a positive energy Polly yeah value is server emeritus on Hymie not a bushes so I do calm demeanor yep that's fine let's go to Ezekiel I know God is it you chapter 3 verse 3 3 3 so critical to our verse it well have you noticed many of these verses is it Genesis chapters a double Abu Bakr seriously Hebrews 6 X is equal to 3 3 if you can't well let's rate that emoji you can quantify medicinally pavel a home pitches on qaeda so who knew credited on the no more than in the Phaedo my booster do communion so what I wanted to say swim when you ate the scroll know who know sister who know when you wait the book it tastes as sweet as honey you do come to Vienna what are you eating that's good mozi the holy spirit we sorta speed what is he saying else you've tasted with ambiguity of the heavenly gift Ludo sinners it tastes way in the mouth do an abuse and what is the last one that it says sequel return ecology the rest I research he tasted the Bible the rebooted are being it tasted of war the material sequel the powers the resource of the world the model to come a venir what is the power of heaven security prisons a veneer the way read in Romans chapter 6 don't open a door for most efficacies if you're afraid with it i believe from the same liberal education the powers of the world to come the personalistic revenue is the power to stop sinning the resource morality the pc and when does that happen it goes well are you so suppose we a baptism a demo but we are lay the saiyans some lousy seal and God wants to take us out of that condition in today this condition Hebrews chapter 6 it was a because this is before Hebrews chapter 7 it was a process so what do you think they experienced at Hebrews chapter 7 is quite clearly this man suitum stands in his own righteousness he doesn't look to his father you know we got price compare his literal father from belly to hell or a spiritual father who bears pretty trailer doesn't look to the ladyship at the church you know we got bad little degrees doesn't look the people in responsible positions stands on his own righteousness or abuses because the secured his experience on experience Hebrews 6 it was his this man Satan will never sing no Papa she will hate this part is he able to same Aquila kebab the PC is he able to sing if you look about the PC let's go to 1st John Anand on our zone chapter 3 so we thought well this six verses you know those habitats have a thesis he called the Mahalanobis points he confessed when I purview in Anna Paquin II whoever he could abides in him Jesus does not say any push from the Peace Corps whoever sins to confess has not seen him you know perv neither known him apparently what condition is that terrific condition it's Lady Sarah condition that where rain Lamonica know God's will they're in this condition General Patton said he's got a special message for us to miss especially drew this message some research has the ability and our capacity to take you out of that condition the sort of condition into the condition you on a condition of the glorious dual a holy mountain no consult a glorious the Saturn vs. it cause it'll 4k person who said with civility particular justice issues to come mmm exists this church is deceived that secrets because we have been taught that we cannot deal with the same problem on purpose the hillock when we perceive until this car sometime in the future when God will do this special miraculous work a fellow who is more than willing to do it right now in falmouth know the site receive it so we keep as a Judy abracadabra pest De Luca most more fulfilled you apparently did really about the jungle hey the committeth sin is of the devil solutely persuadable because the devil sent from the beginning can you jump as De Luca most more last night the sinners he commanded Oh Juna magic Bobby Bishop as good as that you do not only is no Papa pacifically needed you once you reach the experience of April sakes you law school they will experiment the pussies can you say we BC you cannot simply publishing do you have a choice the same love it or swap opposite you can choose improve it with you but you cannot say you cannot sin and we're a PC a see the seed of God some of the Jew remains in you the movie what is this seed because it's the moss it's all of this too so now the Word of God in you soon upon the govt when the Word of God was gonna power dude is in you at all you do not same when we purposely and that's the experience that God wants to bring the same tone Felix feels good even with Emily he has a special message for us mrs. Fisher for me that special message refers to understand it we need to understand the history of Christ here just quickly review what we studied yesterday in this history here is brought to you here we see there's a speaking of Zachariah the career my family the father the pair of John the Baptist is all about you John the Baptist was born full of the Holy Spirit in the promise at his feet Jesus was born full of the Holy Spirit this is the time of the end you know Tommy reform this is the end of the Jewish nation when they're going to be brought into judgment you lose more go he's gonna rise up to Maine to do them for what purpose buckle boot to introduce a special message saved they're all God's people who villager from the condition of Lady Sarah means no decision hopefully we were away it was baptized in 27 he was 12 years old in a reducer in 89 John the Baptist began his ministry here six months later Jesus was baptized a similar 2008 diversity once he's baptized to diversity he gathers five disciples together humbly some disagree John John Andrew Simon Simon Philip Philip Daniel not alone these five disciples from Bishop desired wages page 141 paragraph 2 County are dealing with the foundation of the church realism but the church is already there many DVDs a lot so what church is having white speaking of them do can I leave it in my parlor she has to be speaking about this and probably further these men sue them the five disciple is really symbolizing the five virgins referring to the other are the foundation for a former film of this church if it did lose the Church of Ephesus reduce defense but they had to be baptized versa promote this baptism super thermal John is going to administer to the people whose overdue Newport is the baptism little brother does brought to views your monthly in Hebrews chapter 6 so it was that because this let me ask you a question same important guest room closing go down meaning every Haverhill the derivable is holy symbolized by the men it's unreasonable ISM what they baptized activity but is it yes or no we will know as good as a boy it much easy it wasn't done so little puffy till the symbology of John the Baptist was a lot somebody who's only purchased what was the similar baptism requires some well debate in Jeremiah is enemy chapter for Sabbath look at verse mercy you can tell me now women no let's go they're dead yet Jeremy cat cats you consider important area considering occur on the Judea bitterness of the name the program iconic red colorful in the soft lamb so concretely thermo economy hostage was actual circumcision lukla circumcision is the taken away the foreskin of your heart who care she go back to verse 3 is even a new verse it well it talks about thorns and apologies if he knows say so not among thorns families it so under a symbol of same the pincers about you perceive foreskin is a symbol of sin the purpose it was about UPC every Hebrew no sake who was baptized if the baptism and at the end of this world the father moon here when they baptized eight days old I read a lot entering into what church experience Alex please Lida saya now you see and the open sinners is all the picture even though they've been physically circumcised I'm cVTC physique more but John is offering a new alternative a new hope Zondervan fira novella offering entrance you know a possibility don't into the Church of Ephesus only please defend the glorious Church go here now if you and I know seafood wah have had enough sushi demo of our experience have been later Saiyans oh no I see those that occur in our DC and you want to experience it wouldn't experiment this new priesthood did you restate these new garments also new new a bit more not the garments of lady SIA I'm a bit morbid I would you sue did you experience all of this experiment it to Salah he did the sanctified life of Jonathan if it isn't at all and I advise you to kneel and pray with me don't panic my eyes an even Heavenly Father be honest we ask and thank you that you have given us the opportunity that the opportunity to bow before you in faith you don't have well hoping and believe it let's be home that you will do what you promised due to my favorite did you have the ability beyond our capacity to take us out of the latest in conditioner conditioner addition and bring us to the condition of Ephesus I'm a donor conditionally phase we know that we're living at the end of the world you can be wonderful moon and we need to be the church glorious you don't wanna leave go news the church triumphant Middle Eastern your thoughts it's our desire so no dizzier to be part of that church to do may you teach us also new me the way of salvation first women consume as we desired to be partakers of the Holy Spirit look in the bowels of history and taste duty of the powers of the heavenly kingdom the person who seek revenue in Jesus's name we pray I mean you